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Summer – a time when you’re not only relaxed but delightfully sun-kissed !
Feel the sand in your toes and the sun caressing your eyelashes.


The coast awaits…

Beaches and luxury resorts line the Black Sea coast.

This extends for 245 km from Danube Delta towards the border with Bulgaria in the South.
Some of the best-known places include the seaport of Constanta and Mamaia resort, which has a 7 km long beach.
The string of luxury resorts is equally famous.
And they all have names of women and mythological gods, such as Neptune, Jupiter or Venus.
The road towards them will lead you between forested cholines and among green and yellow fields of wheat and rape.
These are pictorially scattered here and there with fruit trees like isles on the sea.
From place to place, woods border the fields.


See Pontus Euxinus with your own eyes

Explore the sunny beaches of Mamaia and Olimp, the shops and art galleries of Constanta, sunrise from Eforie or the spectacular drive to Venus.
Experience sparkling nightlife, buzzing beaches, and atmosphere in abundance.
Our selection of beachfront locations on the Black Sea coast are the perfect home base from which to tour the beautiful Romanian seaside.


Explore the best of Constanta

Constanta custom tours - Romania tailor made holiday | Azzurytt itinerary planning

Young water enthusiasts will love the dolphins show.
Future Marine Biologists will be excited to visit the Aquarium and Zoo.
Budding little historians and their parents can also visit the Navy Museum.
There they can learn about Romania’s maritime history and culture through wonderful exhibits.
Miniature Indiana Jones archaeologists should participate in a tour of History Museum and Roman Edifice with Mosaic.
Explore your tailor made map now to discover all exciting things to see and do in former city of Tomis.


Best walks

  • Sea Front Walk
  • Old Town



  • Feel the breeze while riding an Arabian blood stud on the beach
  • See Onasis’ shipwreck built on the same shipbuilding yard as Titanic
  • Tour the Black Sea coast resorts from a vintage car then dine in French style with limited edition wine



SAMPLE: Constanta (Mamaia Resort) ~ Eforie ~ Costinesti ~ Olimp ~ Mangalia


Day 1 ~ Danube – Black Sea Channel

Danube River - Black Sea Channel seen from Cernavoda | Constanta custom tours

  • Welcome and greetings at Bucharest airport.
  • Drive towards Dobrogea region.
  • Danube – Black Sea Channel

The most impressive construction of this genre ever made in Romania, Danube - Black Sea Channel is the 3rd navigable channel in the world after Suez (184 km) and Panama (81 km).

The main route, Cernavoda – Poarta Alba – Agigea, built between ’76-’84, has 64 km.
The northern branch, Poarta Alba – Midia Navodari, built between ’82-’87, has only 31 km.
The idea arose in 1800.
Then the Otoman Empire was the owner of Dobrudgea.
It wished a faster water access and avoid the menace of Russian Empire (that had taken control of Danube Delta).
So it ordered a railway to the British.
After Dobrudgea’s returning to the mother-land, this plan of shortcut became a dream of King Charles I.
But the Two World Wars foiled it.
When communists came they followed Stalin’s advice-order.
So they sent the Resistance members to forced labor at what will have to be later, the Danube-Black Sea Channel.

  • Lunch
  • Visit a 2000 year old vineyard and its wine museum
    Premium wines tasted here can be yours for only half of the price high class restaurants sell them.
  • Dinner and overnight in Mamaia Resort.


Day 2 ~ Feel the breeze… and see an ancient mosaic

  • Leisure morning on the beach
  • Lunch
  • Archaeology and National  History Museum

Constanta city’s long history goes back over 2,000 years.

National History and Archaeology Museum, near the port,  documents is as it houses:
– painted vases with black figures (VII-VI BC),
– Tanagara-type statuettes of burnt clay,
– finery collections,
– marble statues and statuettes,
– the “Glykon Snake” statue (III AD),
– copies of the famous statues “Hamangia Thinker” and “Sitting Woman” (Hamangia Culture – Neolithic Age) and
– ceramic pots of Gumelnita and Boian Culture.

  • Roman Edifice with Mosaic (3rd-4th centuries)

Here you’ll see a still intact part of a Roman mosaic.

A team of blocks of flats workers discovered it by chance in the ’50s.
After discovery, specialists’ researches continued for several years, and they raised the building hosting it now, not modified since then.
Every summer during communist era and the beginning of the ‘90s, Bucharest Art Faculty students restored the mosaic.

