Bran Castle

Stories you only heard about in movies…

The name of this old settlement of shepherds – Bran – means gate or fortified place. The famous medieval fortified castle built in the 14th century, as a military fortress, dominates the entire village.
It is everything you’d expect a mysterious castle to be.
A gloomy edifice perched on a high bed of stone in the middle of Transylvanian forest.
With mock-Gothic towers soaring against Bucegi mountains.
It hides a labyrinth of winding corridors, narrow passages and secret staircases.
But the majestic beauty and uncanny landscape did not bring its fame.
Rumours say Prince Vlad Tepes (the Impaler) stayed here once in the 1400s.
It is uncertain if Bram Stoker knew anything about this castle.
Anyway marketed as home of his novel’s titular character, Bran castle became a prominent tourist destination.

It is one of the 10 most beautiful medieval castles in the world.
It is also the most expensive estate in Europe (~ 120 mil. Euro).
And the second most expensive one in the world, according to Forbes (2012).
The property built in 1926 in Beverly Hills – setting of “Godfather” movie – is the world’s most expensive estate.
During “Tu veneno” tour from 2001, singer Natalia Oreiro filmed here the video clip for “Como te olvido”.
Before visiting this legendary place stop in the castle’s park, at the hills’ bottom.
The open-air ethnographic museum here exhibits traditional Romanian peasant structures (cottages, barns, etc.) from across the country.
This country-style-bazaar has irresistible themed souvenirs, from dolls to shirts.


Dine at Artist Queen’s dream castle

Grand-daughter of Queen Victoria, Queen Elisabeth was the most fascinating personality of her time.
Her Majesty  was a talented painter, garden designer, creator of original pieces of furniture, inspired interior decorator and photographer.
But most of all she was a writer, inclusively for prestigious American magazines.
The 2 castles very dear to her soul were Pelisor and Bran.
Bran’s eerie 57 chambers hosts a museum of Romanian and foreign feudal art from the 14th to 19th centuries.
It features well-preserved architecture, collections of weaponry, armours, costumes and furniture.
And from the highest white rooms of the castle you can admire Bran village as young princesses used to do it.
In the end relax with good traditional food on the lake shore, where “Queen Mary” Tea House (1920) is.

Visit Princess Ileana’s House ~ Bran Medieval Custom Museum

The architectural ensemble at the feet of Bran Castle brought in medieval times  the highest takings to Transylvania’s King.
It was both an important crossing point between provinces and custom.
Residence of Princess Ileana between 1944-48, now it hosts Bran Medieval Custom Museum.
After the castle’s retro-cession to Archduke Dominic Habsburg-Lothringen (son of Princess Ileana), all patrimony objects were replaced.
But you can see the original Bran castle’s collections of plastic and decorative art exposed at Princess Ileana’s House.
These include pieces of furniture, ceramics, silvery, sculptures and works of painting on wood.


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