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Pleasurable. Safe. Hassle-free. 

Exceptional moments you cherish for life invariably remember of carefree childhood, beauty and relaxation.
And we at Azzurytt simply love making people happy by giving them such exceptional moments.

Tours, your style

Azzurytt News Blog - Private tailor made tours | RomaniaIt’s time to talk about your style experiences in Romania.
You know, those activities you and your select buddies enjoy the most and which make you feel special.
This country is full of such precious life experiences…
And Azzurytt has a network of connections scattered in all worth seeing places of this incredible country.
Plus excellent expertise in providing authentic tours highly customized upon your wishes, interests, curiosities and even hobbies.

Luxury, Romanian style

If true luxury for you means opulence or expensive, you will be dissapointed.
For us luxury means enjoying the very best.
Like the feel of sugar-soft sand between your toes on an empty beach.
Or the way sun sparkles as it dances on the surface of an infinity pool.
Irreproachable quality is our most precious asset and the main reason for the excelent image of Azzurytt brand.
Luxury means personal touches meeting particular characteristics of guests.
And extra steps towards perfection that only few take.
It is being welcomed and nurtured, understanding our guests, addressing their unstated needs and anticipating their future wishes.
Sometimes it also means special experiences, VIP treatment or by invitation-only access.
Value is the new luxury.
Fortunately we deliver both.

While some may travel the world seeking luxury, you can find it in Romania.
A wilderness with fluffy white clouds on the clear blue sky and some sparkling luxury thrown in.

Inspire me

Experience the pleasures of traveling, Azzurytt style

Receive impeccable services and enjoy personal assistance throughout your visit.
Discover service that is as warm as the golden sunshine and amenities that indulge as well as delight you.
Ride in the comfort of private transfers to your hand picked destinations.
Take advantage of Azzurytt’s outstanding lodging and dining recommendations.
Enjoy the effortless ease of a stay at one of our favorite lavish or intimate boutique hotels.
Or feed your appetite with a gourmet meal.
Pamper yourself at a serene spa – and get them all with surprise gifts !


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Whay guests say

Jens (Germany): Thank you again for the great tour and answering patiently all my questions. I really enjoyed the time very much.

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Benefits for discerning guests who wish hassle-free tours and love being taken care of

First hand information

There are always little details that a local either knows from own experience or where to find them within minutes. This can make the difference between a lucky experience and a less lucky one. Remember “little joys build-up the great happiness”. We are always in search of less usual, impeccable hand-picked services. And pay utmost attention to guests’ hobbies, interests and curiosities. Thus we organize flawless experiences focused on:Viscri fortified church - Transylvania private tour | Romania

* heritage,
* outdoor activities,
* gourmet,
* relaxation / romance
* or / and culture.

We also have inside knowledge not printed on guided books nor listed on Internet websites.

Quite complex itinerary involving multiple services from various suppliersCity Quest - Self guided tour | Romania

We have dependable providers spread around the country.
And deliver you a clear final schedule that allows leisurely enjoy your journey without worrying about connections, transfers or being late at restaurant.

Every experience is designed in a stylish way

Your interests, curiosities and even hobbies are incorporated.
Details are wrapped in all-inclusive first class quality.

Fewer guestsHoliday car rental in Romania

Your privacy is valued so you will be part of a private group for keeping the intimacy.

Personal attention and comfortable elegance throughout

Permanent assistance from your own Personal travel concierge and tour manager, available on request to also accompany you and assist with spontaneous needs.

Great report quality – priceWinter Art Walks - Bucharest luxury tour | Romania

Most of the times the prices we receive from our suppliers are less expensive than those they show you online.
Plus we also benefit of unlisted fidelity promotions.

Extra benefits

Depending on the type and total value of the booked services we spoil you with:

* complimentary recommendations for restaurants and / or hotels,
* surprising gifts, upgrades or even services,
* not to mention discounts.

Private access to your online itinerary with links to details

20% discount for Loyal Guests

Our most desired reward is your satisfaction

Giving you exceptional moments to cherish for life is our specialty.


Romania is not just another “spot on Mother Earth”.
It is a subtle fascinating lifestyle, elegant and sparkling as champagne that spells “celebration”.
Romania is an unique mix of contrasts impossible to describe in words.
A love-affair that has long attracted travellers with its apart charm.

It commands an amazing array of scenic grandeur landscapes.

Its astonishing regional diversity features from vast fields, deltas and sea to rivers, hills, lakes and high mountains.
An idyllic nature with endless forests covers over a quarter of its territory and shelter a huge diversity of wildlife.
One of top 50 most ecological countries,it features the most virgin environments, the cleanest waters and the largest biodiversity.


