Private tailor made tours and Luxury transfers in Romania

Highly customized upon your wishes, interests, curiosities and hobbies to create your own authentic experience.
You’ll travel in the comfort of private transfers to your hand picked destinations, receive impeccable services and enjoy personal assistance throughout your visit !

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Inspire me

Your tea is Moroccan. Your custom-made shoes are Italian. And that red wine you’re sipping on ? From Bordeaux, bien sur.
But some of the greatest memories come from Romania !
Seek inspiration. Discuss the details with a local travel expert. Then book your tailor made tour.

Where to go ?


Constanta and Black Sea private tour | RomaniaItinerary: Adamclisi - Mangalia - Costinesti - Tuzla - Murfatlar - Constanta - Mamaia

Duration: 3 days

Departures: All year round. Some activities are subject to weather conditions.

Price: According to tailor made tour

Constanta and Black Sea tourFeel the breeze... By late morning, transfer by private car to your hotel in Dobrudgea region. The first stop is at an archaeological museum. The second, at the Arabian blood stud farm, will give you the occasion of a horseback riding in the woods and on the seashore. In the evening a romantic fish and sea fruits dinner on the lake shore is scheduled.

Rumors say... Evanghelia shipwreck was built on the same shipbuilding yard as Titanic and belonged to Onasis, who agreed with the ship-owner to beach it 1968 in order to cash the insurance money. True or not for sure you'll treasure your photo taken with it in the background. The afternoon is reserved for another private experience that will unveil you on high either the monument of Adamclisi and ruins of the ancient Greek city of Histria, or the sinuous line of Romanian coast. End the day visiting a 2000 year old vineyard and its wine museum. The premium wines tasted here can be yours for only half of the price these are sold in high class restaurants.

Vintage and French. The vintage car tour of the seaside resorts - including Tomis old city center and the famous Mamaia - will be followed by a French wine dinning for two in a cozy atmosphere.

Adventure spirit in a military training camp

Can you keep a secret ?

Adventure spirit in a military training campAzzurytt is looking now for daring men and women to secretly train them for undercover missions. If you’ve ever wanted to be Navy SEAL agent now’s your chance. We are offering an adrenaline-fuelled new experience.

A new form of military life has been created

The great outdoors. You’ve been. But never quite like this. Because we’re sending you to the only military entertainment park in Europe to drink in all of Wallachia’s natural splendor - and other libations - from the comfort of your own General Villa, Colonel Apartment, War Cannon or Amphibious Armoured Vehicle (TAB). Without “silk and laces” unless brought from home and successfully passed through the check point, which we seriously doubt ! We’re talking real man-like spirit and, yes, the barrack atmosphere. But most importantly: adrenalin and entertainment.

The ultimate military training in Romania

Do you have what it takes ? This action-packed adventure weekend will give mere mortals a flavour of life in the Romanian Armed Forces testing to the limit their physical endurance, mental ability, team-working skills and leadership capability. If you think you have what it takes to get involved, then start planning your next mission and become a Romanian Holiday Soldier, Colonel or General

Experience Army the ROMANIAN WAY !

Together with your ‘hit squad’ (made up, predominantly, of those buddies you can trust with a gun), you’ll be taken by car and / or helicopter and transferred from your comfortable 5* hotel suites in Bucharest to a former secret military base of the Romanian Army lost in the middle of nowhere. Rumors say that during the WWII it was the target of the USA attacks for destruction together with a train station.

Have you ever step inside an ammunition factory ?

You won’t do it now either. But you will get the proper military training in a former one. Don’t start telling everybody but the entertainment is included. After careful security checkings, your group is greeted by the commander and given complete security instructions. Once begun, your army training will be an unique experience with operational agents who will help you unlock a secret world where you will learn specialist skills and be taken on a journey that will push you to your limits, in a race against time.