This edifice is the expression of the great Greco-Roman harbour city of Tomis.
Probably raised towards the end of the 2nd century AD, it was enlarged and amplified in the following centuries.
From the original 2000 sqm of mosaic pavement made about 4th century, now you can still see about 850 sqm.
Entire ensemble, with successive repairs, functioned until the beginning of the 7th century.
Terrace A represents the antique living level.
Terrace C is the warehouse-rooms level with 11 vaulted ceiling rooms and other workshop-rooms.
Merchandise storage warehouses level (terrace D, currently below sea level) is located right in front of the ancient port’s docks.
A stair with wide high limestone steps connected the terraces.
Museum arrangements house collections of merchandise from ships, found within edifice warehouses:

  • anchors,
  • ingots,
  • weights,
  • statues,
  • marble layers,
  • polychrome mosaic,
  • pillar heads,
  • collections of rush-candles,
  • amphorae with paints and resins.

Former warehouses display epigraphic monuments discovered in different centers from Dobrogea.

  • Dinner and overnight in Mamaia Resort.


Day 3 ~ Constanta highlights tour

  • Tourist Harbour which was setting for “The Brothers Bloom” (2007).
    Starring  Adrien Brody and Rachel Weisz, it received 3 Oscar nominations.
  • Genovese Lighthouse built around 1300 by Genovese merchants functioned until 1913.
    Between 1850-1860, the French architect of Armenian origin Artin Aslan restored it.
  • Constanta Casino – Romania’s largest casino

Winter walking by Constanta Casino - What to do on the Black Sea coast | Romania tailor made holiday

Once considered Romania's Monte Carlo and symbol of Romania’s largest harbour - Constanta - the Casino had 2 previous wood versions.

The first one, built in 1880 and destroyed by a storm, was adjacent to Genovese Lighthouse.
The first Romanian building on Black Sea shore provided panoramic view from all angles.
Captain Constantin Creanga was one of the first entrepreneurs who leased the space.
Son of Romania’s most famous writer – Ion Creanga – he was the father of Horia Creanga, the interwar leading Romanian architect.
Casino’s second version built nearby, in approximately the same location as current Casino, opened its doors in 1893.
This was a place for theater shows, balls and recreation for tourists.
Captain Constantin Creanga leased the building under the condition of:

  • selling “only the finest and highest quality” merchandise and
  • using for light “petroleum of the best quality (…) to not produce any odor when burned”.

In 1903, local politicians wanted a modern casino like those major European casinos that inspired French Riviera.
So they chose Daniel Renard, a 32 years local Romanian architect who graduated École des Beaux-Arts in Paris.
After supporting Liberals lost the power, the architect, his Art Nouveau design and foundation were replaced.
Two years later, in 1907, all together returned and they poured the third foundation !
Thus Casino’s most recent and modern version became the most important Art Nouveau building in the country.
Raised by King Carol I for Queen Elisabeth, the Casino was inaugurated in 1910 in the presence of Prince Ferdinand.
Soon the “wedding-cake” alike building became the symbol of the city.
It also became one of the most famous establishments of its kind in Europe.
Gambling addicts from all over the world preferred its luxury and world-class gambling, coming here incognito.

Romania’s largest casino

The largest edifice of this genre in Romania offered roulette, blackjack and baccarat games.
Until 1912 many Romanian and foreign orchestras offered their services for the Casino, Constanta’s most beautiful edifice.
In 1914 it hosted the Russian Imperial Family, so for a while, the seafront promenade place was named Tsar Nicolae II Boulevard.
Casino was in operation for 38 years, with interruption due to the two world wars.

In 1916 during WWI, when Germans started to bomb Constanta, the casino became hospital used by Red Cross.
The proximity of Constanta harbor targeted by Germans inevitably affected the Casino.
Initial designer Daniel Renard himself completely restored it between wars.
In 1941 during WWII, the Casino accommodated German troops.
Both Allied and Russian forces targeting the city bombed it again due to harbor vicinity.
After 1948, communists restored the abandoned and ruined Casino.
They used 100 political prisoners from White Gate jail in order to transform it into a House of Culture.

