Bucharest unveils its full glory twice a year: during autumn and spring. Then you can leisurely explore the city without the summer heat or moody winter weather. Strolls in the city center are highly appreciated due to the wide sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, and green spaces. Joy City‘s oldest and most beautiful street in Bucharest is Calea Victoriei (Victory Avenue). Taking a tour here you will have a pretty good idea about the history of Romania’s capital. As regards its present, the Little Paris is one of the European cities with the fastest internet connections. It also hosts a lot of international IT companies like IBM. And since locals really love programming, at Microsoft, Romanian became the second most spoken language (after English).


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Bucharest Long Weekend


Bucharest luxury travel ~ Romania rent a car ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning
Herastrau Park & Lake
    Welcome and greetings at Bucharest Otopeni Airport
  • 15:30 Private minivan transfer from the airport to your hotel in the city center
  • 16:30 – 17:00 Hotel 5* check-in
  • 17:00 Transfer to the restaurant
  • 18:00 – 23:00 Dinner at Jaristea Restaurant with folk, sax, and other music styles show between 18:00-23:00
  • 22:00 Transfer to the hotel


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Terrace in Bucharest
  • Leisure morning
  • 11:00 Transfer to the restaurant
  • 13:00 Transfer to Bucharest outskirts
  • 14:00 – 22:30 Leisure time at Therme Bucharest
    The biggest wellness and entertainment center in Europe: mineral pools, slides, saunas, massage & garden
    Elysium passes (means full access) sent via email
  • 20:00 – 22:00 Dinner at The Mango Tree Restaurant (International cuisine) within Therme
    The Mango Tree Restaurant
  • 22:00/22:30 Transfer to the hotel


Bucharest tours ~ Custom Romania tours ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning
Basarab Overpass
  • Leisure morning
  • 11:00 Transfer to the restaurant
  • 12:00 – 14:00 Lunch at Four Seasons Dorobanti Lebanese Restaurant
  • Four Seasons Dorobanti
  • 14:00 Transfer to Bucharest outskirts
  • 15:00 – 17:00 Visit Tiriac Cars Collection
    Check the luxury motorbikes, vintage and modern cars of the most famous Romanian tennis man – billionaire Ion Tiriac – gathered within his impressive private car collection.
    Tiriac Collection is the only gallery in the world that includes all 7 Rolls-Royce Phantom models from series I-VII – accessible to all visitors.
  • 17:00 Transfer to the hotel
  • 18:00 – 19:00 Leisure time
  • 19:00 Transfer to the restaurant
  • 20:00 – 22:00 Dinner at Casa di David Restaurant
  • 22:00 Transfer to the night club
  • 23:00 Club night at Face Club Bucharest
  • Overnight


Bucharest luxury tour ~ Travel in Romania ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning
Parliament Palace
  • Leisure morning
  • 11:00 Transfer to the restaurant
  • 12:00 – 14:00 Lunch at Imperial Turkish Cuisine & Steakhouse Restaurant
    Guests can choose from their butchery the favorite meat (premium beef, veal, lamb, halal) that shall be cooked right away on the charcoal grill
  • 14:00 Meet the guide
  • 14:00 – 16:00 Guided highlights city tour by minivan
    Victory Avenue (the oldest one in the city), Romanian Athenaeum concert hall, Winter Royal Palace (National Fine Arts Museum), 1989 Revolution Square, Phone Palace, CEC Palace / Savings Bank, Posts Palace (National History Museum), Parliament Palace, Fountains Avenue, Union Square
  • 16:00 – 18:00 Guided walking tour of Bucharest old city
    Lipscani Street, Carousel Library, National Bank of Romania, Stavropoleus Church, Caru’ cu bere (Chariot with beer) Restaurant
  • 18:00 Transfer to the hotel
  • 19:00 Transfer to the restaurant
  • 20:00 – 22:00 Lunch at Salon Golescu Gastropub
  • 22:00 Transfer to JW Marriott Hotel Casino
  • 23:00 Casino night at Grand Casino within JW Marriott Hotel
  • Overnight


Bucharest travel ~ Trips to Romania ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning
Roses Island
  • Leisure morning
  • Private minivan transfer to Bucharest Airport


