King’s Winter Palace and University Library

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Number one on Romania’s best museums list has got to be the Fine Arts Museum.

It is Bucharest’s most famous museum.
And you can spend not just all day in here, but all of the day after, too !
Even the building that contains the museum’s fascinating collections is something that will have you gaping with wonder.
So it’s definitely a good idea to add this amazing museum to the very top of your itinerary.

Winter Royal Palace of King Carol I of Romania

King Carol I of Romania’s extraordinary winter residence has a short but impressive past. But it continues to captivate visitors inclusively with its exhibitions, collections and treasure.
It was founded in 1948 for housing the former Royal Collection and those of various other museums in Bucharest. This is now Romania’s leading art museum.
The superb Neoclassic Royal Winter Palace from the capital’s heart now hosts the National Art Museum of Romania.
Since the opening it hosted a series of different and exciting temporary exhibitions throughout the year.
These keep the place sparkling and buzzing with life most of the time. And mark it out as a spot that guests never get tire of visiting.

At the palace where art reigns

As Azzurytt’s guest, you will have at disposal personal designated curators.
These will uncover for you not only current exhibitions and permanent collections, but also the Royal Palace and Treasure.
Your tailored tour focus either on your individual interests or on museum’s highlights:
– Medieval icons,
– Brancusi’s sculptures,
– European & Romanian masters.

Come on the third weekend of the month to enjoy its best !
Then, access to Voivodes’ Stairs, King Carol’s Throne Hall and Royal Dining Room within palace’s central wing will be granted to you.
On this occasion you will also visit the exhibition “Fragments of memory – Royal Portraits – The Royal Palace”.
This reconstructs moments from the history of royal:
– family (in Throne Hall Annex) and
– palace (in Royal Dining Room Annex).
Period photographs, building plans, furniture pieces, royal portraits and other objects are now on display here.
Did you know that you can also come visit museum’s galleries by night ?

It is all about art

Romania’s most important art museum enjoys increasing stature on the International scene.
One of the highlights of this region’s culture, it features 3 surprising and enchanting art galleries:
– European,
– Medieval Romanian and
– Modern Romanian Art.
These exciting galleries showcase over 110,000 items. So the museum is a must for both first time travelers and experienced collectors.
The museum is famous for its stunning permanent collections of historic treasures. This includes even some masterpieces by Brancusi. National Art Museum of Romania is widely acknowledged as housing national and world treasures stretching back to the Middle Age.
Romanian Art Gallery displays thousands of pieces from medieval icons to Constantin Brancusi sculptures.
Here there are also works of national painters such as: Theodor Pallady, Nicolae Tonitza, Theodor Aman, Nicolae Grigorescu and Gheorghe Petrascu.
Universal Gallery – divided into European Art and Oriental Art – features masterworks of painters like Rubens, Monet, Rembrandt and El Greco.

Central University Library

Central University Library - Bucharest tour | Romania custom made holidayCarol I Central University Library is the oldest university library in Bucharest and the most important one in Romania.

Located within Carol I University Foundation Palace, it benefits of the most modern endowments.
The library has an average flow of 1000 users per day.
The book “New Library Buildings of the World” (Shanghai, 2003) mentions it among the 100 most beautiful libraries.

Biblioteca Central Universitara - Bucuresti | Romania winter tour

The beginning

At the 25th anniversary of reign, King Carol I of Romania bought this land. Here, the French architect Paul Gottereau designed a palace in French Renaissance style.
They inaugurated the palace, equipped inclusively with a library, in 1895 in the king’s presence.
The edifice extended between 1911 – 1914, imposed itself as one of Bucharest’s remarkable urbanistic landmarks.

Central University Library - Bucharest tailor made tour | Romania private car journeyBetween the two world wars it hosted many cultural events.
Then during the Second World War it was among the strategic and civilian targets attacked.
Since 1948, after communist regime instauration, University Foundation Library has become Central University Library.
Between 1963 – 1989 this gradually becomes the most complex university library in the country.
Its collection grew from over half a million volumes in 1949 to over 2 million in 1970.
During the 1989 Romanian Revolution a fire started within the Library. This made it a ruin hosting the ashes of over 500,000 rare books.

The renaissance

Reconstructed and modernized with UNESCO help starting from 1990, the library received as donations over:
– 100,000 volumes from the country and
– 800,000 from abroad.
It reopened in 2001 when a memorial plaque was placed on one of palace’s walls.
This mentions that Grigore Peucescu – editor of Time Newspaper – had his house on the place of present palace.
Here, Mihai Eminescu, hired at the newspaper, read for the first time the poem The Third Letter.
In 2011 King Carol I’s equestrian statue made by sculptor Ivan Mestrovici returned in front of Library building.

What other landmarks your Bucharest private tour can include

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