Ice driving in Romania

Winter break in Europe ? You decide.

What better way to welcome the cold winter season than to seek refuge in a warm inviting mountain cabin or admire the snow flakes dance in one of the top ten most idyllic places in Europe ?
If your inner James Bond is crying out for attention, take advantage of a magnificent range of winter packages in the mountains that will excite adrenaline junkies among you.
Alternatively, you’re invited to venture off the beaten track… drive a horse sledge, become educated on wilderness life – all whilst experiencing Romania’s breathtaking scenery and wildlife up close.
Beautiful medieval cities, breathtaking nature and food to die for and more make it the perfect winter in Romania.
These are just a couple of the adventure packages available this winter.
Make a wish !



Dambovita River - Bucharest car rental | Romania tailor made tours

  • Feel the thrill of the track driving supercars
  • Meet the people in Buzau Mountains who dwell on a treasure they live from since forever
  • Get the only NO you ever wanted to hear: NO traffic, NO neighbors, NO GPS coverage
  • Admire the world’s most valuable amber
  • Spend the night like Oltenian boyars in a fortified mansion
  • Visit a Romanian cave unique in the world
  • Explore the native city of the fountain pen inventor
  • See the traditional blue printed pottery center & UNESCO Orthodox monastery from Horezu



SAMPLE:  Buzau ~ Dambovita ~ Valcea ~ Mehedinti ~ Dolj


Day 1 ~ Buzau County ~ Admire the world’s most valuable amber

Amber - Amber Museum visit | Wallachian memories tour

Are you seeking more secluded locations where you can really enjoy surroundings without phone calls and emails interruptions ?
We propose you destinations so remote that some don’t even have GSM covering !
Instead you will have the great opportunity to do some soul searching.
Or soothing.
It’s totally up to you.


Day 2 ~ Dambovita County ~ Feel the thrill of the track driving supercars

Romanian Heroes of the Air Monument - Bucharest airport transfer | Car rental in Romania


  • Transfer to Cocani.
  • Ready for a high-octane driving ?

So you’re a good driver.

But sometimes, just sometimes, you get in a little bit of trouble.
Like when you almost smashed the suped-up Porsche into a Corvette at very high speed on a very tight corner.
(Other great cars are welcome.)
So put this in your diary as it is the ultimate driving experience.
You and a handful of other rebels will push cars like Dacia Logan Cup around a track.
And you will do dangerous things like skid panning and slalom driving.
And James Bond-style 180 degree park-ups.
Close your eyes, hit the brakes hard, turn the wheel, and if it starts to flip, jump out.
Then, and just for the hell of it, go for a few laps by way of encore.
Just this time a la Hamilton, staying as close as you can to the racing line.

This driving experience puts you behind the wheel of 7 supercars.
You’ll switch and compare performance and handling between cars from Renault, Dacia, Ford, Mercedes, Audi, Mitsubishi, and more.
Plus you will rack up loads of smiles along the way.
These powerful cars are perfect to help you sharpen your line and car control.

Give the gift of driving supercars !!!

High octane driving - Gold track day | Ice driving in Romania

Whether you’re treating yourself or the auto enthusiast in your life, this truly is the ideal present !
Here is a fantastic experience that all red-blooded drivers will love.
So don’t miss your chance to give the gift of a lifetime !
Stop us when this gets boring.
You’re going to test your driving skills in the most performant environment for drivers of all ages.
We guarantee you will improve your car driving style !
We see we’re still talking.

Come and drive some of the most POWERFUL supercars.
Audi RS4, Mercedes A45 AMG or Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 are just a few that may get your blood flowing.
You can choose any brand from ATA’s impressive cars fleet.
During 8 laps (10 minutes) at a racetrack, these supercars guarantee to provide a thrill for any motoring fan.
And there’s not a cop around.
All you have to concentrate on is the purring sound of the engine.

