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Welcome to Romania: a brilliant destination !

Your tea is Moroccan. Your custom-made shoes are Italian. And that red wine you’re sipping on ? From Bordeaux, bien sur.
But some of the greatest memories come from Romania !
Seek inspiration. Discuss the details with a local travel expert. Then book your tailor made tour.

Hall of fame

Romania’s hall of fame includes leaders like King Decebal and Emperor Traian, King Michael I of Romania and communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

Great Romanian minds are renowned in varied fields from music, sculpture and picture to prose, poetry or sport.
The biennial International Classic Music Festival held in Bucharest – “Salzburg little brother” – took its name from George Enescu composer.
Museum of Modern Art in New York well represents the monumental works of world-famous sculptor Constantin Brancusi.
And so does National Art Museum of Romania in Bucharest and the park of Targu Jiu near his home village.
Nadia Comaneci is the first female gymnast awarded a perfect 10 score at the Olympics.
Tennisman Ilie Nastase, ballerina Alina Cojocaru and soprano Angela Gheorghiu are other famous contemporary Romanians.


This mysterious country has 3 distinct regions:

* Walachia – the land of alternating fields of deep green wheat and vibrant yellow rape,
* Transylvania – the land of legends whispered in front of the fireplace and
* Moldavia – the land of crystal clear golden wine, buffaloes and Byzantine painted churches.

A spa wellness prescribed by nature

The mere thought of a spa makes you instantly lean back and exhale.

So here it is that gentle nudge of a reminder.
Linger in Romania’s most appealing destinations that boast fantastic spas and singular experiences.

Romania is blessed with an unique natural heritage twice as complex as that of Czech Republic or Hungary – from Carpathian Mountains’ pure air and 3000 mineral-rich thermal springs to the salt mines and Techirghiol Lake’s black gittja mud.
It has been a renowned spa country since Roman times and has always had a tradition for beauty.
It is particularly known for mud baths and Gerovital cure pioneered by Professor Ana Aslan.
She personally treated Charles de Gaulle, Marlene Dietrich and Jackie Kennedy Onassis to only name a few.
Nowadays you can find Romania’s top quality wellness professionals not only here but worldwide.

Neck massages. They can be great. Or pretty creepy. Depends on the masseuse.
So ask about our selection of the finest Romanian urban spas and spa retreats

There are lots of packages to choose from – for gentlemen, ladies and couples.
Each of them is an ideal way to treat yourself or someone dearest to you to a delightful experience.
You will be welcomed with consummate Romanian hospitality as you are treated to the ultimate in relaxation.
Great music and sounds of nature: wind blowing gently through the trees, a cascade, waves…
The finest incenses and aromatic oils compliment the beautiful local decorations.
Tasty herbal teas have been especially selected for your discerning buds.
The healing touch of highly-qualified staff infuses you with positive energy.
And the entire concept is custom made for each guest.
The pleasant excitement of all your senses make you leave these relaxation oases really floating.

Book your private tailor made tour in Romania !


Can’t wait to discover Romania for yourself ?
We introduce you to essentials of each place you wish to visit.
And give you suggestions of what to do on your own.

City quests (self guided tours)

Kitted up with your very comfortable shoes and tablet, you will be sent into buzzling beautiful cities or remore villages to discover their sightseeing with the greatest chances to touch your heart.

City Quest - Self guided tour | Romania

These self-guided tours offer an exciting way for individuals and families to learn about Romania’s rich history, culture and beauty.
It’s the perfect opportunity to allow children and adults tapping into their inner adventure in a safe friendly environment.
During their adventures, they will find out amazing stories and enjoy unique authentic experiences.
Discover the spots of your interest based on routes with all sightseeing and activities customized especially for you.
Remote assistance via text message and / or WhatsApp is on us.
This promise to be a lot of fun !


Our professional English speaking driver (-guides) will be at your disposal for the entire tour.
Plus your personal tour manager will take care of any spontaneous need you might have.


