Romania – Bulgaria – Greece


Acropolis - Travel to Athens | Romania ~ Bulgaria ~ Greece

  • Pass the Gate through Transylvania
  • Feel like noblemen surrounded by exquisite paintings in Sibiu 
  • Have lunch within the largest and strongest part of Rousse Ottoman Fortress
  • Browse around the cured meats and cheese of Central Market Hall in Sofia 
  • Spend the night in Thessaloniki within one of The Leading Hotels of the World  
  • Visit Acropolis, Parthenon and Mount Lycabettus in Athens



SAMPLE: Bucharest ~  Brasov ~ Sibiu ~ Horezu ~ Ruse ~ Razgrad ~ Sofia ~ Kavala ~ Thessaloniki ~ Larissa ~ Athens


Day 1 ~ Bucharest  ~ Wallachia ~ Romania

Open air Village Museum tour - Bucharest highlights | Holiday in Romania

  • Welcome and greetings at Bucharest Airport
  • Serve the best fish in Bucharest during lunch
  • Afternoon visit of open air Village Museum
  • Wander through Bucharest old city centerand visit Stavropoleus Church found by a Greek monk in the 18th century
  • Dine at one of the 2 restaurants in Romania which are the closest to Michelin star restaurants
  • Spend the night in the grandeur of a small elegant palace from Bucharest


Day 2 ~ Brasov ~ Transylvania ~ Romania

Sky view dinner - Belvedere Restaurant Brasov | Romania private tailor made tour

  • Morning drive to Carpathian Mountains (~ 184 km ~ 3 h)
  • Whisper in the ear of a legendary master chef all that your heart wishes for lunch in Cristian Village
  • Afternoon visits of Cristian Fortified Church and Holbav Village
  • Enjoy a savory dinner and the mountain view from your elegantly furnished soundproof mansion room in Cristian Village


Day 3 ~ Sibiu ~ Transylvania ~ Romania

Idyllic European cities Sibiu - Sibiu most beautiful street | Fortress Street

  • Morning drive to Fagaras (~ 64 km ~ 1 h)
  • Visit Fagaras Fortress
  • Serve lunch in Fagaras before driving to Dumbrava Sibiului (~ 79 km ~ 1.5 h)
  • In the afternoon visit ASTRA open air Village Museum
  • Dine at an inn within the museum
  • Stay overnight in a property from Sibiu and feel like noblemen surrounded by exquisite paintings


Day 4 ~ Horezu ~ Wallachia ~ Romania

Olt Valley - Wallachia escorted tour | Romania

  • Morning drive to Caciulata (~ 80 km ~ 1.5 h) via:
    • Olt River Valley
    • Red Tower Pass and
    • Cozia National Park .
  • Relax enjoying an Olt River Cruise before having lunch in the picturesque setting of Caciulata Spa Resort
  • In the afternoon drive to Horezu (~ 66 km ~ 1 h) to visit Horezu Monastery, UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Horezu Pottery Workshops Visit & Shopping
  • Dine and spend the night within the mansion of a former captain from Michael the Brave’s army, in Horezu


Day 5 ~ Golesti ~ Wallachia ~ Romania

Wine and Fruit Growing Museum - Wallachia private car tour | Summer holiday in Romania ~ Bulgaria ~ Greece

  • In the morning drive to Golesti (~ 114 km ~ 2 h)
  • Visit Wine and Fruit Growing Museum
  • Taste the most popular traditional Romanian dishes at lunch in Pitesti
  • In the afternoon see Bratianu’s Mansion
  • In the evening drive to Ruse (~ 166 km ~ 2.5 h)
  • Relish with a sky view dinner in Ruse where you will also spend the night


Day 6 ~ Ruse ~ Bulgaria

Ecomuseum - Rousse private car tour | Summer holiday in Romania ~ Bulgaria ~ Greece

  • Full day tour of Ruse: Orlova Chuka Cave, Eco Museum & Aquarium, Rousse Museum of History
  • Have lunch in Ruse within the largest and strongest part of Rousse Ottoman Fortress
  • In the evening drive to Razgrad (~ 64 km ~ 1 h)
  • While dining in Razgrad, try the spicy ocean squid tentacles or the salmon fillet
  • Your hotel in Razgrad awaits to give you the celebrity treatment with world-class service


Day 7 ~ Razgrad ~ Bulgaria

Razgrad private car tour - Romania ~ Bulgaria ~ Greece holiday | Tailor made itinerary in Europe

  • Morning  visit of Abritus Castle and Archaeological Reserve in Razgrad
  • Drive to Veliko Tarnovo (~ 117 km ~ 1.5 h)
  • Have lunch in Veliko Tarnovo in a typical interior of the 1930s urban home style in Europe
  • Afternoon drive to Sofia (~ 221 km ~ 3 h)
  • Choose Captain’s Cook fish or beef  for dinner in Sofia
  • Check-in in the heart of Sofia to see an ancient 3rd-century amphitheater ruins exposed at hotel’s ground floor


Day 8 ~ Sofia ~ Bulgaria

Vrana Park - Sofia Former Royal Palace | Private tour of Romania ~ Bulgaria ~ Greece

