Idyllic medieval Transylvania ~ Transfagarasan Highway & Sibiu City



In Sibiu, the only 3* Michelin tourist city in Romania



  • Dress in Baroque costumes for Baron Samuel von Brukenthal’s dinner.
  • Kiss at 2034 m high Balea Lake and wonder through one of top 10 most idyllic places in Europe.
  • Royal champagne, her favorite flowers and Belgian chocolates are on the house.



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See the sandals old man Cartan walked with from Cartisoara to Rome

Gheorghe Cartan was the last outlaw in Romania.

Badea Cartan Museum - Medieval Transylvania ~ Sibiu County tour | Tailor made holiday in Romania

This shepherd, who secretly carried books over the mountains, founded several schools. He stole money from the two counts in the area and gave it to the poor. But he came back to check them if they really used it for what they needed: house repairs, etc. He met Franz Joseph and walked to Rome dressed just like the Dacians from Trajan’s column. Posse chased him 20 years before succeeding to shoot him. This happened only thanks to a lover’s betrayal. And the hoax at a night of drunkenness that he will join the army.

Biertan village off-the-beaten-track tour ~ UNESCO site

You can easily spend half day exploring one of the first and biggest Saxon fortresses in Romania and the first listed on UNESCO World Patrimony in 1993.

Among top 10 unreal destinations in the world according to Cosmopolitan (2016): “Biertan seriously looks like a town from a Disney movie”.

Biertan village winter tour - Sibiu County tour | Medieval TransylvaniaThe legend says the spouses who were fighting and wished to divorce were locked into a room of the fortress with only 1 spoon, 1 fork, 1 table, 1 bed, 1 chair and thus they were forced to bear each other. The result ? For 300 years there was only 1 divorce in the village. The fortified church was built in 15th century in late Gothic style. Inside you will notice right away the Anatolian rugs and the imposing altar with 28 scenes painted by artists from Vienna and Nuremberg. But the sacristy door will fascinate you for even more. It won the first prize at the Paris World Expo in 1900. And what makes it unique is not only the exceptional intarsia but also the still functional 19 locks system made by local craftsmen in 1515.

Transylvanian Summer Palace

As soon as you reach this corner of paradise, the beautiful lawns will tempt you to have a pleasant walk through.

The relaxed garden party atmosphere introduces you in the 18th century.

Brukenthal Palace - Transylvanian private tour | Tailor made holiday in Romania

This unique Baroque ensemble from Fagaras Mountain’s foot (Transylvanian Carpathians) was the summer residence of a Transylvanian governor. Once called “Transylvania´s Garden of Eden”, this enchanted palace with a little paradise garden guarantees an unparalleled experience. Inspired by his previous creation – Schonbrunn Palace from Vienna – its architect designed also Brukenthal Palace. It is the first and only Baroque building in Romania that became a hotel.

Enjoy a guided visit of the historic manor of Baron Samuel von Brukenthal. This place makes you travel through time when nobiliary figures in epoque costumes were animating palace’s gorgeous gardens. The serenity, welfare and luxury are still at their home despite the 250 years that passed over… Brukenthal Palace - Private tour of Transylvania | Romania countryside holidayTime only increased the mystery of palace, gardens, source with snake head, old trees shaded alleys, brooks and artesian wells. Feel the charm of its spacious gardens. Here even the leaves seem to rustle in the rhythm of soiree waltzes from the Palace. Admire the medieval costumes exhibition. Follow the park’s alleys to reach the Orangery. Among other cultural objectives, this has a splendid art gallery, it picture rails regularly hosting valuable exhibitions. Somewhere behind the Orangery, in the springtime, you can still admire the extraordinary tulip tree (or the Tulipan).

Baroque dining at Baron von Brukenthal Palace

The Baron used to organize balls and lavish dinners for his guests at the Palace.

Brukenthal Palace estate - Private car tour of Transylvania | Holiday in Romania

More than 200 hundred years ago they harvest heavy crops from his estate. From them they cooked in the palace kitchen sophisticated dishes, comfitures, pies and cakes, juices and wines. But Baron’s favorites were the creations based on asparagus, considered the secret of longevity, with important aphrodisiac benefits. Cuisine experts say its tastier delicacy is during springtime. Back in those times cooks used vegetables, green goods, eggs, poultry, pork and veal from the own farm. Thus they served only fresh and natural dishes.

Fortunately this tradition continues so you can enjoy the favorite menu of the Baron too. Dress in Baroque or Medieval outfits for Baroque, respectively Medieval dinner in the former ballroom of Baron and his ancestors. Boar farm - Transylvania escorted tour | Romania private holidayHere you can almost see the ladies dancing in epoque swishing dresses. Fall in love dining in the romantic candle lights atmosphere of the Orangery. Or delight all your senses to the full having dinner within Saxon art and goods exhibition.

Bruckenthal Palace Avrig guest review

Best food, kindest staff, peaceful estate

The staff was incredibly helpful, kind and prompt despite all odd requests I had. The food was extremely good. We had lemonade with honey and strawberries, elder juice, bruschetta with tomatoes and garlic, smoked salmon with potatoes rosti and fresh cream, red wine from Recas and the favorite dish of the Baron: pork loin with asparagus, potatoes in butter and parsley and sauce Hollandaise. This is a wonderful place to spend the day with the family far away from “modern noise”.

Overnight in one of Brukenthal Palace’s rooms or suites.  



TransFagarasan Highway - Sibiu County tour | Medieval TransylvaniaIn the morning visit the nearby boar farm and deer farm. In the afternoon, ride on one of the most spectacular mountain roads in the world – Transfagarasan. Take a short hike to Balea Waterfall. Then, after a 10 minute cable car ride, reach 2034 meter high Balea Lake. Enjoy one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes of the Carpathians.  



Visit one of the top 10 most idyllic places in Europe

Sibiu – 3* Michelin Green Guide (means it is worth a visit) – is one of the best cities to visit and one of the most charming one in Europe. In 2012 Forbes included it in top 10 most idyllic places in Europe. Marvelously preserved, Sibiu is nicknamed the “sharp city” due to its cathedrals’ steeples and arrows.

Follow a traditional handicrafts class

ASTRA Open Air Village Museum - Sibiu City Sightseeing Tour | Romania Luxury Travel & ToursFor this you have to step within the most beautiful and largest open-air museum in Europe, which precisely reconstructs the villages from all corners of Romania to the smallest details: little houses, churches, mills, traditional objects and means of transportation…

A thoroughly prepared travel to the atmosphere of the former Romanian village that will familiarize you with the way natives used to live in the past centuries, how our grandparents and great grandparents organized their households, the little secrets from the day-to-day existence, their beliefs and the church function, the taste for art…

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