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Make an incursion into the beautiful history of Maldaresti

In 16th century, boyars from Western Wallachia and Oltenia started building tall fortified mansions due to Turks attacks.
Their names – culas – come from the word kula which means tower in Turkish.
Made of solid stone and painted in dazzling white, these have veranda and doors with huge wooden pillars.
In the walls, there are holes for rifles to banished uninvited visitors if needed.
Inside they features solid cellar, interior stairs and simple rooms with clean floors and wooden beams.

Maldaresti old church (1790)

Its slender shape pops up among flowers, serene and beautiful.
It has extraordinary exterior paintings by Olga Greceanu.
And from here you can see the imposing white culas shining in the sun.

I. Gh. Duca Memorial House (1912)

Feel the tranquil pleasant afternoons in the countryside within this holiday mansion.

Serene and warmly lighted like any peasant house, it reveals a little of the great Romanian politician’s character.
Born in 1879, he had a spectacular political career that suddenly ended in 1933.
Following an audience to the king at Peles Castle, the legionnaires assassinated him on Sinaia train station platform.
The cula features a harmoniously proportioned exterior and an impressive interior with sober but intimate rooms.
The extraordinary good taste old furniture has an inestimable value.
Oltenian carpets cover the floors and chambers’ beds have bedspreads.
The desk of the politician looks like he just left it several minutes ago and will soon return.
Owner’s portrait and family photo, a straws hat and the window looking towards green garden complete the relaxing atmosphere.

Duca Cula (1812)

In 1907 I. Gh. Duca bought the cula built by Gheorghita Maldarescu, his widow donating it to state in 1962.

Although the politician embellished it, the cula still reflects the daily life from 1912.
For sure you will remark the original fence, oriental accessories, stucco and tile stoves’ variety.
Dating from 1827 the stucco is a mixture of whitewash, chalk and marble powders.
The tile stoves have the loading mouth in one room and stove in another.

Greceanu Cula (1516)

Greceanu Cula Oltenia Wallachia private tour | Romania

Would you like to keep in your hand the over 200 years old key of this cula's oak door ?

The oldest cula in Romania preserved its authenticity so well that served as setting for famous Romanian movies: “Bones Road”, “Yellow Rose” and “Iancu Jianu”.
Here, initially Nan the Cupbearer built only a defence tower against robbers.
In 1590, pashas from Danube frequently attacked Maldarescu family’s estate spread from mountains to river.
So in 1650, Tudor Maldar, nephew of Nan the Cupbearer raised a fortified mansion around the tower.
This has loopholes for muskets and a Serbian style castellated turret.

Legend says tatars caught Tudor who was captain in Michael the Brave’s army.
Khan’s daughter fell in love with him and they run away hiding at this cula.
After marriage, Tudor gave the beautiful mansion to his spouse, as gift.
In 1830 Eve – descendant of Maldar family – unsuccessfully tried to escape from thieves with family’s jewels.
Later when her daughter, Mary, married with Gheorghe Greceanu, she received the cula as dowry.

Brancoveanu architectural style and the cellar insulated from floor prove cula’s age.
Its most vulnerable place, the cellar with windows carved in stone, does not communicate in any way with the floor.
Thus, in case of danger, enemies thinking the entrance was the cellar’s mouth ended under bullets rain.
After getting in the hiding place, boyars used to lift the mobile stair, a real rudimentary elevator tied with string.
Each room have tile stoves with very different models.
Frescoes painted in 1934 on one room’s vaults by Olga Greceanu represent old times images and portraits of Maldarescu family.
Little velvety brown table engraved with zodiac signs is unique in Romania.
This is one of the most beautiful and important pieces of furniture.

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