About Azzurytt


If true luxury for you means opulence or expensive, you will be disappointed.
For us luxury means enjoying the very best.
Like the feel of sugar-soft sand between your toes on an empty beach.
Or the way sun sparkles as it dances on the surface of an infinity pool.
Irreproachable quality is our most precious asset and the main reason for the excellent image of Azzurytt brand.

Luxury means personal touches meeting particular characteristics of guests.

And extra steps towards perfection that only few take.
It is welcoming and nurturing, understanding our guests, addressing their unstated needs and anticipating their future wishes.
Sometimes it also means special experiences, VIP treatment or by invitation-only access.
Value is the new luxury.
Fortunately we deliver both.
While some may travel the world seeking luxury, you can find it in Romania.
A wilderness with fluffy white clouds on the clear blue sky and some sparkling luxury thrown in.


Experience the pleasures of traveling

Receive impeccable services and enjoy personal assistance throughout your visit.
Discover service that is as warm as the golden sunshine and amenities that indulge as well as delight you.
Ride in the comfort of private transfers to your carefully hand picked destinations.
Take advantage of Azzurytt‘s outstanding lodging and dining recommendations.
Enjoy the effortless ease of a stay at one of our favorite lavish or intimate boutique hotels.
Or feed your appetite with a gourmet meal.
Pamper yourself at a serene spa – and get them all with surprise gifts !



Azurite cristallisée (Chine) - Azzurytt tours | Romania

Small deluxe company found in 2005 Azzurytt is an ideal choice for business and leisure discerning travelers.
Bespoke travel planning and tour company, we offer tranquility, safety and comfort.
We design tailor made tours upon your own preferences all over Europe’s most beautiful places.
Our tour agency’s services are as reliable as the Heaven Stone that inspired company’s name.
(According to an old legend, Romania was a corner of Heaven and visiting it you can still see why.)



Make people happy by giving them exceptional moments to cherish for life !


What sets us apart

Azzurytt tailor made tours are for you if you wish pleasurable, safe, hassle-free tours and love being taken care of.
We are also a wise choice if you prefer a flexible itinerary in your own pace.
And open age family friendly atmosphere.
Plus expert knowledge in handling your tour from start to finish making the most both of your time away and your budget.
After all it is your holiday and you are spending quite a lot on it, so why take any chance ?


2017 Holiday and Tour Specialist of the Year award for RomaniaLuxury Travel Guide Awards 2017 Winner - Azzurytt | Holiday and Tour Specialist of the year

Luxury Travel Guide is one of the leading providers of luxury travel and lifestyle information for affluent travelers.

They yearly consider the best of the best in travel industry presenting the prestigious Luxury Travel Guide Global Awards.
This international awards program represents the pinnacle of hospitality achievement.
LTG Awards recognize and celebrate excellence across all sectors of affluent travel and tourism industry in the world.
During a whole year, almost 2 million luxury travel subscribers worldwide vote for the best experiences they have had.
And the holiday and tour operators which they believe have excelled.
Then LTG experienced in-house professionals and celebrity guest judges apply rigorous assessment criteria to the overwhelming number of superb nominations.

Azzurytt tours - Romania | Stride reviewedThus only the most deserving players in the hospitality field walk away with one of these prestigious accolades.
Therefore to come out as a clear winner is truly an achievement to be proud of.
And Azzurytt, as a winner in Luxury Travel Guide 2017 European Awards, is both proud and very thankful.
There are a lot of good will colleagues who do great things.
So we are thankful to all those who nominated us, to LTG and to our dependable suppliers.
Without last ones we could not win this award.
This means a lot for us, reflecting the quintessence of Azzurytt tours.
And it beautifully rewards the continuous attention to our guests’ wishes and to quality of provided services.


