Maramures and Northern Transylvania tour


Orchard - Maramures and Northern Transylvania private tour | Romania

  • Spoil yourself with spa rituals upon your choice.
  • Discover Maramures ceramics uniqueness
  • Visit 2 UNESCO heritage wooden churches.
  • Combine premium wines and traditional dishes with indigenous treasures like gorgeous yellow rape fields and mysteries hidden within castles.
  • And before reaching Prislop Pass, go on a narrow gauge steam train ride with picnic.

We guarantee you a lot of fun !



SAMPLE: Maramures – Satu Mare – Bihor – Arad


Day 1

  • Welcome and greetings at Baia Mare airport.


Day 2 ~ Maramures County

Awarded with 3 stars by Michelin Green Guide, Maramures definitely it is worth a visit.

  • Prislop Pass

Prislop Pass - Maramures private tour | Romania holiday

If you reach Maramures via Bucovina and weather allows, the national road DN18, takes you through Rodna Mountains.

Here, Prislop Pass reaches an altitude of 1,412 m.
On large portions, the road is extremely narrow and the parapets are missing.
And often, the line between lanes and those on the edge are missing.
Also don’t be surprised to see some snow here in June !
As well as views that will let you speechless.

  • Stop in remote villages to discover Maramures ceramics’ characteristics

Sacel commune is famous for its red, unglazed pottery, greatly similar to Dacian ceramics due to the clay, shaping and decoration.

Sacel ceramics - Maramures traditions | Romania private car tour

Extracted from great depths, the used clay is of very good quality.
Locals shape the objects using a wheel, then they decorate them with simple motifs.
After polishing them with a stone they leave them to dry for a long while.
Finally they burn the objects in the oven without glazing them.

Other famous artworks are the glazed ceramics from Lapus, painted with horn and brush.

  • Visit the wooden churches.


Day 3 ~ Satu Mare County

  • Visit Karolyi Castle that hosted imperial and royal families

First known residence of Karolyi family in Carei dated from the end of 15th century.

One hundred years later this became a fortress.
And towards the end of 18th century, in 1794, the fortress transformed into a Baroque castle.
Several Imperial family members spent some time here on various occasions.
In 1797 Prince Joseph of Habsburg stayed here and Prince Rudolf of Habsburg and his wife came in 1884.
Romanian Royal family (King Ferdinand I of Romania and Queen Mary also visited Karolyi Castle in 1919.
Its present eclectic look dates from the end of 19th century.
Large fireplaces dominate the welcoming hall paved with mosaic.
Casino between world wars, then military school, the castle became military hospital in 1944.
In 1958 communists founded here Carei Municipal Museum, with 3 basic exhibitions.
Visiting it you will discover a 18,000 volumes library, find out about Carei history, historical aristocratic interiors and… trophies and weapons from South Africa !


Day 4 ~ Bihor County

  • Skin genie in a bottle

A trip to Transylvania is always an upper !

Located in one of Romania’s best wine producing regions, this wine spa is a treat on many levels.
It is actually the first spa in Romania offering procedures based on wine therapy’s principles.
Enjoy an intimate and original curative treatment based on grapes anti-aging effects and Himalayan and Praid salt.
Sip wine directly from the Jacuzzi… on the terrace… while savouring the superb panorama over the old city center…
We leave you dreaming.

  • Inspiring journey of peace and relaxation in idyllic country

Soothe your tired muscles with world-class treatments that surely rejuvenate you for the next day’s trips.

One of the spa brands with the fastest worldwide development, Eforea promise a total sensory experience.
This sanctuary with innovative design really takes you on a transformative journey of senses.
In a stunning oasis, exclusive treatments and an unique combination of results-oriented therapies restore your balance and relieve stress.


Day 5 ~ Arad County

  • See the most representative building of Arad city

Here is the story of another luxury building that Romanians are always proud of.

Arad City Hall - Transylvania great palaces private tour | Tailor made holiday in Romania TBL

One of top most beautiful palaces in the country, Arad Administrative Palace currently hosts the City Hall.
Designed by architect Lechner Odon and built between 1872 and 1875 this great palace became Arad’s landmark.
The U-shaped historical monument has a 54 m high central tower.
Brought from Switzerland in 1878, its clock sings the famous Ode to Joy by Ludwig van Beethoven.

  • Minis Vineyard Cellars – A Feast for the Senses

The vine growers call Minis historical vineyard the last western ramifications of Zarand Piedmont.

Imagine a remarkable picturesque landscape with gentle versants, low hills and wooded areas.
Then add two arrogant sequoia trees of over 35 m brought here since 1845.
Well, each wine cellar from this region is a cherished expression of its location.
And they offer authentic experiences that evoke lasting memories.

We distinctly hear a glass of red wine calling your name

Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cadarca are their stand out red wines.
With intense vivid coloration these are full bodied but in the same time soft wines.
By the way, did you know that from Cadarca they used to make the famous Aszu type red wine ?
And that the Habsburg Imperial Court preferred it ?!
This is all about the quality rather than the quantity.

Delight yourself with a sensory feast

This bespoke tasting begins as you are gently guided to a private dining room. Here a mouthwatering meal with wine pairings awaits.
You will have the opportunity to sample each exquisite traditional dish complemented by hand-picked local premium wines.

  • Drive to Timisoara or Bucharest airport.



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