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Take this basket and go away.
On the lawn of a palace estate !

Bucharest neighbourhoods luxury tour - Stirbey Palace | Romania

The history of Stirbey noble family blends with this estate since 1831.

But it was only the Prince Alexander Stirbey who gave the glamour to this generous happily located space. Educated in Paris, he is also the one who introduced it into Bucharest’s high society circuit.  Stirbey family members were close friends and collaborators of Their Majesties King Ferdinand and Queen Mary. And they hosted here priceless guests as writers, poets, composer George Enescu, doctors, politicians, generals and princes.

It is amazing ! After more than 150 years, this incredible place continues to preserve its simple elegance and romantic atmosphere of the park with secular trees. It makes guests feeling it familiar and cozy despite its overwhelming history which only imposes a warm respect. Enjoy half an hour of walking on its forest paths. Queen Mary loved to gallop here, soaking her soul with the rich scent of oak trees. After that, nothing compares with a lazy gourmet picnic on the perfect lawn with hints of European sophistication. Chef Antonio Passarelli’s creations are unlike anything you have ever seen.


Pay a visit to Teohari Antonescu County Museum

“We came there looking for a toys exhibition and ended having a captivating tour about Romania’s history from the oldest times up to present.
Totally unexpected pleasant surprise !”


Explore Comana Natural Park

This place is not only Romania’s second area as biodiversity after Danube Delta.

Full of history, it hosts 16th and 19th centuries buildings and also a Crafts Village and Paper Mill.

Go see the Fountain with Nut Chalet (1889) which now is the park headquarter.

Then rent a bike and ride through the forest with secular trees, especially oaks declared nature’s monument.
The 25,000 ha park is famous for its reservations of Romanian peony, butcher’s broom and wood lily.
Here is the northern limit of the natural spreading area of butcher’s broom Mediterranean plant.
This conservation area of wood lily will finally reach up to 2700 ha.

Take a guided boat trip on Comana Everglade, the third Romania’s wet area after Braila Little Everglade and Danube Delta.
It hosts 141 birds species and 13 fish species, of which two are found only in this natural habitat.

On the ruins of a monastery founded by legendary Vlad Tepes in 1461, now there is Comana Monastery.
They built it in 1588, being rebuilt by Serban Cantacuzino in 1700.

Paper mill living museum

Have fun at the studio-museum discovering the paper’s beginnings, books manual press and bindery equipment.
Rare engravings and old prints bear witness to past times.
But most of all handcraft your own paper and other objects for an aditional gulden (worth 10 lei).
More guldens, more objects !
By participating at these craftspeople workshops or purchasing their products, you sustain crafts and hard-working people from Comana village.


Private exclusive fine dining at 17th century mansion

Think valet parking, guided tour of the estate, sommelier, butler, personalized menus...

Very few still know interesting facts about this little town quite close to Bucharest. Like for example, that in the local bricks factory they made the bricks used for the construction of Parliament Palace. Even fewer know about this fascinating noble mansion, perfect for sophisticated memorable experiences.

It is an unique patrimony jewel of Wallachia, with roots in the beginning of the 17th century. At that time (1650-1795) this estate belonged to Cantacuzino family. Prince Alexandru Ipsilanti bought it and in 1839 sold it to Serbian Prince Efrem Obrenovici. Whispers say his daughter-in-law, Maria Obrenovici, lived here a beautiful love story with Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza. In the second half of 19th century, Efrem Obrenovici’s heirs sold the estate to Ion Hagianoff. Ex Foreign Affairs Minister of Bulgaria he was a political refugee in Romania. In 1948, communist regime abusively confiscated the properties of Hagianoff’s family. The estate’s aristocratic history ennoble the boyar mansion, the cellar underneath it, and the 2 ha park. Respecting their rich past, an impressive architects and decorators team brought back to life the refined elegance of entire domain.

Heighten your senses !

The sophisticated architectural details contrast with the modern high-tech equipment. This gives the mansion an eclectic character rarely encountered in Romania. Reintegrated into the autochthon cultural landscape features a team of professionals who pursue service excellence. Chef Alexandru Iacob provides its own unique brand of avant-garde fine dining, showing a passion that pushes him to perfectionism. From the freshest and most refined seasonal ingredients, he ingeniously creates gourmet delights rising to the rank of art. So you can be sure that your palate will be as artistically moved as your visual senses.

Kindly note: availability strictly limited, reservations are essential at this exclusive mansion and estate guided tour reserved for guests only.
For more information and access to the guest list, kindly contact us.


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