The cultural legacy of this exceptionally-blessed country will leave you gasping for breath.

Its exciting past left as testimonies not only legends and famous people but also countless treasures from architecture to customs.
Countless castles and fortresses, Orthodox, Gothic and Lutheran cathedrals, dazzling monuments, historic cities of such intimate charm and extraordinary beauty…
Plus a rich musical heritage with dances and folklore reminiscent of the old world.

No wonder Romania is the N° 1 “heavenly beautiful” destination in Europe !

Be our VIP guest and expect the wonderful unexpected !

 Making this country your next destination

One of the world’s most inciting and picturesque travel destinations, Romania is among the less expensive countries in Europe.
Shapped as a yummy fish swimming from Black Sea, Romania is easily accessible by plane from almost any European capital.


No immunizations, vaccinations or unusual health precautions are necessary before visiting Romania.

For further information regarding vaccinations and travel health advice please consult your local healthcare provider.


This is an incredibly safe country if you keep your nose clean.

Romania’s rate of delinquency is almost 5 times smaller than the average of European Union states.
And it is the same with that from Greece, Cyprus, Malta or Portugal.
Romania’s strengths are the peace, the security and the protection of the surrounding environment.


Romania flag - Tourism information | Romania travel guide

Since 1991 Romania is a democratic Republic with a bicameral Parliament.

The President is Klaus Iohannis (elected in 2014).
The national flag is tricolor: red, yellow and blue.


Romania is an year-round destination with temperate continental climate.

Brasov - Sibiu road | Romania travel guide

Due to its incredible variety of relief forms concentrated on a relatively small area it has a moody weather.
Generally summers are very warm to hot and winters are quite cold.
In spring and autumn there are important differences of temperature between night and day.
The differences betwen morning and noon temperatures can reach 10-15 Celsius degrees.
The warm season spreads between April and September, the cold season lasting from October to March.
In April, visiting Bucharest, Constanta and Brasov, there are high chances to experience 4 seasons in less than 1 week.
And in July and August if going on top of Carpathian Mountains you can still find some snow.

Check the weather in Romania 

Dress code

You can wear casual dress in most occasions.

How to dress in Romania - Clothing tips | Romania travel guide

If going to a venue that requires formal dress you can wear a suit and tie or the women’s equivalent.
No matter the season of your visit we recommend you to put in your luggage rain clothes.
Take thin clothes if you come here in the summer, on the coast and / or in the lowland.
Also pack warmer clothes for visits during the winter or in the upland.

Spoken languages

Romanian is a Latin origin language.

That’s why Romanians can quite easily understand Italian, Spanish, French and even Portuguese.
Besides Romanian, they widely speak English, French, German and Hungarian.


Romanians appreciate the customary courtesies.

The most common form of greeting is handshaking.
Between persons that just meet each other it is respectful to use Mrs. or Mr. when using their names.
Wonderful hospitable people with an innate sense of humor, Romanians are open, spontaneous and great tellers.
So don’t consider an impoliteness if they directly tackle subjects about Romania’s politics, history, a person’s age, income, religion etc.
But always remember to give diplomatic answers.
By the way, most of Romanians are Orthodox Christians (~ 86%) and Roman-Catholics (~ 4%).


The national currency is the “leu” (lion), the plural “lei” (RON = Romanian New Leu).

In important towns there are plenty of ATMs and major credit cards (especially Visa and MasterCard) are accepted.
When traveling to remote areas, small towns or villages, it is wisely to carry Romanian currency in cash.

Romanian currency converter


Dear discerning traveler,

You’re about to be traveling… in Romania.
Which guarantees one thing: you’re going to need a tailor made itinerary planned.
And some classy private transfers, at least by land.
Complimentary hotel recommendations and restaurant reservations would be welcome too.
As well as a personal travel concierge and tour manager.

Book luxury travel experiences in Romania

Perfect for foreigners, these tailor-made tours seek out the best of Romania provided with the top travel service available.
From classic tours to the trendy to the avant-garde, Azzurytt offers the knowledge to meet every expectation.
Even from start a personal travel concierge works with you to design the vacation around your expectations and interests.
This will tailor the tour to your individual needs.
And gladly assist you with all needed travel arrangements, booking services and sightseeing information.
Tours are available throughout the entire country, no matter where you want to go on your Romania vacation.
The difference with your private tour manager in Romania is that this designs experiences for very small groups.
And your specialized driver-guides are locals who will take care of you with an insider look into each location.

