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Athens luxury travel - Greece custom tour - Europe

Full day highlights tour of Athens:

  • The iconic Acropolis Temple ruins lie since 5th-century B.C. on a rocky hilltop of Athens
  • Erechtheion Temple
  • Archaeological site of Parthenon Temple ruins, another historical Greek landmark, impresses you with its Doric columns built in 447 BC.
  • Check for a concert or any performance held within Herod Atticus Odeon, a stone theater dating from 161 CE.
  • Take photos of the marble friezes with bas relief of Temple of Hephaestus built in Doric style.
  • Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, the arts center that also features an opera house and a park.

For lunch get on the roof of a luxe 19th-century hotel and have refined modern dining with Acropolis views.

In the evening, spoil yourself with a dinner in the little Oikeio Michelin restaurant. The octopus in vinegar and the moussaka will complete the cozy Greek traditional atmosphere. Range price: 21 – 28 EUR.







Greece luxury travel - Europe custom tour - Azzurytt Travel Concierge

  • METEORA ~ UNESCO-listed Meteora Monastery Complex
  • COSTA NAVARINO ~ The Westin Resort premium beachfront resort & spa
  • EPIDAURUS ~ Ancient Theatre of the Asklepieion still used nowadays for various performances
  • SARAKINIKO BEACH ~ Its white volcanic cliffs of volcanic origin gives it the uniqueness.
  • DELPHI ~ Temple of Apollo ruins dating from the 4th-century BCE
  • ELOUNDA ~ Royal Marmin Bay Boutique & Art Hotel
  • SANTORINI ~ Athina Luxury Suites
  • IOANNINA ~ Silversmithing Museum



Completely tailor made this Greece tour to best fit all your own preferences:

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  • availability
  • more tailor-made options including: extra nights, car rental, dinners, trips, itinerary planning, etc.


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