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What does true luxury mean to you ?
The feel of sugar-soft sand between your toes on an empty beach ?
The way the sun sparkles as it dances on the surface of an infinity pool ?
Or maybe the extra step forward towards perfection – that only few take – and more time for leisure ?
While some may travel the world seeking luxury, you can find it in Romania.
A wilderness with fluffy white clouds on the clear blue sky and some sparkling luxury thrown in.


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Romania travel guide

It’s time to talk about your style experiences in Romania.
You know, those activities you and your select buddies enjoy the most and which make you feel special.
This country is full of such precious life experiences…
And your personal travel concierge in Romania has a network of connections scattered in all worth seeing places of this incredible country.
Plus excellent expertise in providing authentic tours highly customized upon your wishes, interests, curiosities and even hobbies.
It’s comfortable, confidential and most probably its cell number will become the most useful in your iphone.

Experience the pleasures of traveling Romanian Style.
Receive impeccable services and enjoy personal assistance throughout your visit.
Discover service that is as warm as the golden sunshine and amenities that indulge as well as delight you.
Ride in the comfort of private transfers to your hand picked destinations.
Take advantage of Azzurytt’s outstanding lodging and dining recommendations.
Enjoy the effortless ease of a stay at one of our favorite lavish or intimate boutique hotels.
Or feed your appetite with a gourmet meal.
Pamper yourself at a serene spa – and get them all with surprise benefits !

Be our VIP guest and expect the wonderful unexpected !


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Who we are - About Azzurytt tours and transfers in Romania. Luxury Travel Guide Awards 2017 Winner. Holiday and Tour Specialist of the year.

Luxury Travel Guide Awards 2017 Winner Holiday and Tour Specialist of the year

For discerning guests who wish hassle-free tours and love being taken care of

First hand information

There are always little details that a local either knows from own experience or where to find them within minutes. This can make the difference between a lucky experience and a less lucky one. Remember “little joys build-up the great happiness”. We are always in search of less usual, impeccable hand-picked services. And pay utmost attention to guests’ hobbies, interests and curiosities. Thus we organize flawless experiences focused on:

* heritage,
* outdoor activities,
* gourmet,
* relaxation / romance
* or / and culture.

We also have inside knowledge not printed on guided books nor listed on Internet websites.

Quite complex itinerary involving multiple services from various suppliers

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We have dependable providers spread around the country.
And deliver you a clear final schedule that allows leisurely enjoy your journey without worrying about connections, transfers or being late at restaurant.

Every experience is designed in a stylish way

Your interests, curiosities and even hobbies are incorporated.
Details are wrapped in all-inclusive first class quality.

Fewer guests

Your privacy is valued so you will be part of a private group for keeping the intimacy.

Personal attention and comfortable elegance throughout

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Permanent assistance from your own Personal travel concierge and tour manager, available on request to also accompany you and assist with spontaneous needs.

Great report quality – price

Most of the times the prices we receive from our suppliers are less expensive than those they show you online.
Plus we also benefit of unlisted fidelity promotions.

Extra benefits

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What guests say

Depending on the type and total value of the booked services we spoil you with:

* complimentary recommendations for restaurants and / or hotels,
* surprising gifts, upgrades or even services,
* not to mention discounts.

Private access to your online itinerary with links to details

20% discount for Loyal Guests

Our most desired reward is your satisfaction

Giving you exceptional moments to cherish for life is our specialty.