Contact your Personal travel concierge in Romania

Itinerary planning

Tour scenario design:

* Best route finding
* Trip planning
* Sightseeing tours to the highlight & off-the-beaten-track tourist attractions & destinations:

~ Heritage / Historical sites & Buildings
~ Music / Art / Museums
~ Regional parks & Garden~ Zoos & Aquariums
~ Romantic / Spa rituals
~ Beaches / Lakes & Rivers
~ Summer travel destinations
~ Cars / Trains / Boats

Whether you and your select buddies wish for: a photo safari in Carpathians’ canyons, premium local wine tastings, twilight cruises on the glittering Black Sea, cooking classes with a skilled private chef, traditional handicrafts classes or even a truffle hunting with trained dogs… for sure you’ll feel special. Family-time has never been so fun !

Don’t see your perfect experience here ? Let’s custom made one !

Talk to your local expert

Personal Private Tour Manager - Romania Holiday | Azzurytt

Over 15 years of experience in hospitality field
BA in Tourism Economy, MA in International Tourism, Tourism Manager License
Love making guests happy by giving them exceptional moments to cherish for life


Let’s talk online or over a coffee about your personal interests and curiosities (heritage, nature, culture…) as well as about your needs (hotels, restaurants, cars…). All your questions will be answered and your tour map will drawn.

Personal tour manager

All your arrangements as well as the spontaneous needs you might have will be solved by e-mail, phone or on the spot by a local travel expert.
Think to one of your funny friends you always love to have along.

Make a wish !


Tours include no insurances, so you should have your own valid travel insurance and other useful insurances such as storno or that for luggage.

Passports – Visas

For traveling to Romania you will need a valid ID card (EU citizens only) or passport.

You are solely responsible for obtaining a passport or any other required documentation.
For the latest visa requirements kindly check with the appropriate consulate or embassy.
You can also check the Romanian Visa & Consular Affairs and Travel Info sections on

FlightsTour planning tips - Romania aerial view | Azzurytt Turism Grup

Flights to / from Romania are not included.

You can choose any of the 8 Romania’s international airports to start your tour.


Romania is home to few great options for luxurious apartments.

InterContinental Hotel Bucharest - Best hotel deals | Romania travel guide

Marriott/Starwood, Hilton, InterContinental, Wyndham, Accor, Best Western and Carlson Rezidor international hotel chains are all present in Romania.
By the way, this country is among top countries in the world that offer free high speed WiFi within hotels.
We only recommend (not sell) the best accommodation options according to chosen itinerary.
Our selection of accommodation units include 3*, 4* and 5* or their equivalent if unconventional units (lordly mansions / monasteries…).
Stay anywhere from the Black Sea coast all the way to the western Transylvania with virtually endless options of activities.
Romania’s most swoon-worthy hotels and mansions are at your disposal.
All you have to do is which one to choose.

Book your hotel in Romania online or Ask for suggestions from our carefully selected List of Hotels and Lordly Mansions offering luxury apartments / suites and premium rooms with amazing amenities for the discerning vacationer.

Cuisine – Restaurant reservations

Different cultures influenced Romanian culinary traditions.

The delicious cuisine creates – from meat, fresh vegetables, diary products and tasty fruits – quite a banquet for gourmets.
Romania is home of more than one third of all Europe’s natural mineral springs.
So don’t be surprised to taste one of the purest waters in the world both here (for inexpensive prices) and in other many foreign countries where it is exported.
The restaurants we choose are meticulously selected for their fine cuisine, ambiance and service.
And we offer a wide selection for every tour.

Fine dining – Wine tastings – Private gourmet dinners

Our tours blend the historical, cultural and outdoor experiences with gastronomically inspired treats to gain an appreciation of the food and drinks of the country as well.

The list of restaurants includes Romania’s most in-demand venues for authentic savory experiences. Bucharest offers all the specialized fine dining options of any urban city or holiday destination ! Waterfront dining is a key draw for the seaside with fresh local seafood, inspiring natural sea views and the best possible atmosphere for couples or intimate groups. The country style dishes are a favorite too, loved by thousands and become internationally popular !

Book your table at the best restaurants in Romania

Your next refined party needs these…

We see a few key dates coming up on your calendar… Brother’s birthday. Romantic dinner with your half. Celebration of parents’ wedding. Of course, all go down better with wine.  To cater to all tastes and budgets, we carefully sourced for you the most sought after wines and brandies. Then we generously put together bottles that don’t necessarily cost the earth (prized primarily for the rarity of the wine inside), collection wines and fruit brandy in fantasy bottles.