We give you peace of mind and privacy

  • No tour is too long or too short:
    Almost 14 years of experience in travel, concierge and personal assistance empower us to anticipate your needs.
    Delivering the highest level of personal service, we organize premium and luxury private tours and experiences just about everywhere in Europe inspiration takes you.
    Carefully hand picking destinations, we customize activities upon guests’ interests, curiosities and hobbies.
    Our services vary from consultancy and event management to budgeting.
    These suit particular needs of both independent travelers and tour operators.
    Finally, creating innovative tours within customer’s budget, we enable them to explore Europe with confidence.
  • We source the best hotels, restaurants and activities in Europe designing stylish experiences wrapped in all-inclusive first class quality:

    Romania map - Tourism information | Romania travel guide

    • Our classy private transfers on land, sea or air, include from vintage / premium / luxury air-conditioned cars with WiFi to alternative transportation (such as boat trips, yacht cruises, helicopters / private jet flights)
    • Cherry-picked hotels, all tried and trusted
    • Hand-picked Insider Experiences
    • Must-see and off-the-beaten-track sightseeing
  • Expert Tour Manager and separate Driver:
    Impersonal guided tours provided by modern devices and online guides could never compare with the delightful companionship of a friendly local showing you around.
  • VIP entry to many sights:
    We creatively assist you in designing a stunning holiday, ensuring you take priority as often as possible.
  • Surprise extras
  • Group size:
    Private – your group only. For keeping the intimacy.
    We value privacy.
    So groups have fewer guests and benefit of personal assistance from a designated local tour manager throughout the journey.
  • Physical level:
    Easy – requires daily walking, mostly over even terrain, in your own pace
  • Travel style:Pleasurable. Safe. Hassle-free. Tailor made - Azzurytt private tours | Romania
    • Standard – mostly 3 stars hotels
    • Premium – mostly 4 star hotels or
    • Luxury – mostly 5 star hotels
  • Tour type:
    • Self guided / self drive or
    • Escorted (chauffeured)
  • Offering personal attention  brings us the most desired rewards:
    • guests’ satisfaction and
    • business partners’ loyalty.


Open age, open curiosity…

Designed with the discerning travelers’ preferences in mind, Azzurytt tours suit all ages.
Curious well traveled guests especially appreciate our tours tailored upon each one’s level of activity.
Those who love being pampered will definitely prefer Luxury tours.
These include mostly 5 star overnights, fine restaurants, chauffeured minivan and VIP treatment:
– jet transfers,
– helicopter flight tours
– yacht cruises and / or
– special access to sights not open for tourists.
More independent guests will feel absolutely great choosing Premium tours, including mostly 4 star overnights, upscale restaurants and comfortable sedans.



Our comprehensive service includes from sightseeing, accommodation and entertaining activities research to itinerary planning, transportation rental and logistics.

The friendly creative approach is not only professional but also efficient guaranteeing the success of your holiday.
Azzurytt‘s mission is quintessence pursuing and offering the very best.
Therefore, we carefully chose our suppliers, sourced based on trust worthy recommendations.
Only those that satisfy our tendency to perfection make it to the short list.
We always look for the very best.
So we work only with suppliers who share our vision and commitment to deliver outstanding service.

We succeed to offer the best tours and experiences having access to travel suppliers, luxury services and other benefits.
Our list suppliers include:
– car rental companies,
– lordly mansions,
– private vineyards,
– as well as some of the big and glamorous well-known names.
To get the magic fit between guests’ desires and perfect suppliers, we constantly update the database.
Thus we manage to design stylish experiences wrapped in all-inclusive first class quality.
That is why only the best possible ones are chosen as partners.
These offer value for money and respect their commitment to deliver exceptional quality services.


Criteria in choosing our suppliers

We independently establish the evaluations, without any payment from establishment owners, taking into account:
– service quality,
– design and ambiance,
– cuisine,
– guests’ reviews.
Bookings are made directly with each establishment.


Designed tours often include special offers from trusted partners

Giving a preferential treatment encourages the appealing to certain services, creating a bond between guest and partner.
This is why we are trying to persuade our suppliers to offer a preferential (VIP) treatment.
It can be anything:
– a price discount,
– a gift,
– an upgraded room in a hotel,
– a massage in a spa or
– any other form of privilege or benefit not available to the “ordinary” customers.[/expand]



Because a discerning guest like you appreciates:


A travel concierge instead of a travel agent or Internet search

Personal Tour Manager - Romania holiday | Azzurytt itinerary planning

We look after your tour from conception to completion providing you with first hand information.

