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CAROL PARKCarol Park - Bucharest luxury escorted tour | Romania

Arranged in 1906 the park has a current area of approximately 45 hectares.

It includes various species of deciduous trees, gummy trees, decorative shrubs, roses and lined lime trees. Here there is the Roman Arenas with 5,000 open air seats. Dimitrie Leonida National Technical Museum is also within this park. The museum holds over 5,000 exhibits split in 300 collections presenting the evolution of Romanian technics. Another sightseeing is Vlad Tepes Tower, which houses a water tank. But the most well known of all remains the Unknown Soldier Monument, brought in 1991 from Marasesti. If you are more into art look for the Giants statues sculpted by Dumitru Paciurea. And listen the Cantacuzino Fountain, Neoclassical art monument from 1870.



Bucharest University - Romania private tours | Azzurytt car rental

In 1694 they were delivering the lectures here in Greek.

Only in 1864, Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza converted the Princely Academy into the University of Bucharest.
Designed by a Romanian architect and decorated by Karl Storck,
Bucharest University is one of the oldest leading  universities in South-East Europe.
Its degrees are recognized in most countries in the world and many of their graduates have become public figures.

Bucharest University is one of the most important research centers in the country.
It is also one of the oldest and one of the leading higher education institutions in Romania and South-East Europe.
It offers inclusively PhD and Erasmus programs and constantly collaborates with more than 100 prestigious universities from 40 different countries.
The degrees granted by Bucharest University are recognized in most countries in the world.
Many of their graduates have become public figures.
Some are writers, professors and researchers in great universities around the world, members of the Romanian Academy or academies abroad.
Others are politicians: members of Parliament, ministers, prime-ministers, presidents, diplomats, etc.

History and architecture

Windows detail - Bucharest University | Romania private journey TBLUniversity Palace history begins in 1694, when Constantin Brancoveanu, Prince of Wallachia, founded the Saint Sava Princely Academy in Bucharest.
They were delivering the lectures here in Greek.
Only in 1864, Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza converted the Princely Academy into the University of Bucharest.
A Romanian architect designed the 6-storied Neoclassic palace constructed between 1857-1869.
Karl Storck created the exterior decoration of the palace.

Bucharest University Palace - Romania summer holiday | Azzurytt private car tourA high basement serves as base for the palace with the ground floor built in bossage.
Circle arch windows decorate the first floor and its Doric pillars extend on the second floor too.
The last 2 floors in the attic have decorated skylights.
The central frontage of the palace used to have a classical style relief made of Rusciuc stone.
It represented Minerva crowning the arts and sciences, but the 1944 bombings destroyed it only 80 years after its construction.
The palace have round corners plated in Doric columns covered by domes.

Bucharest University - University Square | Bucharest private tourInitially it hosted not only the Faculties of Bucharest University.
Fine Arts School, Natural History and Antiquities Museum and other educational institutions were also here.
During the First World War (1916-1918) the University closed its gates due to the German occupation.
But it bloomed during the inter-war period when the teaching staff included some of the most prestigious Romanian intellectuals.
In 1948 they carefully restructured the University according to the Soviet model.
By 1960 it had 8 faculties and only 6 in 1989 due the censoring regime that prevented its international development.
The number of students, international contacts and co-operation projects considerably increased 30 years later, after its radical reorganization.
Thus, in 2010 it comprised 19 faculties, over 30,000 full-time students (of whom 1,000 foreign students) and 3,000 teaching positions.



Ambassador Hotel - Bucharest private tour | Romania holiday

Designed by architect Arghir Culina, Ambassador hotel opened its gates in 1939.

They say the owners were twin brothers, this being the reason why its wings are symmetric, built in mirror. At that time it boasted about the most modern sanitary installation in Europe. Considered a top quality hotel since its inauguration, it has retained both its beauty and special place among capital’s hotels.
This architectural landmark with strategic location in the heart of Bucharest has a rich history.
One of the many tumultuous events it has been through was the bombing during the Second World War.



Yeshua Tova Synagogue - Bucharest private tour | Tailor made holiday in RomaniaAlso called Podul Mogosoaiei Synagogue - as a reference to Victoriei Avenue nearby) - city’s oldest synagogue dates from the first half of the 19th century.

Built in Moorish style (Arabesque) it has a monumental triptic concept street facade with a relief depicting the Ten Commandments.
It can host 300 people, important guests being seated on thrones placed on Chivot’s sides.
After 2007 restoration, Rabbi Shlomo Amar uncovered a large plaque engraved with the names of those who led the synagogue since its founding.
It still serves the local Jewish community being open only during services.


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