Buzau County private custom tourCarpathian Mountains private tour - Buzau County | Wallachia

Provinces: Wallachia
Regions: Muntenia
Counties: Buzau
Destinations: Carpathian Mountains
Itinerary: Colti (Fangs) Amber Museum – Siriu former hunting chalet
Interests: Family, Romantic, Culture, History, Nature, Relaxing
Duration: 2 days
Recommended all inclusive budget: 500 Euro

Carpathian Mountains private car tour – Pay what you wish for planning services until the end of April

Count Mike's Castle Estate - Transylvania holiday | Romania custom tour

Provinces: Transylvania
Regions: Transylvania
Counties: Covasna, Harghita, Bistrita
Destinations: Carpathian Mountains, Countryside
Itinerary: Count Kalnoky’s estate – Count Mike’s estate – Metropolis Spa
Interests: Family, Romantic, Gourmet, History, Castles, Nature, Wildlife, Photography, Relaxing, Wellness
Duration: 3 days
Recommended all inclusive budget: 750 Euro

Moldavia and Bucovina private car tourIasi Culture Palace aerial view - Bucovina and Moldavia holiday | Romania private tour

Provinces: Moldavia
Regions: Moldavia and Bucovina
Counties: Vrancea, Bacau, Vaslui, Neamt, Iasi, Suceava
Destinations: Carpathian Mountains, Countryside
Itinerary: Vrancea wineries – Bacau – Husi vineyard – Piatra Neamt – Iasi – Suceava
Interests: Family, Wine tasting, Culture, Monasteries, Nature, Wildlife, Photography, Relaxing
Duration: 6 days
Recommended all inclusive budget: 1,800 Euro

Danube Delta private boat tour – 60 USD gift card

Romania private tour - Lipovean | Danube Delta inhabitant

Provinces: Wallachia
Regions: Dobrogea
Counties: Tulcea
Destinations: Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation
Itinerary: Northern Dobrudgea – Histria – Jurilovca – Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation
Interests: Family, Romantic, Gourmet, History, Ruins / Archaeology, Monasteries, Nature, Wildlife, Bird watching, Photography, Relaxing
Duration: 5 days
Recommended all inclusive budget: 1,500 Euro

Brasov private tour – BEST SOLDViscri fortified church - Transylvania private tour | Romania

Provinces: Transylvania
Regions: Transylvania
Counties: Brasov
Destinations: Carpathian Mountains
Itinerary: Bran – Brasov – Fagaras – Rupea
Interests: Family, Romantic, Cars, Gourmet, Movie Buffs, History, Ruins / Archaeology, Castles, Monasteries, Nature, Wildlife, Photography, Relaxing
Duration: 4 days
Recommended all inclusive budget: 1,400 Euro

Bucharest luxury private car tourBEST SOLD – 20 % discount for loyal guests

Baneasa Shopping City - Bucharest luxury escorted tour | Romania

Provinces: Wallachia
Regions: Muntenia
Counties: Bucharest
Destinations: Capital and neighbourhoods
Itinerary: Northern Bucharest – Victory Avenue – Old town – Union Square – Comana – Urziceni – Buftea
Interests: Family, Romantic, Gourmet, Wine tasting, Culture, Art, History, Nature, Relaxing, Wellness, Shopping
Duration: 4 days
Recommended all inclusive budget: 1,400 Euro

THE LUXURY Grand Romania tour – NEW – 10 % discount for tours longer than 1 week

Alba Iulia Citadel Gate - Transylvania escorted luxury tour | RomaniaProvinces: Wallachia & Transylvania
Regions: Muntenia & Transylvania
Counties: Bucharest – Brasov – Mures – Hunedoara – Alba – Valcea – Arges
Destinations: Capital, Countryside,  Carpathian Mountains
Itinerary: Bucharest – Brasov – Sighisoara – Deva – Alba Iulia – Horezu – Bucharest
Interests: Family, Cars, Gourmet, Culture, Art, Movie Buffs, History, Ruins / Archaeology, Castles, Monasteries
Duration: 7 days
Recommended all inclusive budget: 1,950 Euro

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