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Over 15 years of experience in hospitality field
BA in Tourism Economy, MA in International Tourism, Tourism Manager License
Love making guests happy by giving them exceptional moments to cherish for life


A local travel expert helps you organize your time and assist with every need, even the spontaneous ones.
This is available by e-mail, phone or on the spot.
Think to one of your funny friends you always love to have along.

Sometimes it is not what you know, it is who you know

Most fun things are hidden.
Or off-limits.
At least until you know somebody…
who knows a local…
who tells you the stories you won’t find in any travel guides and open some closed doors for you.

Azzurytt tailor-made tours seek out the best of Romania and other Europe countries provided with top travel service available.
Offering the knowledge to exceed your expectations, a personal travel concierge designs your vacation with you from scratch.
Tailoring the tour around your interests and needs, this gladly assist with travel arrangements, booking services and sightseeing information.

Talk to your travel expert and make a wish !

We’ll tell you the best spots to:
– sleep,
– eat,
– taste the local wine,
– take the perfect photo shots and
– lots of other travel tips.
Just let us know what you need.
Let’s talk online or over a coffee about your personal interests and curiosities – heritage, nature, culture… – as well as about your needs: hotels, restaurants, cars…
All your questions will be answered and your tour map will be drawn.

Contact your Personal travel concierge in Romania and Europe

What to expect

Lodging recommendations is no-cost, value-added service provided by Azzurytt
We only recommend (not sell) the best accommodation options according to chosen itinerary.
If these have no available rooms for your dates or you prefer different units, alternatives shall be provided.
You are solely responsible for checking each accommodation unit’s:
– homepage,
– online reviews,
– policy etc.
before making the booking (or requesting Azzurytt to make the booking for you).


Neck massages. They can be great. Or pretty creepy. Depends on the masseuse.

At Azurytt we believe that Wellness is a destination.
We will recommend the best properties in the world where you can relax, rejuvenate and leave the stress behind.
We will guide you through various wellness programs and help you to choose the one to suit your needs.

Be our guest and expect the wonderful unexpected !



Roman Edifice with Mosaic Constanta - Romania private custom tours - Europe travel services


  • 10% for tours longer than 1 week

  • 20% for tours longer than 2 weeks

  • 30% for tours longer than 3 weeks

  • 40% for loyal guests = Buy 1 tour, get 1 with 40% off

Loyalty reward program

Loyalty deserves rewards don’t you think ?
If you suffer from incurable wanderlust travel with us at least once and submit details of your previous tour(s).
Our team will get in touch to confirm your new Loyal Guest status.
We’ll give you 30% discount towards your next eligible tour, plus the coveted title of Azzurytt Loyal Guest.
It’s just our little way of saying: Thanks !
Redeem your Loyal Guest reward for your next tour with us.
The reward is valid for any tour of at least 2 full days long.
Combined with any other offers or discounts it applies to itinerary planning / travel arrangement costs of the tour only.
Kindly note you cannot transfer your Loyal guest rewards, redeem them for cash nor split them across multiple bookings.

Forget hassles such as internet searching or phone calls and enjoy reliable local information and various benefits through Azzurytt.
We grant you exclusive access to a wide array of exclusive benefits when you become a Loyal Guest.
As your dedicated leisure concierge in Romania, Azzurytt provides Loyal Guests with preferential treatment from partners, special benefits and privileges.
Designed to reflect individual travel preferences, these offer an enhanced level of service.
And these can include private airport transfers, extra luggage car, personal local host, complimentary welcome gifts, and other exclusive offerings.Enjoy exclusive experiences as:
~ guest or
~ provider of high end services for discerning luxury lovers !

  • Pay What You Wish (PWYW)

    Every now and then you can pay whatever value you feel the tour planning was to you, however small or large, for any tour request.
    Check with us if you are one of the winners !


  • All rates, availability and offers are subject to change without notice
  • All travel deals apply exclusively to itinerary planning
  • Occasionally tours might be subject of additional promotions and special offers from our providers
  • Discounts do not cumulate

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