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We’d love to hear from you.
What you think and wish really matters for us and we will delightedly sort everything out for you.
Thank you in advance for giving us further details in order to forward you our best tailor made Europe tour proposal.
It is warmly recommended to provide as many details as possible:

  • starting / ending city / airport
  • informative arrival date / flight details
  • tour length:
    • half day
    • full day
    • 2-7 days
    • over 7 days (10% discount for itinerary planning)

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  • number of adult guests:
    • 1-3
    • 4-6
    • more than 6
  • number of children guests (under 12 years old at the date of traveling)
  • needed services:
    • airport transfer/s
    • private car transfer (chauffeured car hire)
    • holiday car rental (no driver)
    • self guided tour / city quests
    • air taxi
    • yacht rental

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  • informative desired itinerary:
    • cities names
    • mountain
    • beach
    • countryside
  • main interests:
    • highlights sightseeing walking tours
    • family / romantic
    • cars / trains
    • gourmet (wine / beer / delicacies tasting)
    • art galleries / museums
    • movie buffs
    • history / ruins / archaeology / castles / fortresses / churches
    • nature / wildlife / bird watching / photography
    • fishing / horseback riding
    • relaxing / wellness / shopping
    • cultural events (concert / theater / dance / opera / etc.)
    • skiing / golfing
    • other

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  • preferred type of tour:
    • standard (mostly 3* hotels with good restaurants and Volkswagen Passat or Skoda Octavia)
    • premium (mostly 4* hotels with upscale restaurants and Mercedes E Class)
    • luxury (mostly 5* hotels with fine dining restaurants and Mercedes S Class)
  • dietary recommendations
  • charitable actions you would like to include in your tour:
    • food donations for needy at churches or supermarkets
    • money donations at visited museums / sightseeing (for restoration) or local people and businesses discovered while on tour

Changing the world you live in starts with the smallest change you make closest to you

Everything in this world is about giving and receiving.
A smile, a beautiful memory, a hope, a breathtaking landscape, hospitality, or the most important, time.
Some of us do not even realize what a huge impact we can make through just normal simple gestures.
You wish to make a difference and leave your imprint in Romania ?
Below are some communities and places that for sure will be thankful for your generosity.
And you can do it either during a tailor made tour or without leaving your own place !

Why contribute

  • 100% of your donation goes directly to the project you’re supporting.
  • This is your chance to give something back improving others’ lives.
  • Having a positive impact on the communities you visit makes you feel great.

Our pick of good causes

Donate food for needy
You can donate any kind of food as long as these are non-perishable preserves (canned, bottled or sealed): dry products such as cereals and biscuits, as well as juices and fruits.
Cereals and basic foods such as rice, bean, pea, pasta, etc. are always right choices, together with other dry products as biscuits as well as juices and fruits.

Help flora, fauna and people survive planting trees and flowers
Thus you contribute to the country’s and world’s fresh water and oxygen.
As well as to the livelihoods of people, fauna and flora who are reliant on the forest.
And help environmental conservation and wildlife protection.

Donate for the restoration of some of the visited museums

Improve local economy by empowering the people you meet:

  • a boarding-house wishing to offer exclusively natural food made from ingredients grown in their own orchard,
  • a school in need of books,
  • a local or a small business through direct donations or loans for individuals (P2P) and small businesses (P2B)
  • or other kind of less favored people

Support people

  • investing in someone else’s future (pay a training course for someone)
  • giving help where it’s most needed
  • any other information you think might help us to plan your trip (things that have made your most enjoyable vacations memorable, etc.)


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