Constanta highlights tour

Tourist Harbour

Which were settings for “The Brothers Bloom” (2007) with Adrien Brody and Rachel Weisz that received 3 Oscar nominations.


Raised by King Carol I for Queen Elisabeth, this is the symbol of the city.

Genovese Lighthouse

Built around 1300 by Genovese merchants, it was restored between 1850-1860 by the architect Artin Aslan, a French of Armenian origin.
The lighthouse functioned until 1913.


Recommended for familiarization with the inhabitants of the Black Sea and the Danube Delta (the youngest land of Europe).

Mahmudiye Mosque

Also known as Mahmoud II Mosque or the King’s Mosque, this is the copy of the mosque in Konya (Anatolia) and is the largest one in Romania.
It is furnished with a vast Persian rug, while its towering minaret overlooks the city.

Archaeology and National History Museum

Constanta city’s long history going back over 2,000 years, is documented at the National History and Archaeology Museum, near the port.
This houses painted vases with black figures (VII-VI BC), Tanagara-type statuettes of burnt clay, finery collections, marble statues and statuettes, the “Glykon Snake” statue (III AD), copies of the famous statues “Hamangia Thinker” and “Sitting Woman” (Hamangia Culture – Neolithic Age) and ceramic pots of Gumelnita and Boian Culture.

Roman Edifice with Mosaic (3rd-4th centuries)

The adjacent Roman Mosaics complex displays tiled floors dating back to the 4th century A.D.
You’ll see a still intact part of a roman mosaic discovered by chance at the end of the ‘50s by a team of blocks of flats workers.
In antiquity the mosaic pavement had 2000 sqm from which about 850 sqm were preserved.

Folk Art Museum

It is housing traditional clothes, textiles and household tools.

Constanta Art Museum

Built in 1962, the museum houses a representative collection of paintings and sculptures from the Middle Ages to the present.

Romanian Navy Museum

Hosted within the former Naval Academy, the Romanian Navy Museum founded in October 1965 is unique in Romania.
The building, which hosts a great part of the navy’s historical patrimony, is itself a declared historic monument.

Zoo & Dolphinarium, Planetarium

It started its activity on June 1, 1972, being the first such museum form in Romania and the first in South-Eastern Europe at that time. It is inside the Natural Science Museum Complex.

Archbishopric Cathedral

This is the cathedral where Christians find healing.
Over time many countless believers have gone to St. Pantelimon’s relics and are well-off.
Particles from the relics are also located here.

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