From 1,400 Euro / guest


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Bucharest Short Weekend

University Square ~ Custom Bucharest tour ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning
University Square
  • Upon arrival, check the luxury motorbikes, vintage and modern cars of the most famous Romanian tennis man. Billionaire Ion Tiriac gathered in an impressive private car collection.
  • After lunch, see Romanian Athenaeum‘s spectacular fresco hidden by communists for 20 years. Or even better, listen George Enescu’s Philharmonic Orchestra playing here along worlds’ greatest orchestras and soloists. It happens every odd year in September, during George Enescu Music Festival. French architect Albert Galleron created this architectonic jewel in 1888. He built it on the foundation of a riding school, where from the round shape form. The edifice harmoniously blends Greek, Baroque and Neoclassical styles. The magnificent concert hall has an equally impressive Carrara stucco marble interior.
  • @23:00 Unlock My Heart… with a bottle of royal sparkling rosé from Azuga. And the best way to do this is during a night tour of Little Paris by a stretch limousine. Hurry up and enjoy a night out !
  • Spend the night at The Marmorosch Bucharest, Autograph Collection 5*. This Belle Epoque building of a former bank from the 19th century has luxurious Art Nouveau and Art Deco interiors. Here you feel like the most favorite of Bucharest society. Just try the subterranean dark stone hewn spa, The Blank Bar & Lounge or Vault restaurant.
  • From 83 Euro / guest (exclusive of limousine night tour)


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Bucharest Tips

Bucharest top nightlife

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The best nightclubs in the city

  • Face Club ~ the largest club in Romania as area and the fifth in the world
  • Control Club ~ special design

Top nightclubs in the old city center

Christmas Market Bucharest ~ Romania luxury travel ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning
Christmas Market Bucharest

The best casino

The most refined sky bars

Travel to Bucharest ~ Romania tours ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning
Carousel Library

Best beer pub with concerts

  • Beraria H ~ the largest beer-restaurant in the South East of Europe


Top summer gardens & terraces in Bucharest

Bucharest rent a car ~ Romania travel ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning
Engineer Anghel Saligny Street


Top hotels in Bucharest

With a great location, this top spot to stay boasts beautiful views over Dambovita River.

Custom Bucharest tours ~ Romania luxury travel ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning

Built in traditional French style, this stylish historical hotel still is one of the most prestigious hotels of Bucharest. Its smaller rooms preserved some of the original white furniture. Here, you will feel exactly like one of the ambassadors or other VIPs who visited it before. Prince Napoleon – cousin of Napoleon III – stayed here during a diplomatic visit to Carol I of Hohenzollern. Also the renowned French merchant Jobin who marked incredibly powerfully those times’ fashion world.

Even today, Romanians call the top hat brought by him from France, joben. Russo-Turkish war ended after the defeat of Ottoman troops at Plevna in 1877. Before his deportation to Russia, Osman Pasha, hostage within apartment 104, has watched the victory march. When Prince Carol I’s troops were passing along Mogosoaia Bridge, Osman Pasha saluted Carol I from his apartment’s window. That march changed the name of Bucharest’s oldest and most important boulevard into Victory Avenue.

Opposite to Parliament Palace, 10 minutes by car from the old city center, spacious rooms

Vacations to Bucharest ~ Romania luxury tour ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning
Romanian Athenaeum

The largest 5* hotel in Romania has almost 500 lavish style rooms or over 700 if you include the long stay apartments. Its impressive Royal Suite King Ferdinand & Queen Marie is Bucharest’s most exclusive address. Bucharest’s most luxurious place to stay features sumptuous rooms and suites. It meets the most demanding and various requests, inclusively for indoor and outdoor pool and Jacuzzi. Not to mention it has one of the best locations in the city: right in the heart of Bucharest. In the past, this was “Bucharest Hotel” where heads of Communist Party from the country used to stay. Rearranged, it became Romania’s hotel of the year 2012.Now it is one of the most successful Central European hotels of Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group.

VIP guests

Bucharest rent a car ~ Custom Romania tour ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning

In 2009, during her Sticky & Sweet Europe Tour Madonna stayed here, in the royal suite. They rearranged the gym especially for her American soldier style training with elastic chords. The hotel is also proud to had as guests:
– Royal Family of Spain – Prince Felipe de Asturias and Princess Letizia de Asturias,
– Princess Maxima of Holland and Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York;
– famous names of showbiz industry: Snoop Doggy Dog, Patricia Kaas, James Blunt, Morcheeba, Vonda Shepard.

Trips to Bucharest ~ Vacations in Romania ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning
Ion Bratianu Boulevard

“They have one of the best locations in the city: right on Victory Avenue (the oldest of the city) and close to the old city center (Lipscani area). Services are great and staff attitude is even greater. They make everything possible to obtain the happiness of their guests. My sincere congratulations !”

“Great outdoor swimming pool
If you are looking for a luxury hotel in the heart of Bucharest with a really beautiful outdoor swimming pool for the hot summer days this is definitely the place to come. The services are impeccable, the ambiance very relaxing, with real lemon trees, restaurant and bar by the pool. The Jacuzzi is open also during cold months when you can enjoy the indoor pool. Another attraction is the Ice Bar in the lobby.
Rooms are very nice too. Room Tip: Within same building there is a wing where you can rent rooms for long term with important discounts.”