You will value all little details we know from experience and our inside knowledge not printed on guided books nor listed on Internet websites.
As your local expert we offer far more insight, bringing local history, culture, and places to life.
This can make the difference between a lucky experience and a less lucky one.
Remember “little joys build-up the great happiness” !
We are always in search of less usual, impeccable hand-picked services.
And pay utmost attention to guests’ hobbies, interests and curiosities.
Thus we organize flawless experiences focused on: heritage, outdoor activities, gourmet, relaxation / romance or / and culture.

Why choose us - Local travel concierge instead of travel agent | Traveling in Romania

Your Azzurytt travel concierge offers all services a travel agent can offer except flights and accommodation bookings. Travel agents receive commissions for booking flights, hotels, cruises and tours for their customers.
So most of them will try to sell the ones that bring the higher incomes.
Travel concierges charge for time and expertise (sometimes having in-depth knowledge of the destination that few travel agents have).
So they can focus on commission-free details that makes your tour absolutely amazing:
– finding the best route and
– recommending what perfectly suits your interests: specific shopping places / restaurants / cafes / gelaterias / traditional food fairs / local markets / castles / churches / accommodation units…


Saving time

No need to scour the web - we know where to find within minutes all information you need during your tour.

So we do all researches for you and provide you with all details and conditions.
From most suitable route and activities for your interests and personality to possible private experiences and weather forecasts.
As you know, a well-organized tour hit the top highlights of a region that you might not be familiar getting you to each sightseeing on time.


Traveling confidently

Azzurytt is established for almost 14 years.
Check trusted reviews to know our strengths before let us make your travel arrangements.


Being fully protected

You can call your personal travel concierge contact number 24/7.
On request and upon availability you can also benefit of permanent assistance from your own tour manager.
This will accompany you and assist with all your spontaneous needs.


Finding perfect


Your privacy is valued so you will be part of a private group of no more than 6 like minded travel companions (just your family and close friends) for keeping the intimacy.

With our comfortable chauffeured transfers you enjoy full road relaxation.
No concerns about unfamiliar driving rules or GPS.
Exquisite selection of hotels, first-class sightseeing and authentic experiences, sampling of new and exciting foods and internationally awarded wines are other main ingredients of a perfect tour.
Your quite complex itinerary involving multiple services from various suppliers is a delight for us.
Because we have dependable providers spread around the country and deliver you a clear final schedule.
This allows leisurely enjoy your journey without worrying about connections, transfers or being late at restaurant.
We design every tour in a stylish way, incorporating your interests, curiosities and even hobbies.
And we wrap details in all-inclusive first class quality.


Excellent value

You love getting a great report quality - price and unexpected extra benefits.

Like discounts, complimentary recommendations and services, surprising gifts and upgrades.
So why not save money booking directly with involved suppliers for best prices ?
Most of the times the prices we receive from our suppliers are less expensive than those they show you online.
Sometimes even with up to 20% !
Plus we also benefit of unlisted fidelity promotions.


VIP treatment

Linden Tree Inn - Bucharest luxury car tour | RomaniaYour personal leisure concierge is on hand to spice your tour with all kinds of auxiliary services.

For your pleasure these hospitality ingredients can include:
– luxury nests
– champagne served on arrival
– exclusive gifts and souvenir’s
– exclusive cultural breaks and hot events featuring prime seat-tickets to stunning performances; VIP seating limits to top price, Front row, Lodge or Premium Gold Circle Tickets (within the front 12 rows)
– VIP / premium / private / backstage access
– limo / helicopter tours
– other special treatment experiences upon your preferences
What can we say ?
We just love spoiling you !


Pouring money into local economies

Feel good knowing that your money helps sustaining some of the innkeepers and vendors that you’ll meet along the way or restoring some of the visited museums.


Our most desired reward: your satisfaction

Giving you exceptional moments to cherish for life is our specialty.

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