Western Transylvania private tour

Retreat yourself in the forest spa resort. See the castle lost at cards game. Then uncover your adventure spirit in a military training camp. Breath one of the purest air in Europe while discovering the wonders of Cluj Napoca green city.

Timisoara – Hunedoara – Cluj
At least 4 days
All year round

Azzurytt services:
Customized itinerary planning and travel arrangements, Private sedan / minivan with professional English speaking driver (-guide) at disposal, Personal tour manager at disposal (available on request)
Varies depending on season, tour length, number of guests , included special activities and other custom preferences.

Tailor made this Transylvania tour for me


Adventure spirit in a military training camp

Can you keep a secret ?
Adventure spirit in a military training campAzzurytt is looking now for daring men and women to secretly train them for undercover missions. If you’ve ever wanted to be Navy SEAL agent now’s your chance. We are offering an adrenaline-fuelled new experience.
A new form of military life has been created
The great outdoors. You’ve been. But never quite like this. Because we’re sending you to the only military entertainment park in Europe to drink in all of Wallachia’s natural splendor – and other libations – from the comfort of your own General Villa, Colonel Apartment, War Cannon or Amphibious Armoured Vehicle (TAB). Without “silk and laces” unless brought from home and successfully passed through the check point, which we seriously doubt ! We’re talking real man-like spirit and, yes, the barrack atmosphere. But most importantly: adrenalin and entertainment.

The ultimate military training in Romania

Do you have what it takes ? This action-packed adventure weekend will give mere mortals a flavour of life in the Romanian Armed Forces testing to the limit their physical endurance, mental ability, team-working skills and leadership capability. If you think you have what it takes to get involved, then start planning your next mission and become a Romanian Holiday Soldier, Colonel or General

Experience Army the ROMANIAN WAY ! 
Together with your ‘hit squad’ (made up, predominantly, of those buddies you can trust with a gun), you’ll be taken by car and / or helicopter and transferred from your comfortable 5* hotel suites in Bucharest to a former secret military base of the Romanian Army lost in the middle of nowhere. Rumors say that during the WWII it was the target of the USA attacks for destruction together with a train station.

Have you ever step inside an ammunition factory ? 
You won’t do it now either. But you will get the proper military training in a former one. Don’t start telling everybody but the entertainment is included. After careful security checkings, your group is greeted by the commander and given complete security instructions. Once begun, your army training will be an unique experience with operational agents who will help you unlock a secret world where you will learn specialist skills and be taken on a journey that will push you to your limits, in a race against time.

On the footsteps of the 2nd World War 
Adventure spirit in a military training camp2Do you like all old and history ? Are you traditions lover and do you admire veterans ? Enjoy a full tour of the largest military technical museum in Romania (it has 88 ha) and see with your own eyes the main battle tank of the Red Army during the WWII or the tanks hunter designed and used by USSR during the same war. The military artifacts gathered here include airplanes, tanks, self-propelled guns, helicopters, cannons, machine-guns, artillery and rail vehicles. You will not only admire them but also find out their histories which for sure will take you back in time to the ‘30s of the last century. Would you personally like to live what those guys experienced while fighting for liberty of Romania when the war drew to a close ? Now you have a once in a lifetime chance to re-enact the magnificent military operations in true style over couple of days spent in the Romanian wilderness and even how to survive the harsh winter conditions in the Romanian mountains.

Join the army ! 
The time has come for your group to be split in several squads and for the military service to start… Submerge yourself in the world of Romanian Armed Forces and, under the guidance of experienced officers, learn all about manoeuvre exercises and how combat soldiers are trained by experts, how to use lethal weapons, how difficult is to board an armored troop carrier and ride a tank. Working with operational agents, you’ll start to realize what the meaning of edge-of-seat excitement really is. In the end you will be well prepared, with expert training, to be deployed any minute on a real mission and become a hero.

Ride a tank ! 
Adventure spirit in a military training camp3“Attention Soldier!” The time has come for you to get into a real tank. You´ll make to the ranks of a real man ! Now, chin in and chest out ! So men, do you really want to sit in a tank and see why those who’ve never ridden in a tank are just “softies” ? Now you’ve got the chance ! Experience a high–octane driving experience and learn how to make a mammoth crawler descend a near-vertical slope. Without seatbelt !
The Day in the Romanian Army ends at the mess-room with a standard soldier’s dinner flavored by tuica or its stronger version palinca. No waiter service ! The best of you, soldiers, are awarded with large bottles of Romanian Tuica but all of you will bring home memorial certificate military hats and military flasks with tuica as memorable souvenirs.