Gold track day

Ice driving in Romania - Tailor made tours in Romania | Holiday in Europe

Through the multitude of simulators, infrastructure and logistics, Titi Gold Academy (ATA) is unique in Europe.
ATA is not a high-speed track but one designed for learning defensive driving and the basis of sport piloting.
The most complex track in Eastern Europe comprises 8 different areas, including:

  • asphalt (comprising concentric tracks with road surfaces with different adhesions),
  • off road,
  • macadam (with a spectacular jumper and a balance ramp),
  • obstacle avoidance area and
  • aqua gliding area (where a significant amount of water will get on your windshield).

Two kilometers of protective barriers of 100,000 tires stop you from coming out in the scenery.
32 video cameras continuously monitor the track that has:

  • 2 observers with 360 degree visibility,
  • computerized LEDs nocturnal installation activated at no extra cost
  • and centralized control equipment.

Feel for real what could happen in everyday traffic !

They have high performance internationally patented indoor and outdoor simulators and unique skidding control simulator with 2 steering wheels (ATA inventions).
Designed for 5 different tests, these function independently or together to simulate complex traffic situations such as the alternating of roads with:

  • wet / dry surfaces,
  • different adhesions,
  • unexpected obstacles, etc.

Crevedia Autodrome includes:

  • 2 car services
  • a laundry area
  • 3 fully equipped classrooms, 3 terraces and main service
  • a restaurant connected to the track (defensive driving classes include lunch)
  • a bar opened for all guests
  • a caffe on the first floor offering full visibility over entire track
  • several hotel rooms for those needing a shower and changing after activity on the track.

Driving tips with a dedicated trainer

There are 18 English speaking trainers – pilots and copilots from sport motoring – authorized by FrontierMedex.
They offer 1 to 1 driving experiences with efficient solutions: reducing fuel consumption, better vehicle use, less time spent in service and more efficient driving style.

Explore your personal limits in a high-performance driving environment.
This exhilarating once-in-a-lifetime experience is perfect for the novice or seasoned expert.
You’ll learn high-performance driving and racing theory skills such as:

  • slides and recoveries,
  • advanced shifting and braking techniques,
  • vehicle rotation and dry/wet line driving.

ATA is most definitely the perfect place to give you the thrill of no-speed-limit driving at its best.
On track you understand what it means:

  • to side-slip, slide, safely brake, aqua gliding or avoid a pedestrian on time
  • controlled side-slip with mobile platform or in turn
  • aquaplaning and rolling in adverse weather conditions
  • turns with various inclinations towards turn’s inside or outside and braking in special conditions, with irrigated areas
  • adhesion to ground, macadam, gravel, mud, unevenness, abrupt slope and areas with jump-offs
  • passes over and under bridges with abrupt slope and height limitation
  • obstacle avoidance with possibility of modifying adhesion, with road humps on straight line and on turn.

Develop your car control during 8 laps or more

Control the raw power of a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 and experience the exhilaration of driving on snow and ice.
Regardless of the season, you will be able to understand what it means to drive on ice.
They will spray with water the track area with highly glossy asphalt layer.
You will pass through the water jets, considered obstacles.
The ramps mounted on asphalt will move when the car passes over them, so you will control it harder.

Yeah, you’d smile too !

Reserve your spot to test the challenging turns and exhilarating straightaways !
Ask about our rentals as well !
Too good to be true ? See for yourself !

  • Dinner and overnight in Cocani area.


Day 3 ~ Valcea County ~ Be an Oltenian boyar for a day

  • Drive along Olt Valley

Watch for the storks nests on the beautiful Olt Valle while driving towards Pasul Turnu Rosu (Red Tower Pass – 352 m).
This is one of the most beautiful roads in Romania.Olt Valley - Wallachia escorted tour | Romania

  • Spare some time in Cozia National Park.
  • And enjoy the highlights tour of North Oltenia’s prestigious old monasteries: Cornetu, Turnu and Cozia.
  • Celebrate Oltenian traditions at Maldaresti Boyars’ Fortified Mansions

In 16th century, boyars from Western Wallachia and Oltenia started building tall fortified mansions due to Turks attacks.
Their names – culas – come from the word kula which means tower in Turkish.
Made of solid stone and painted in dazzling white, these have veranda and doors with huge wooden pillars.
In the walls, there are holes for rifles to banished uninvited visitors if needed.
Inside they features solid cellar, interior stairs and simple rooms with clean floors and wooden beams.

