SPAIN: Barcelona ~ Segovia ~ Seville ~ Tenerife Island ~ Granada ~ Cordoba

Each of the 17 regions of Spain has its own culture and geography. And this tour shows you around the entire Spain and its charming islands.


Spain Grand Tour

Barcelona ~ Luces ~ Segovia ~ Seville - La Gomera Island ~ Santa Cruz de Tenerife Island ~ Gran Canaria Island ~ Jerez ~ Granada ~ Cordoba ~ Barcelona

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In Catalonia, Barcelona offers a truly “majestic” experience. One of Europe’s most buzzing metropolitan cities enchants you with the modern style of Antoni Gaudí.

  • Montserrat

In Catalan language, the name of the strikingly pink mountain nearby Barcelona - Montserrat - means "saw mountain". You can see from far away its sedimentary rock formations with multiple peaks. Designated National Park since 1987, this hosts a Benedictine abbey. Start making plans for this spring and taste a bit of the vibrant spirit of Barcelona !


LUCES - Lastres (Colunga)

  • Palacio de Luces

Relais&Chateaux 5* hotel and restaurant in a park. A 16th century palace between the Sierra del Sueve mountains and the Cantabrian sea. Traditional Asturian cuisine. From 123 € pp.



  • Aqueduct of Segovia

The most famous symbol of Segovia, present on the coat of arms of the city is the Aqueduct of Segovia. This is among the best-preserved Roman aqueducts.



Spend an amazing day in the beautiful aristocratic capital of Andalusia !

  • Plaza de Espana

Seville by car - Spain luxury travel - Europe custom tour

In 1928, for 1929 Ibero-American Exposition, locals raised Plaza de Espana within Parque de María Luisa. This landmark mixes Spanish Baroque, Renaissance and Moorish revival architecture styles.

  • Seville Cathedral


Since 1987, this Roman Catholic cathedral is part of UNESCO World Heritage. It is the largest church in Gothic style and the world's 4th largest one. Until 16th century, for almost 1000 years, Hagia Sophia was the world's largest cathedral. In 1478, Monarchs Ferdinand II of Aragon and his spouse, Isabella I of Castile, have baptized here their only son.



  • Garajonay National Park

Designated in 1981, this became an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986. With 40 km² and almost 450,000 tourists per year, the park took its name from the island's highest rock (1,487 meters).



  • Mount Teide

Mount Teide (7,500 m) is an active volcano located on Tenerife Island. The 4th world's highest volcano is the highest mountain of Spain and the highest volcano of Atlantic's islands. According to NASA and UNESCO this is the 3rd tallest volcano on Earth. Due to it, Tenerife is the 10th world's highest island. Its last eruption happened in 1909.

  • Teide National Park

Since 2007, Teide National Park (18,900 ha) located on Mount Teide is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Spain's 12 Treasures. Observatorio del Teide's telescopes lie on an Eastern ridge of Teide. Since 2015, Spain's most visited national park, Teide, is the 8th most visited in the world. In 2016, it reached a historical record having over 4 million visitors.



  • Reserva Natural Especial de Las Dunas de Maspalomas

Maspalomas sand dunes - declared in 1987 nature reserve - were among the contenders from the competition "12 Treasures of Spain". From Maspalomas Dunes you can clearly see Faro Maspalomas lying close by. Christopher Columbus had started here to discover America.

  • Roque Nublo

Aged about 4.5 million years, Roque Nublo is a rock formed by a volcanic eruption. It is the 3rd highest point on this island and offers stunning panoramic views over it.



This true Andalusia town with an identity based on wine and brandy cellars as well as white Spanish horses lies 70 minute from Seville city. You will visit one of the oldest wine cellars of Spain and have a taste of wines.



  • Alhambra Palace

Granada - Spain luxury travel - Europe

Granada's Muslim kings had their last stronghold here, within this fortified hilltop Moorish complex.


Country estate and summer palace of Nasrid rulers of Emirate of Granada, in Al-Andalus.



Cordoba luxury travel - Spain by car - Europe

  • Mosque–Cathedral of Cordoba

Also known as the Great Mosque of Cordoba used to be an Islamic mosque. Originally, a Visigoth church existed on this place. Until the 10th century, the Great Mosque had multiple additions. The most notable ones were a minaret and a richly-decorated mihrab. The mosque became a cathedral 3 centuries later when Christians from Castile have captured Cordoba.



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