10 minutes walk to Victory Avenue, not close to the old city center


Where to dine in Bucharest

Linea Closer to the Moon Restaurant ~ Custom Bucharest tour ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning
Linea Closer to the Moon Restaurant with sky view
  • Aubergine Restaurant

We were looking for the best restaurant in the Old City and Aubergine had high ratings.
It is a small cozy Mediterranean restaurant with beautiful time patina, excellent healthy food and great service.
And now it is the latest addition to our hand picked selection of restaurants.
Thank you for helping us making our guests happy !

Patrimony Monument, designed by  the most famous Romanian architect, Ion Mincu, as a pavilion for the Paris Exhibition in 1890.
Former preferred restaurant of communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, opposite to Russian Embassy.

Best restaurants in Bucharest ~ Custom Romania tour ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning

Romanian traditional fishery restaurant

  • Dianei 4

They serve the best real hot chocolate in Bucharest, for various tastes !

Dating from 1808, the only caravanserai in Europe, with live music during some evenings.

This 1,500 sqm restaurant has a welcoming contemporary style.
It combines flavorful dishes with an energetic atmosphere to create a truly unique experience.
Their world-famous menu blends classic American cuisine like their juicy Legendary Burger and signature cocktails with local Romanian flavors.
Besides the 300 seats inside there is also an 150 seats outside terrace overlooking the lake.

Top restaurants in Bucharest ~ Romania luxury travel ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning

The best French restaurant in Bucharest

  • Le Bistrot Francais

The best restaurant in Bucharest

Great, friendly but professional staff, varied assortment of good quality chocolates, attention to details, cozy atmosphere.

Baristro Cafe ~ Bucharest luxury travel ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning
Baristro Cafe

The most original restaurant show in Bucharest in 2018
The most appreciated restaurant show in Bucharest in 2019

Located nearby Parliament Palace, this restaurant takes you back in time with its old times atmosphere.
Their impressive menu is mainly based on old recipes.
Here you will spend wonderful evenings with live music starting from 19:30 until the last guest.
Upon artists’ daily availability, the different music genres – about 4 during the same night – varies from opera to instrumental, to old party folk.
So it will be hard to resist not to try the dance floor also.
Expect some beautiful surprises from the owner before leaving this restaurant !

Carousel Bistro ~ Custom Bucharest tour ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning
Carousel Bistro

The best cheese & wine tasting restaurant in Bucharest

The best fresh fish and seafood restaurant in Bucharest in 2018
Best Greek cuisine in Bucharest in 2012

Fish, glorious fish !
Slightly off the beaten track, Mesogios lies within a very fine restored old building.
The waiter escorts you to the magnificent display of fresh fish from the entrance hall.
There, he discusses with you the choice of different fish and preparation ways to suit your taste.
The very fresh well prepared fish food was truly excellent.
The wine list presented an interesting selection of some very good bottles of well priced Romanian wine.
It was a real treat to find such a good fish restaurant in Bucharest.
If you are a fish lover, this restaurant is highly recommended !

Custom Bucharest tour ~ Romania luxury travel ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning

The best steakhouse in Bucharest

The best Italian restaurant in Bucharest

  • Red Angus Steakhouse

Top best steakhouse restaurant in Bucharest

  • Taverna Sarbului (Serbian’s Tavern)

They serve very good cream soups.

  • Terasa Doamnei Restaurant (Lady’s Terrace)

This traditional Romanian restaurant really is a hidden gem that never disappointed us.
The staff is incredibly welcoming even with guests in a hurry.
They show an impressive promptitude.
The atmosphere of the restaurant differentiate it from the rest.
Every evening there is a folk show , a little loud if you like to speak during dinner.
In the summer you can enjoy the beautiful relaxing terrace even if it is raining.

Plus the food is shockingly affordably priced considering the ingredients’ quality and tastiness.
Chicken turreted with broccoli saute and Bear meat with honey mushrooms are the most mouth-watering dishes we served there.

Bucharest luxury travel ~ Custom Romania tour ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning

“Due to unexpected events we had to change the booking, then delay the visit.
The staff was extremely professional and bore with us.
When we finally reached there we had the pleasure to rediscover the same great cuisine – surprisingly presented – in an old beautifully restored mansion on Victory Avenue.
Not for nothing some say this is one of the 2 restaurants in Romania which are the closest to Michelin star restaurants !”

Fine food & wine
Since its opening, about once a week the finest wines (sometimes Romanian, sometimes international) are paired with special menus for the exclusive pleasure of a very limited number of guests. Located in one of the hottest area of Bucharest, this lounge for wine lovers knows how to treat a customer. You’ll enjoy everything from cozy friendly atmosphere to best selection of wines and champagnes, perfectly accompanied by appetizing collations. Secure your place or ask for further details !

Best Bucharest restaurants ~ Romania luxury travel ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning

For local wines tasting

The best Japanese Restaurant in Bucharest

The best aristocratic Romanian restaurant in Bucharest


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