How to dress in Romania

How to dress in Romania - Clothing tips | Romania travel guide

To embrace your tour to the fullest, here are some useful information.​

No matter the season of your visit, put in your luggage rain clothes.
Take thin clothes if you come here in the summer, on the coast and / or in the lowland.
Pack warmer clothes for visits during the winter and / or in the upland.
You should bring:
* thermal underwear,
* thick socks,
* a sweater / warm fleece,
* good windproof / rainproof well insulated jacket and pair of trousers (ski jacket and trousers),
* woolly hat / balaclava,
* gloves.

You can wear smart-comfortable-casual dress (whatever that means to you) in most occasions.
Your attire can include: t-shirts / polos, jeans / loose fitting trousers  and comfortable shoes.
Look your best but keep in mind that suits, ties and heels won’t work that well !
If going to a venue that requires formal dress you can wear a suit and tie or the women’s equivalent.

Remember to also take your own necessities: sunscreen, insect repellent, medical supplies, etc.

Know before you go !

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