Where to spend the night

Conacul Archia
They’ve themed each room, and it’s stunningly beautiful. The staff is very kind and forward thinking.

The most beautiful underground sightseeing in the world

Turda Salt Mine - Cluj private tour | RomaniaThis is a real nature wonder you should not miss. Why ? Just because it is the most beautiful underground sightseeing in the world. More beautiful than Cristals Cave in Mexic, San Clemente Church in Rome or Underground Gardens in Fresno, California. The systematic mining of iron, gold, silver and salt in Transylvania began once with the Roman occupation in Dacia. But the first documentary certification of salt mining in Turda dates back to 1271. This was one of the most important Transylvanian salt mines until 1840. As in all Transylvanian salt mines, the work force never included prisoners but only free people employed yearly. Closed in 1932, it was used as anti-aerial shelter by local population during the World War II. After 1950 the first 500 m of Franz Josef transportation gallery served as cheeses deposit. But only until 1992 when it was re-opened becoming a popular sightseeing.

After 2 years of ample modernization (2008-2010),
the former imperial salt mine became a wonderful strange park and a true history museum of salt mining. It offers spectacular images from the panoramic elevators and circular balcony suspended at 40 meters above the hall dug in salt. Scenes of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, part 1 were filmed here in 2012, taking advantage of the great setting of Romania’s most modern salt mine. Rudolf Mine (42 m deep) has salt stalactites that grow about 2 cm per year and break under their own weight when they reach about 3 m height. It also has an 80 heated seats amphitheater where you can delight your ears with various concerts or even with movies. Terezia Mine is a huge underground bell (120 m deep) where you can enjoy boating on the salty lake within. Just between us: when would you like to visit it ? We bring the car !

Breath one of the purest air on Earth

Even if it is hard to believe, in Romania you can breath better than in Switzerland ! It is true, only in some parts of the country, but in those places you can make a healthy “cure” of fresh air. Add the peacefulness and the marvelous landscapes and you will have the perfect destination to relax. One of these 7 magic places in Romania is Cluj-Napoca green city, full of interesting wonders.

Cluj Fortress' strongest defense point

Tailors Bastion - Cluj private tour | RomaniaCluj fortification was built in the 15th during the reign of King Matthias Corvinus. Being the area most exposed to peril, Tailors Bastion was also the strongest defense point of the fortress. Named after the guild responsible for it, this have been destroyed and rebuilt several times, changing its appearance. The causes were quite varied: a riot of mercenaries who had not received their salaries, successive sieges led by Hungarians and Turks in the 17th century, a lightning that struck the ammunition warehouse causing an explosion, wars… The present look dates from the beginning of 18th century when it was rebuilt by an Austrian General.

During the communist period, within the bastion it was arranged a history museum with a photo lab and restoration workshop. But this was never open to public because in 1959 the communists authorities prohibited the work. Baba Novac – General in Prince Michael the Brave’s army – was executed near the Tailors Bastion in 1601, the year of first Union of Romanian provinces. Returned from Vienna, the Prince reconquered the city and in sign of appreciation, he placed a flag on his general’s execution site. In 1975, a Romanian sculptor built a statue of General Baba Novac in the gardens near the bastion.

One of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Europe

Romania is spread with little green oasis of serenity. And without fail this is not only one of the most beautiful gardens in the country but also one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Europe. Its wonderful glasshouses keeps inside the biggest attraction of the place: the tropical plants. The Roman Garden, the Japanese one and the variety of species of plants specific to all regions of Romania will equally leave a strong impression on you.

Livada Restaurant 
If you want to taste traditional dishes from the region prepared in a unique and exquisite way then this is the best choice.

Introducing the forest spa resort…

You are warmly invited to experience a secular journey on the border of an ancient hearth, a mysterious dream in the Mystic Relaxing Volcano area, a purifying Bio Sauna, an amazing Hammam and a Salty and Aroma Sauna of everlasting fragrant cedar wood… To complete your head to toe experience, the Vitamin Bar awaits you with fresh tasty food and rejuvenating drinks, Tea Ceremonies and other healthy rituals. Choose from a range of different outdoor sports and activities including golf, tennis, volley, football, cycling, hiking, archery or sportive fishing. In the summer you will float away with a sun cure by the Blue Lagoon breathing the fresh air. By the way, did we mention this incredible spa resort is lying in a picturesque forested hilly region ?