Maramures & Transylvania tour


Orchard - Maramures and Northern Transylvania private tour | Romania

  • Breathe better than in Switzerland !
  • Look for Count Vlad castle in Tihuta Pass
  • Ride a rare black Lipizzaner, from one of Romania’s oldest stud farms, through the country’s second largest national park
  • Before reaching Prislop Pass, go on a narrow gauge steam train ride with picnic
  • Discover Maramures ceramics uniqueness
  • Visit UNESCO heritage wooden churches
  • Visit Karolyi Castle that hosted imperial and royal families

We guarantee you a lot of fun !



SAMPLE: Bistrita – Maramures – Satu Mare


Day 1 ~ Bistrita County

Colibita Lake overlooking the dam - Tailor made tours in Romania | Europe car transfer

  • Welcome and greetings at Romanian airport of your choice.
  • Private transfer to Colibita, one of the 7 places in Romania where you can breathe better than in Switzerland.
  • Dinner and overnight at Fisherman Resort in Colibita.

One of Romania’s areas with the purest air is Colibita.

Although it seems hard to believe, here you can breathe better than in Switzerland !
Unique destination for a serene vacation, the delightful sceneries area relaxes while having therapeutic effect.
The legend says that in 1883, the air in this area, extremely rich in ozone cured the daughter of a wealthy Saxon and a female architect, both from Bistrita.
The last one built here a sanatorium destroyed in 1944 by a fire.
Ideal for a healthy fresh air cure, Colibita functioned as spa resort  between 1923 – 1975.
But in 1980, an accumulation lake replaced the relocated village and deteriorated resort.

A study proved Colibita air is really special, confirming the stories of those cured due to this air’s curative properties.
According to it, ozone maximum concentration in Colibita is 90 micrograms / m3.
The average value in Romania is 72.6 micrograms / m3.
Over 120 micrograms / m3 the air is no longer breathable.
Soveja (Vrancea County, Romania) has a similar ozone concentration in the air and an equally pure air.
These quotas are similar to those in Alps.
In the last years, holiday homes, villas and boarding houses appeared next to Colibita houses.
The private tourist complex built on the lake shore offers inclusively luxury bungalows overlooking the lake.
In this area of ​​great beauty, you can take trips, go hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, mountain-climbing, fishing, enjoy sleigh rides or boat trips on the lake.


Day 2 ~ Bistrita County

  • Car transfer to  Rodna Mountains National Park.
    The winding road takes you to Piatra Fantanele resort, where you can stop for lunch.
    But if you love thrills, go further to Tihuta Pass, where the road reaches its maximum altitude of 1,227 m.
    Here, the writer Bram Stoker imagined being the castle of Count Vlad, the famous character of world’s literature.
    In the ’80s, a hotel appeared precisely on the spot indicated by the novel, having in front of it the writer’s statue.
    In 2013 the hotel accommodated nobody else, but the writer’s great-grandson.
  • Horseback riding through Rodna Mountains National Park

Rodnei Mountains National Park - Transylvania's heart tour | Romania tailor made holiday

Romania's second largest national park, Rodnei Mountains National Park ranks first as regards flora and fauna species diversity.

Its mountains geology and numerous glacial relics are also important.
Biosphere reserve since 1979 this was proposed to be part of world heritage for nature.
The best way to discover the park’s gems is in July or August riding a horse from one of Romania’s oldest stud farms.

Beclean stallion inventory was established in 1970 but the actual stud farm was founded only in 1978.
Initially they raised the Medium heavy Romanian workhorse breed, but since 1993 they started to also grow Lipizzaner breed.
In 2011, Furioso North Star breed kernel came from Slatina stud farm, making them famous for the black Lipizzaner.
Only 8-10% of these remain black, the rest becoming white over time.

Go see their 200 horses in stables or during their daily training.
Then take a ride by carriage or, in the winter, by sleigh.
Over several days, you will ride on the horseback on forest roads and pasture accompanied by authorized guides.
Admire the beauty of Daffodils Glade, Lala Lake and 3 mountain peaks, have lunch at sheepfolds and observe Rodna Mountains specific flora and fauna.

  • Dinner and overnight in Rodna Mountains National Park’s area.


Day 3 ~ Maramures County

Awarded with 3 stars by Michelin Green Guide, Maramures definitely it is worth a visit.

  • Go on a narrow gauge steam train ride with picnic
  • Prislop Pass

Prislop Pass - Maramures and Northern Transylvania tour | Romania holiday

If you reach Maramures via Bucovina and weather allows, the national road DN18, takes you through Rodna Mountains.

Here, Prislop Pass reaches an altitude of 1,412 m.
On large portions, the road is extremely narrow and the parapets are missing.
And often, the line between lanes and those on the edge are missing.
Also don’t be surprised to see some snow here in June !
As well as views that will let you speechless.

  • Stop in remote villages to discover Maramures ceramics’ characteristics

Sacel commune is famous for its red, unglazed pottery, greatly similar to Dacian ceramics due to the clay, shaping and decoration.

Extracted from great depths, the used clay is of very good quality.
Locals shape the objects using a wheel, then they decorate them with simple motifs.
After polishing them with a stone they leave them to dry for a long while.
Finally they burn the objects in the oven without glazing them.

Other famous artworks are the glazed ceramics from Lapus, painted with horn and brush.

  • Visit 2 UNESCO heritage wooden churches.


Day 4 ~ Satu Mare County

  • Visit Karolyi Castle that hosted imperial and royal families

First known residence of Karolyi family in Carei dated from the end of 15th century.

One hundred years later this became a fortress.
And towards the end of 18th century, in 1794, the fortress transformed into a Baroque castle.
Several Imperial family members spent some time here on various occasions.
In 1797 Prince Joseph of Habsburg stayed here and Prince Rudolf of Habsburg and his wife came in 1884.
Romanian Royal family (King Ferdinand I of Romania and Queen Mary also visited Karolyi Castle in 1919.
Its present eclectic look dates from the end of 19th century.
Large fireplaces dominate the welcoming hall paved with mosaic.
Casino between world wars, then military school, the castle became military hospital in 1944.
In 1958 communists founded here Carei Municipal Museum, with 3 basic exhibitions.
Visiting it you will discover a 18,000 volumes library, find out about Carei history, historical aristocratic interiors and… trophies and weapons from South Africa !

  • Car transfer to the Romanian airport of your choice and fly back home.



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