Between 1960 – 1989 it belonged to ONT Litoral (Seaside National Office of Tourism).
In 1987 during the latest major repairs, painter George Firica from Constanta painted the building walls in Art Nouveau style.
Found in an advanced state of decay, the building remaining closed since 1990.
Leased for 49 years to an Israeli company in 2007 Casino returned to local authorities more damaged than before.
In 2018, it was in top 7 most endangered sites in Europe.

  • Aquarium

Nowadays Aquarium is the former pavilion-restaurant of the Casino, built in 1912 from the initiative of Baron Edgar de Marcay.

This is highly recommended for familiarization with inhabitants of Black Sea and Danube Delta (the youngest land of Europe).

  • Mahmudiye Mosque

A vast Persian rug furnish this mosque also known as Mahmoud II Mosque or the King’s Mosque.

It is the copy of the mosque in Konya (Anatolia) and is the largest one in Romania.
Don’t miss the chance of climb in its towering minaret that overlooks the city.

  • Folk Art Museum housing traditional clothes, textiles and household tools.
  • Art Museum

Built in 1962, it houses a representative collection of national paintings and sculptures from the Middle Ages to the present.

Museum displays paintings of the painters Theodor Aman, Nicolae Grigorescu, Stefan Luchian, Ion Andreescu, Octav Bancila and Nicolae Tonitza.

  • Romanian Navy Museum

Hosted within the former Naval Academy, the Romanian Navy Museum founded in October 1965 is unique in Romania.

The building, which hosts a great part of the navy’s historical patrimony, is itself a declared historic monument.

  • Zoo & Dolphinarium, Planetarium

Found within Natural Science Museum Complex, this started its activity on June 1, 1972.

It is the first such museum form in Romania and the first in South-Eastern Europe at that time.

  • Archbishopric Cathedral

This is the cathedral where Christians find healing.

Over time many countless believers have gone to St. Pantelimon’s relics and are well-off.
Particles from the relics are also located here.

  • Lunch and dinner in Constanta.
  • Overnight in Mamaia Resort.


Day 4 ~ Beach horseback riding

  • Studs farm and horseback riding in the morning 

Horseback riding is just one of Wallachia’s outdoor pursuits.

Riding on the beach or following forestry roads reward you with an exhilarating sense of freedom.
Not to mention the spectacular scenery you can admire.
Get on the horse and enjoy the views !
But not before finding out everything about this Arabian blood stud farm.

  • Lunch
  • Rumors say…

Evanghelia shipwreck was built on the same shipbuilding yard as Titanic.

It belonged to Onasis, who agreed with the ship-owner to beach it 1968 in order to cash the insurance money.
True or not for sure you’ll treasure your photo taken with it in the background.

  • The taste of luxury: Leisure flight
    The afternoon private experience unveil you on high either Adamclisi Monument and ruins of the ancient Greek city of Histria, or the sinuous line of Romanian coast.
  • In the evening enjoy a romantic fish and sea fruits dinner on the lake shore.
  • Overnight on the Black Sea coast.


Day 5 ~  Vintage car tour

Vintage car tour - Constanta tour | Black Sea holiday

  • Unusual trip on Romanian Black Sea Coast – by vintage cars

If you want to see Constanta County in a different and more exciting way, then this has to be it.

Princess Grace of Monaco steered this superb vintage car’s wheel for a while.
Now you can take this jewel of car for a private tour of the seaside resorts.
And of course of Tomis old city center and famous Mamaia resort.
Your personal English speaking driver will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel doorstep.

  • Sun, Sea & Spa

This is one of the best spas on the Black Sea shore !

The place features an elegant wide space with fluid design inspired by sea.
A real nurturing refuge, this has native Romanian healing powers drawn from both land and sea.
The well-trained capable staff creates custom therapies and counsel guests on a path to wellness.
They only use local natural herbs and botanicals.
So whether treating yourself to a traditional spa therapy using seawater and gyttja mud from Techirghiol Lake or an ancient relaxation ritual, the journey will undoubtedly renew your mind, body and spirit.

  • A French dinning with wine for two in a cozy atmosphere will follow it.
  • Overnight in Constanta area.


Day 6 ~ Black Sea private yacht cruise

DOBROGEA - Constanta tour & Black Sea yacht cruise ~ BEST SOLD

  • Morning private yacht cruise on the Black Sea.
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon drive to Constanta airport and fly back home.



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