Brasov medieval city tour

The gateway to Transylvania, Brasov was first documentary certified in the year 1234 A.D. under the name of Corona. Fortunately it still shows to its guests well preserved edifices with Old Saxon architecture. You can take a walk along the old city walls. And either walk up or drive around to the old towers guarding the medieval citadel

Admire the beautiful building of Beth Israel Synagogue

Stop in the Council Square

Here the Golden Stag Music Festival used to be held, the one where Julio Iglesias started his career.

Visit the Council House

This is a historical and architectural monument documented since the 15th century, with approx. 3000 pieces displayed in 17 halls on the 3 levels of the building.

Black Church

This is the largest place of worship in Eastern Europe.

It is one of the greatest monuments of Gothic architecture in Transylvania too. Black Church is also the largest Gothic church between Vienna and Istanbul. Built in 1385, it was called St. Mary’s Church until the fire in 1689. Then it received the present name due to the color of the blackened outer walls. Black Church shelters the largest and most valuable collection of Oriental (Anatolian) prayer rugs (over 100). With a huge bell, it also has a renowned 4000-pipe organ (installed in 1839) which is the largest in Romania.

String Street

Initially built as a corridor for the use of firefighters, it was first documentary mentioned in 17th century.

It has 80 m length and a width varying between 111 and 135 cm. These make it the 3rd narrowest street in Europe. Spreuerhofstraße in Germany and Parliament Street in England are narrower. Try to fully spread your arms while on it. Yes, it is not wide enough ! It used to be a rendez-vous lieu pour les amoureux (meeting place for lovers). Nowadays this is considered to be the 5th most romantic place in Romania. By the way did you bring a date ?

Franciscan Monastery

Catherine and Schei Gates

Weavers’ Tower

Weavers Tower - Brasov private city tour | Romania

This is located in the South-Western corner of the medieval walled city.
It was erected at the expense and defended through the care of the weavers in the citadel.
This is the best-preserved fortification of the city, nowadays hosting a Museum of the Medieval City of Brasov.

Graft Bastion

Brasov Craftsmen Defenders of the City – Permanent exhibition

Black Tower

White Tower

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