Cluj County highlights

Go down inside the most beautiful underground sightseeing in the world: Turda Salt Mine

This is a real nature wonder you should not miss.

Why ? Just because it is the most beautiful underground sightseeing in the world.
More beautiful than Cristals Cave in Mexic, San Clemente Church in Rome or Underground Gardens in Fresno, California.
Systematic mining of iron, gold, silver and salt in Transylvania began once with Roman occupation in Dacia.
But the first documentary certification of salt mining in Turda dates back to 1271.
This was one of the most important Transylvanian salt mines until 1840.

As in all Transylvanian salt mines, work force never included prisoners but only free people employed yearly.
Closed in 1932, it was an anti-aerial shelter for local population during World War II.
After 1950, the first 500 m of Franz Josef transportation gallery served as cheese deposit.
But only until 1992 when re-opened, it became a popular sightseeing.
Modernized in 2010, the former imperial salt mine became a wonderful strange park.
And a true history museum of salt mining.
Its panoramic elevators offer spectacular views.
And also the circular balcony suspended at 40 meters above the hall dug in salt.

In 2012, they filmed here several scenes of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, part 1.
They really took advantage of the great setting of Romania’s most modern salt mine.
Rudolf Mine (42 m deep) has salt stalactites that grow about 2 cm per year.
These break under their own weight when reaching about 3 m height.
It also has an 80 heated seats amphitheater.
Here you can delight your ears with various concerts or even with movies.
Terezia Mine is a huge underground bell (120 m deep) where you can enjoy boating on the salty lake within.
Just between us: when would you like to visit it ? We bring the car !

Visit Cluj Napoca

Cluj Fortress’ strongest defense point

Cluj fortification was built in the 15th century during the reign of King Matthias Corvinus.

Being the area most exposed to peril, Tailors Bastion was also the strongest defense point of the fortress.
Named after the guild responsible for it, destroyed and rebuilt several times, it changed its appearance.
The causes were quite varied. First, a riot of mercenaries who had not received their salaries. Then, successive sieges led by Hungarians and Turks in the 17th century. Later, a lightning that struck the ammunition warehouse causing an explosion. And of course, wars…
The present look dates from the beginning of 18th century when an Austrian General rebuilt it.

Communists arranged within the bastion a history museum with a photo lab and restoration workshop.
But this was never open to public because in 1959 the communists authorities prohibited the work.
1601 was  the year of first Union of Romanian provinces.
In the same year they executed Baba Novac near Tailors Bastion.
This was General in Prince Michael the Brave’s army.
Returned from Vienna, the Prince reconquered the city.
And in sign of appreciation, he placed a flag on his general’s execution site.
In 1975, a Romanian sculptor built a statue of General Baba Novac in the gardens near the bastion.


One of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Europe

Romania is spread with little green oasis of serenity.

And without fail this one of the most beautiful gardens in the country.
It is also one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Europe.
Its wonderful glasshouses keeps inside the biggest attraction of the place: the tropical plants.
Roman and Japanese Gardens will equally leave a strong impression on you.
And so it will the variety of plant species specific to all regions of Romania.

See Cluj-Napoca glass balls that conquered the world

See Cluj-Napoca glass balls that conquered the world - Cluj County highlights private tour | Holiday in Transylvania

Do you wish for your best Christmas tree ever ?

Open the closed doors of a high quality glass ornaments producer.
Internationally appreciated, this for sure will help you decorate it !
Small business family founded in 1994, initially it had only 1 glass blower and 1 ceramic expert painting glass balls.
Now, with 40 employees, they yearly deliver more than 800,000 glass balls all over the world.
And each of their collection has unique design and shape.
How do they do it ?

Let’s step inside and see with your own eyes.
First, they use the best quality raw materials from reputable suppliers: Valspar Industry, Shott, Sigmund Lindner and Kaiser Lacke.
Then skillful local artisans mouth blow, inside silver plate and manually decorate and paint each glass ball.
Inspired by women’s fashion, they decorated the 2011 model with silk flowers, beads, gold foils and diamond imitations.
It caused a stir on USA market: they sold about 100,000 pieces !


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