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Gradisteanu-Ghica Palace | Bucharest luxury tourOne of the most beautiful palaces of Bucharest and Victory Avenue is Gradisteanu-Ghika Palace.
Old boyar Gradisteanu family was related to the entire aristocracy of Wallachia and Moldavia.
Between 16th-19th centuries, these held high dignitary positions.
In 1884 Constantin Ionas Gradisteanu and his spouse Elena asked the French architect Jean Berthet to build this house.
Not having heirs, Gradisteanu left the palace to his sister, Maria Gradisteanu, married with a member of Ghika princely family.

Gradisteanu-Ghica Palace detail | Bucharest luxury tour

The Rennaissance style frontages have extremely rich exterior decorations.
Interiors have coffered painted ceilings, panels, monumental stairs and stained windows.
The basement hosts Emperor Trajan Hall, Royal saloons occupy the ground-floor while upper floors host Viennese and Oriental saloons.


Roman Emperor Trajan was the first who had the idea of transforming Danube river‘s presence into an atu.
Hundreds of years later, the King of Romania’s passion for Danube river was shared by Prince Ion Ghika too.
This was one of the most skillful diplomats and politicians of his time.
In 1881, King Carol I appointed Ghica as Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Minister of Romania at the Court of Her Majesty Queen Victory of Great Britain.
Prince Ghica considered Danube river the European civilization’s cradle.
So he entirely dedicated his palace to history of Danube river in our country.
And thus Gradisteanu-Ghika Palace became known also as the Danube House.

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