So here is a snippet of some of the gems from our Fine Wine List: Avincis Cuvee Amelie, Cotnari Domenii Busuioaca de Bohotin, Terra Romana Cuvee Charlote… And to keep it interesting, they’re all from Romania’s top wineries. It’s as simple as this: our suppliers pick out their favorite wines. Then Azzurytt steps in, picks a few of our favorites from their favorites and… voilà, possibly some of the most delicious wines you’ll ever taste. We knew you’d like that. At least as much as imagining this: you’re in Romania, enjoying a private tailor made tour, and a box of eye-openingly delicious wine magically appears at your feet. It can even happen yearly, if you like…

Get some of these superb wines for your cellar and watch even the biggest of wine fanatics turn green – they are simply that good and should only to be shared with the best of friends !

Classy private transfers

Talk to us to discover incredible journeys from the Black Sea to the Carpathian Mountains aboard a private (chauffeured) car with full modern comfort.

For country transfers with panache we offer optional alternative ways ! We organize:

* Airport transfers
* City tours
* Car rental services
* Limousine services
* Cruises: yacht charter, boat rental
* Air travel: scenic helicopter tours, jet air taxi

Unusual trip to the airport in Romania – by vintage cars

Chauffeured cars in RomaniaAzzurytt takes you on an unusual trip to the airport and not only !

If you want to see Bucharest in a different and more exciting way, then this has to be it.
“From a vintage car”.
Experienced drivers will take you to some of Romania’s best kept secrets.
Your personal driver speaks English and will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel doorstep.
Azzurytt is one of the best choices for guests who demand outstanding service and excellent quality with unique creativity tours to suit all tastes and budgets.
Our extensive knowledge of Bucharest and other regions in Romania allows us to offer journeys that combine the most beautiful landscapes, fascinating cultural experiences and exciting nature adventures.
Once you have experienced our combination of Western business know-how and Romanian understanding of the land and its people, we are confident you will agree that Azzurytt is a thoroughly modern company and one of the best choices for tailor made tours and transfers in Romania !

Rent-a-car (and driver)

An expert local chauffeur-guide with a comfortable modern / vintage car, sedan / stretch limousine or luxury minivan will pick you up from the arrivals terminal at the designated airport in Romania to be at your disposal all day long for city and country sightseeing tours, few business meetings if case and maybe some clubbing till dawn.

Harmony between first class service and meticulous attention to details is of major importance. So enjoy seamless tours from door-to-door with private chauffeur-drive services by:

* Standard (Dacia, Skoda, Renault, Ford, Opel…)
* Premium (Volkswagen, Audi, BMW…)
* Deluxe (Mercedes E / S / V Class…)
* Fun cars: Convertibles (Volkswagen Eos…) OR 4×4 (Dacia Duster, Range Rover Sport, Jeep Wrangler…)

* Now it gets stylish:

~Vintage cars (Rolls Royce, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Dacia, Morgan…)
~ Porsche Cayenne…

Just to prove we love you the prices are tailored to your personal plans !

Cruise the Black Sea & Danube Delta

It’s never too soon to start planning for your summer escape to the glittering Black Sea or Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation.

Prepare to be dazzled by the beauty of Mother Nature both aboard and on shore, where precious cultural gems also await you. On journeys between Mangalia, Constanta and Tulcea voyages of few hours or several days showcase vibrant resorts and historic landmarks, culinary and Dyonisiac delights, plus the chance of experiencing true eco-adventures: safari bike and picnic on a wild beach, boat trip on Danube’s channels, exploring the Wild Peony Park, witnessing the bygone grandeur of ancient fortresses along Silk Road… all on idyllic voyages through Dobrudgea province.

I want to go !

Jet air taxi & Scenic helicopter flights

Most fun things are hidden. Or off-limits. At least until you know somebody… who knows a local…

…who helps you see places as birds do. Now you can surprise your partner, child or friends with a private air transfer between Romanian cities or a scenic flight over Bucharest, youngest wet land of Europe and Black Sea coast or why not, over the majestic Carpathian Mountains. We are prepared both with the highest standards of comfort and safety and various types of:

* Light / small aircrafts (Piper, Cessna, Diamond, Britten Norman…)
* VIP helicopters (Augusta Bell, Bell, Cabri…)
* and private jets (Hawker Beechcraft Kingair…)

Request customized quote for your private flight in Romania !

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