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Enjoy a horse drawn carriage ride through Wine and Fruit-Growing Museum

Golescu family played an important role in Romanian history.

Find out about their good deeds while wondering through the family’s lordly mansion. Built in 1640, this is the only laic medieval fortified building in the country.
On the same estate you will discover a traditional village from mid 19th century. It is the most important sector of Dinicu Golescu Museum, founded in 1939 by the order of King Charles II. Organized in open air, the 35 households here were brought from the main fruit-growing and wine-growing areas of the country.
After you found out all details about Arges county’s history and civilization, relax with a horse drawn carriage ride.


The Fortress Black Prince Monastery

Secluded away from the world, lost among secular forests and steep cliffs there is a place with unequalled beauties.

Here, on a mountain’s peak, at an altitude of 881 m from sea level, people eager for introspection in the caves’ silent shadow, placed the harshest Romanian hermitage.
Prepare to step among silvery rocks to reach near the Saint Sanctuary.
There, the striking resemblance to Meteora Skete in Greece will surprise you.
The 2300 year old rupestral (cave) church presents footsteps in stone leading to the Cross of Wishes.
The view from there reveals the Carpathian ridges from above.
And what a view !…


Explore the largest gorges complex of the country:  Dambovicioara Canyon


In Dambovicioara village's area your sight is caught by the houses ornated with sculpted wooden pillars and multicolored tall roses.

Romanians don’t spend too much of their time wetting them. Nature takes care of roses to have flowers as big as the head of a new born. From the comfortable sedan the villages veiled among mountain ridges gently reveal to your eyes. The landscape looks as if a child drew here and there on a piece of green paper some trees, stones, small houses and a winding asphalt ribbon among them.

You are heading to the largest gorges complex of the country: Dambovicioara Canyon, within Piatra Craiului National Park. Exploring its outstanding part you will be astonished by its monumentality. Vertical calcareous walls or even leaning over the 1 to 2 m wide bed of Dambovicioara gill (sometimes with heights exceeding 200 m)… Imposing towers and sharp cliffs… About 50 caves lies underground Dambovicioara hydrographic pond. But happily, the most attractive and important one is right nearby the canyon with the same name. And the locals know it before 1579 !

The climax is when, following the road, a straight domineering mountain suddenly arise in front of you like an impetuous wall as if the world ends here. You shyly approach and at the turn, amid two edgy cliffs, the deep and narrow entrance inside the mountain opens. It’s chill. You have the sensation that you feel the breath of the mountain and even hear it. Daring to look up you are shivery by the bouncers of cliffs hung by the canyon walls. They look like wild beast lying in ambush to hurtle on you.


Taste and shop for traditional homemade delicacies in Rucar-Bran Couloir

After Dambovicioara Canyon, before leaving Rucar – Bran Couloir on both road's sides, you see tables with traditional Romanian delicacies.

Stop at the penultimate on the right. Here an over 70 years old lady with clear blue eyes will welcome you. She has 3 children: a priest, a Romanian language teacher and the other daughter working for European Funds. The old lady will kindly invite you to taste for free all the products. She herself makes them, right in the house behind the temptress table.

“Despite the rain outside, under the large umbrella, the flavours of smoked sausages and forest fruits syrups tantalize your senses. Bear, deer, and boar dry sausages, wild strawberry, raspberry, underbrush, fir buds and fir cones thick syrups, cheese in fir tree bark, smoked cheese, forest fruits sherbet, honey, blueberry brandy… The driver is quite passionate about homemade drinks. He prepares his own elder juice, so he asks about the quantities in the recipe of this amazing blueberry brandy. The answer surprise and make us all laughing: as many ripe blueberries and some palinca (traditional local brandy), no sugar, no any other add-ons. Honey is another local delicacy you don’t wish to miss. Especially the one made of acacia. Some says in Romania you find the most flavored and tasty one. Maybe because of the unknown natural mix of fertile soil, clean air and weather conditions.”


Be awestruck by the strange architectural design of Curtea de Arges monastery’s columns

One of the most famous Romanian legends relates to the monastery from Curtea de Arges.

It serves as necropolis of the Romanian Royal Family. Here Kings Carol I, Ferdinand and Carol II, as well as Queen Ana rest. In the 16th century (1514) Prince Neagoe Basarab founded a halidom of unmatched beauty. This blends some Georgian and Armenian architectural elements. After studying in Italy and Constantinople he administrated the construction of a mosque ordered by the sultan Bayezid II. The chief-builder of the mosque was the Armenian master Manoli from Niaesia.

Master Manole’s legend

The legend says Manole built his wife in one of the monastery’s walls to succeed finishing the impressive construction. And in the place where he fell off the roof a source appeared. Look for the fountain built on that source (across the street in front of the monastery). And also for the red text marking the wall. But don’t let yourself charmed to marry here. Because the locals say that all marriages officiated at the monastery end with a divorce.


Movie destination: Arefu village

Do you remember the movie “What about Love” from 2012 featuring Sharon Stone and Andy Garcia ?

They were playing the roles of the parents of a young girl who travels with her boyfriend through Europe…
Well, this was filmed in Bucharest city center, at Ravens Castle and on Transfagarasan (in the area of Arefu village).
Placed at the foot of Vidraru hydropower plant, Arefu is a beautiful village.
And here you can receive the real traditional experience.
So come to lunch !


Drive on Transfagarasan Highway that takes you on top of the majestic Carpathian Mountains


Stop on Vidraru Dam to take some amazing photos of Vidraru Lake

Vidraru Dam and Lake - ARGES highlights summer tour ~ ROMANIA car transfer

Absolutely superb, Vidraru Lake is an accumulation lake created in 1965 by Vidraru Dam. Built on Arges River, it serves for the production of electricity, irrigations and floods prevention.

Also, the lake and adjacent facilities are used for recreation, tourism and sports.
With 10,3 km length and 2,2 km width, the lake reaches a total area of 870 hectares.
Its maximum depth is of 155 meters, accumulating 465 million cubic meters of water.


Visit Prometheus Statue

In the area of Vidraru Dam, on Pleasa Mountain, sculptor Constantin Popovici realized in 1965 a metal man.

This holds lightnings in his hands raised above his head.
Of course, this represents Prometheus with the thunder in his hands as symbol of electricity.


Take your photos at Gout Waterfall & Lake and Balea Lake & Waterfall


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