  • Full day tour to Sofia
    • Former Royal Palace (Vrana Park)
    • National Theatre
    • Mineral Baths (Regional History Museum of Sofia)
    • Parliament (National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria)
    • Tsar Liberator statue
    • Sofia University
    • St. George Rotunda Church, one of the oldest fully preserved churches in Europe dating from 4th century AD
    • Browse around the cured meats and cheese of Central Market Hall (Tsentralni Hali) 
  • At lunch, in Sofia, try the original seasonal cuisine of a chef with an extreme affinity for subtle flavors
  • In the afternoon drive to Kavala (~ 314 km ~ 4 h )
  • Dinner in Kavala offers sea views over a picturesque harbor paired with ouzo, fresh fish and well-cooked foods
  • Stay overnight in Kavala, in a restored, neoclassical house built in 1927


Day 9 ~ Kavala ~ Greece

Kavala Castle - Full day tour of Kavala | Summer tour of Romania ~ Bulgaria ~ Greece

  • Full day tour of Kavala
    • The Castle of Kavala
    • Panagia
    • The Aquaduct
    • Tobacco Museum
  • Have lunch in Kavala in a 1907 building – former Ottoman bank and food market ! –  surrounded by a tree yard nearby the sea. 
    Trustworthy Athinorama magazine awarded this restaurant as the best food destination in Kavala.
    And one of 10 best bar restaurants in Greece.
  • Afternoon drive to Thessaloniki (~ 153 km ~ 2 h)
  • In Thessaloniki, a premium oyster-bar restaurant awaits you for dinner
  • Spend the night in Thessaloniki enjoying rooms with garden views within one of The Leading Hotels of the World  


Day 10 ~ Thessaloniki ~ Greece

Rotunda - Full day private car tour of Thessaloniki | Summer holiday in Romania ~ Bulgaria ~ Greece

  • Full day tour of Thessaloniki
    • Church of Agios Dimitrios
    • Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
    • Ladadika District
    • White Tower of Thessaloniki
    • Toumba Stadium
    • Rotunda
    • Ataturk Museum
    • Monument of Alexander The Great
    • Museum of Byzantine Culture
  • Lunch time in Thessaloniki means rich cava along with traditional, eastern and international modern cuisine.

    You guessed, this is a restaurant that won the “Toque d’Or” Prize every year in-a-row from 2008 till 2016.

  • In the afternoon drive to Larissa (~ 151 km ~ 2 h)
  • For dinner, there is an unique restaurant in  Larissa, with an impressive wine bar
  • Overnight in Larissa in a hotel with sun terrace and city views 


Day 11 ~ Larissa ~ Greece

Larissa private tour by car - Summer holiday itinerary planning | Romania ~ Bulgaria ~ Greece

  • Half day tour of Larissa
    • Municipal Art Gallery of Larissa G.I. Katsigras Museum
    • Folklore Museum of Larissa
    • Ancient Theater of Larisa
    • Mill of Pappas
    • Monument of Bucephalus
  • The name of your lunch restaurant in Larisa is synonym to a good cook with Italian temperament.
    And yes, he’ll cook your food in a wood fired oven.
  • By early afternoon drive to Lamia ~ 150 km ~ 2 h
  • Half day tour of Lamia
    • Loutra Thermopilon
    • Tzeni Kalyva – Handmade Creations
  • Dinner in Lamia,  where the two-year award for the Pan-Hellenic Gastronomy Competition came.

    Brothers who own this restaurant combine European and Greek flavors with passion in a genuine Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Overnight in historical center of Lamia city.  


Day 12 ~ Athens ~ Greece

Acropolis - Full day private tour of Athens | Spring holiday in Romania ~ Bulgaria ~ Greece

  • In the morning drive to Athens (~ 212 km ~ 2 h)
  • Full day tour of Athens
    • Acropolis
    • Acropolis Museum
    • Parthenon
    • Plaka
    • Mount Lycabettus
    • Herod Atticus Odeon
    • Temple of Hephaestus
    • Philopappos Hill
  • For lunch get on the roof of a luxe 19th-century hotel and have refined modern dining with Acropolis views 
  • Evening transfer to Athens International Airport (~ 43 km ~ 1 h)
  • Fly back home



Lefkada - Private tailor made day cruise | Summer holiday in Romania ~ Bulgaria ~ Greece

  • Full day Boat Tour to Lefkada and the islands
  • Private Tailor-made Day Cruise around Lefkada, Kefalonia, Ithaca, Meganisi
  • Full day Scuba Diving (PADI) & Beaches of Lefkada Private Tour
  • Private Tour to Lefkada Villages Wine Tasting Photo (Tailor Made)
  • Full day Snorkeling Safari & Beaches of Lefkada Private tour
  • Yoga & Wine Tasting Tailor-made Evening Cruises around Lefkada
  • Full day guided Kayak, Snorkeling & Beaches of Lefkada Private tour
  • Private Tour to Lefkada Beaches Wine Tasting & Photo (Tailor Made)



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