~ Maldaresti old church (1790)

Its slender shape pops up among flowers, serene and beautiful.

It has extraordinary exterior paintings by Olga Greceanu.
And from here you can see the imposing white culas shining in the sun.

~ Gh. Duca Memorial House (1912)

Feel the tranquil pleasant afternoons in the countryside within this holiday mansion.

Serene and warmly lighted like any peasant house, it reveals a little of the great Romanian politician’s character.
Born in 1879, he had a spectacular political career that suddenly ended in 1933.
Following an audience to the king at Peles Castle, the legionnaires assassinated him on Sinaia train station platform.
The cula features a harmoniously proportioned exterior and an impressive interior with sober but intimate rooms.
The extraordinary good taste old furniture has an inestimable value.
Oltenian carpets cover the floors and chambers’ beds have bedspreads.
The desk of the politician looks like he just left it several minutes ago and will soon return.
Owner’s portrait and family photo, a straws hat and the window looking towards green garden complete the relaxing atmosphere.

~ Duca Cula (1812)

In 1907 I. Gh. Duca bought the cula built by Gheorghita Maldarescu, his widow donating it to state in 1962.

Although the politician embellished it, the cula still reflects the daily life from 1912.
For sure you will remark the original fence, oriental accessories, stucco and tile stoves’ variety.
Dating from 1827 the stucco is a mixture of whitewash, chalk and marble powders.
The tile stoves have the loading mouth in one room and stove in another.

~ Greceanu Cula (1516)

Would you like to keep in your hand the over 200 years old key of this cula's oak door ?

Greceanu Cula Oltenia - Ice driving in Romania | Europe luxury travel

Romania’s oldest cula preserved its authenticity so well that served as setting for famous Romanian movies:
Bones Road,
Yellow Rose and
Iancu Jianu.
At the end of 16th century, pashas from Danube frequently attacked Maldarescu family’s estate spread from mountains to river.
So in 1650, Tudor Maldar, nephew of Nan Cupbearer raised a fortified mansion around his uncle’s defense tower.
This has loopholes for muskets and a Serbian style castellated turret.
Tatars caught Tudor who was captain in Michael the Brave’s army.
Khan’s daughter fell in love with him, so they run away and hide at this cula.
After marriage, Tudor gave the beautiful mansion to his spouse, as gift.
Later, when Tudor’s niece Mary married with Gheorghe Greceanu, she received the cula as dowry.

Greceanu Cula’s architecture

Two aspects prove cula’s age:
– Brancoveanu architectural style and
– its most vulnerable place, the cellar does not communicate with the floor; so enemies thinking the entrance was the cellar’s mouth ended under bullets rain.
The mobile stair is a real rudimentary elevator tied with string.
Each room have tile stoves with very different models.
One room’s vaults has frescoes representing old times images and portraits of Maldarescu family.
Made by Olga Greceanu, these date from the first half of 20th century.
Little velvety brown table engraved with zodiac signs is unique in Romania.
This is one of the most beautiful and important pieces of furniture.


Day 4 ~ Mehedinti County ~ Visit a Romanian cave unique in the world

Nearby Closani Cave - Carpathian Mountains luxury tour | Tailor made holiday in Romania

  • Closani Cave

You really don't know what to admire first when you visit this cave.

Not for nothing it occupies the second place on the list of landscapes from Romania unique in the world !
It is a nature monument ever since 1956 when it was the most important cave discovery of that time.
As Romanian geo-speleologists demonstrated along time, this cave hides concretionary forms unique even for world speleology.

  • Drive to Oltenia’s most important city: Craiova.
  • Dinner and overnight at Popeci Mansion.


Day 5 ~ Dolj County ~ Explore the native city of the fountain pen inventor

Romanescu Park Craiova - Wallachia private escorted tour | Romania



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