On the footsteps of the 2nd World War

Adventure spirit in a military training camp2Do you like all old and history ? Are you traditions lover and do you admire veterans ? Enjoy a full tour of the largest military technical museum in Romania (it has 88 ha) and see with your own eyes the main battle tank of the Red Army during the WWII or the tanks hunter designed and used by USSR during the same war. The military artifacts gathered here include airplanes, tanks, self-propelled guns, helicopters, cannons, machine-guns, artillery and rail vehicles. You will not only admire them but also find out their histories which for sure will take you back in time to the ‘30s of the last century. Would you personally like to live what those guys experienced while fighting for liberty of Romania when the war drew to a close ? Now you have a once in a lifetime chance to re-enact the magnificent military operations in true style over couple of days spent in the Romanian wilderness and even how to survive the harsh winter conditions in the Romanian mountains.

Join the army !

The time has come for your group to be split in several squads and for the military service to start… Submerge yourself in the world of Romanian Armed Forces and, under the guidance of experienced officers, learn all about manoeuvre exercises and how combat soldiers are trained by experts, how to use lethal weapons, how difficult is to board an armored troop carrier and ride a tank. Working with operational agents, you’ll start to realize what the meaning of edge-of-seat excitement really is. In the end you will be well prepared, with expert training, to be deployed any minute on a real mission and become a hero.

Ride a tank !

Adventure spirit in a military training camp3“Attention Soldier!” The time has come for you to get into a real tank. You´ll make to the ranks of a real man ! Now, chin in and chest out ! So men, do you really want to sit in a tank and see why those who’ve never ridden in a tank are just “softies” ? Now you’ve got the chance ! Experience a high–octane driving experience and learn how to make a mammoth crawler descend a near-vertical slope. Without seatbelt ! The Day in the Romanian Army ends at the mess-room with a standard soldier's dinner flavored by tuica or its stronger version palinca. No waiter service ! The best of you, soldiers, are awarded with large bottles of Romanian Tuica but all of you will bring home memorial certificate military hats and military flasks with tuica as memorable souvenirs.


Private tailor made tour of BucharestSome while ago, even before your grandparents’ grandparents were born, in this fair there was a shepherd named Bucur (Joy). He used to ravish the local merchants with his strong wine and flute playing, so they decided to call the city after him: Bucharest. The architecture of the city – tremendous influenced by French style – and the high life brought it later the name of “Little Bucharest”. Explore the Romanian capital in your own pace and upon your personal interests and curiosities !

Itinerary: Bucharest - Neighbourhoods

Duration: 2 - 8 days

Departures: All year round

Price: According to tailor made tour

Bucharest highlights tour full details


Prahova Valley and Brasov tour - Peles Castle Sinaia | Romania

Taste the Romanian royal champagne. Find a good spot to fall in love. See where the King and the Queen of Romania spent their holidays.

Itinerary: Prahova Valley - Brasov

Duration: 3 days

Departures: All year round

Price: According to tailor made tour

Prahova Valley and Brasov royal tour full details


Medieval Transylvania tourLinger gazing to the panoramas over Bat's wine world. Get off the beaten track and discover a Disney-like village. Walk through the 7 pointed star shaped citadel.

Itinerary: Mures - Sibiu - Alba Iulia

Duration: 3 days

Departures: All year round

Price: According to tailor made tour

Medieval Transylvania tour full details

Carpathian Mountains tourWith a nature lover's dream package available at the moment, now is the ideal time to hop on a plane and retreat in the wilderness of the Carpathian Mountains. Let Azzurytt take you off the beaten path to picturesque and hidden places that few travelers ever reach. Layer upon layer of intense beauty awaits, and we'll unveil it all. Few journeys offer such an inspiring blend of adventure, beauty and elegance. Explore the Carpathian Mountains in a comfortable 4x4 chauffeured car !

Itinerary: Covasna - Buzau

Departures: All year round

Price: According to tailor made tour

Important notes: This tour is selling out incredibly fast so booking with at least 6 months in advance is strongly recommended.

Carpathian Mountains tour full details

Sucevita Byzantine painted monastery tour

sucevita-byzantine-painted-monastery-tourThe ensemble of Sucevita Monastery is probably the most beautiful and impressive Byzantine painted monastery in Bucovina. The harmonious combination of defensive, civil and religious architecture, stone and wood sculptures, paintings and religious decorative art is jaw-dropping. Its Resurrection Church - built at the end of 16th century by Movila brothers - is on the UNESCO Patrimony List. The brother artists Sofronie and Ion decorated both the inside and outside of the elegant church with a richness of paintings that makes it stand out.

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