Bucharest walking tour ~ Victory Avenue

Take a stroll on the exquisite Victory Avenue ~ BEST WALK

Exquisite Victory Avenue - Bucharest luxury tour | Romania


Enjoy the architectural treasure chest that Romanian capital is.

You will discover spectacular buildings and fascinating stories from the last 400 years.
This cultural expedition has stops in front of the most important buildings.
And it offers essential information about the city’s history and about the most impressive monuments and their aristocratic family owners.
Victory Avenue’s history goes back to Prince Constantin Brancoveanu’s time.
It connected Mogosoaia Palace and Prince’s Palace from Bucharest’s Old Court.
At that time it was paved with logs, hence the name of Mogosoaia’s Bridge.


Little Paris

At the beginning of last century Bucharest was a garden-city with avenues.

And this is one of its oldest and most famous of them.
Then, the city was known as the Paris of the East.
Why ? Because of its affection for everything French, from architecture to food to fashion.
Even today you can still notice it, walking on this city’s main artery bordered by French-inspired Belle Époque buildings.
Here, the rich locals used to take strolls on weekends, especially on summer evenings.
It was the main promenade place for them.
In the early 1940s, Marshal Antonescu was the first to succeed imposing one way sense on Victory Avenue.
In the evening people went towards Kiseleff Road and in the morning towards Dambovita River.
Nowadays this is a leading retail avenue concentrating 70% of the major luxury brand stores in Bucharest.
So the exquisite Victory Avenue is absolutely THE place to be for serious luxury shopping.
Here you can enjoy your passion in a carefree way.
And even open some closed doors not just for a sneak preview of a world famous designers’ studio.
Of course, chauffeured limo at disposal for this key destination of luxury brands !


Gradisteanu-Ghika Palace

Gradisteanu-Ghica Palace detail | Bucharest luxury tourThis is one of the most beautiful palaces of Bucharest and Victory Avenue.

A French architect built it in the second half of the 19th century for Gradisteanu couple.
They were from the old boyar Gradisteanu family related to entire Wallachian and Moldavian aristocracy between 16th-19th centuries.
The couple had no heirs, so the palace was left to Maria Gradisteanu, owner’s sister, married with Prince Ion Ghika.
Gradisteanu-Ghika House has extremely rich decorated Renaissance frontages, coffered painted ceilings, monumental stairs and stained windows.
Same as Emperor Trajan and King Carol I, this considered Danube river an atu and European civilization’s cradle.
So he dedicated the palace – also known as Danube House – to river’s Romanian history.

Burberry Store

You can purchase most of Burberry collections from their first store in Romania.
Launched in 2012 this is the largest in South East Europe: 440 sqm and 1,000 m facade.

Yeshua Tova Synagogue

Also called Podul Mogosoaiei Synagogue - as a reference to Victoriei Avenue nearby) - city’s oldest synagogue dates from the first half of the 19th century.

Built in Moorish style (Arabesque) it has a monumental triptic concept street facade with a relief depicting the Ten Commandments.
It can host 300 people, important guests being seated on thrones placed on Chivot’s sides.
After 2007 restoration, Rabbi Shlomo Amar uncovered a large plaque engraved with the names of those who led the synagogue since its founding.
It still serves the local Jewish community being open only during services.


Take an inside tour of a culture symbol – Romanian Athenaeum

Romanian Athenaeum concert hall - Bucharest escorted tour | Romania

Romanian Athenaeum is an iconic Bucharest landmark and city’s main concert hall.

This is also the headquarter of George Enescu Philarmonic Orchestra.
It really worth to pay a visit inside and let your hand carress the Carrara marble.
Not to mention the fascinating story of the remarkable 70 m long fresco hidden for 20 years.
While attending a concert here you’ll be amazed by its exceptional accoustic and perfect visibility from any seat.
If an odd year come in September to enjoy the worlds’ greatest orchestras and soloists.


King’s Winter Palace and University Library

Statue of King Charles of Romania - Bucharest private luxury tour | Azzurytt car rentalNumber one on Romania’s best museums list has got to be the Fine Arts Museum hosted within Winter Palace.
Former residence of King Carol I of Romania this overlooks to University Library.
One of the world’s 100 most beautiful libraries, this is the oldest university library in Bucharest and the most important one in Romania.

Ramada Majestic Hotel

In 1990s, the first hotel in Romania affiliated with the American brand Ramada was Ramada-Majestic Hotel in Bucharest.

Built before the World War I, this was consolidated and revamped between 1993-1996.
Its first VIP guest arrived in the summer of 1996.
This was nobody else but Hillary Clinton, then first lady of the United States.
Between 2000-2003, they extended the 4-star hotel following the acquisition of a neighboring building.
The Turkish group Ener Holding – which controls Gloria Jean`s coffee shops chain too – is the owner of the hotel.
The children of the Turkish shareholders – now aged – do not want to work within hotel business.
So Ener Holding have already sold a hotel owned in Antalya and now Ramada-Majestic is also on sale.


National Military Circle

This historical and architectural monument hosts Romanian Army’s central institution of culture.

Built on the former site of Sarindar Monastery, for the officers in Bucharest who financed the building, this was the central cultural institution of Romanian Army.
Each room has a different style, the Marble Hall being one of the most successfully creation of the local architecture.

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