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European country known for Moorish landmarks, Madrid’s art, and the surreal buildings of Barcelona, Spain has lots of beaches. But you can also spend here exquisite autumn or winter vacations, full of romanticism, dreamy sunsets, and peaceful nature.

Just as alluring as the summer, autumn in Spain is one of the most attractive seasons for a tour by car. Best enjoyed in open-air green places, like the famous vineyards from La Rioja winemaking region, autumn here brings relaxation. The mild weather, plenty of sunshine, perfumed autumn air and the lack of crowds make it great for exploring. Later, enticing views of October’s green, yellow, and orange vibrant colors will be replaced by November romantic rainy days.

Here are our top pick holiday destinations in Spain, one of Europe’s most friendly countries. Feel free to contact us for any changes needed to best fit your preferences !



Custom Marbella tour ~ Luxury Spain travel ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning

Millionaires from all over the world go mingling in Marbella, the most luxurious resort on Costa del Sol.

  • DAY 1
    • 2-hour bay tour of Estepona (until the end of September)
    • Taste Jane’s menu. Celebrating the diversity of the world’s cuisines, this blends local exquisite produce creating global exciting flavors.
  • DAY 2
    • 2 hours sunset sailing experience in Estepona (until the end of October)
  • DAY 3
    • 1.5 hour walking tour to find out the secrets of Marbella (until the end of February)
  • Optional experiences:
    • Sky bar evening. Watch the city lights coming on in Marbella as night falls, and indulge in drinks and snacks under the stars
    • Organic olive oil experience in Ronda
    • Andalucia wines tasting
    • Introductory class of Flamenco dance
    • Classic tapas walking tour
  • Optional trips to:
  • 3 nights of accommodation at La Fonda Heritage Hotel
  • From 575 Euro / guest



Custom Cantabria tour ~ Luxury Spain travel ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning

Offering a bit of everything, Cantabria features soft cliffs coastline with colorful fishing ports and beautiful beaches. It also has no less than ten caves – the most famous being Altamira – that UNESCO declared World Heritage Sites.

Las Presillas

This is the perfect hideaway to escape if you wish to relax no matter if it is summer or winter.

  • Optional experiences:
    • Infinity pool offering exceptional panoramic view over Pasiego Valleys that made Cantabria famous
    • Cantabrian traditional cuisine with personal touches
    • Discover the mountain valleys, hidden pathways, forests, streams, medieval villages. beaches, cave paintings, and wildlife surrounding the palace hosting you.
    • Sail across Santander Bay
    • Play golf at the exclusive Pedreña Golf Course
    • Cycle along an old railway and Pas River
    • Enjoy a 4×4 guided tour
  • Optional trips to:
    • Barcelona:
    • Segovia
    • Madrid:
      • El Retiro Park vast 19th-century park with fountains
  • 3 nights of accommodation at Palacio Boutique Antique
  • From 673 Euro / guest


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