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Maldaresti old church (1790)Maldaresti Old church - Wallachia private car tour | Romania

Its slender shape pops up among flowers, serene and beautiful. It has extraordinary exterior paintings by Olga Greceanu.  And from here you can see the imposing white culas shining in the sun.

I. Gh. Duca Memorial House (1912)

It welcomes you with the warm light and serenity of peasant houses.

Everything around this holiday mansion keeps the sense of measure that characterized the great Romanian politician. Born in 1879, responsible and exemplary honest, he knew one of the most spectacular political careers. Unfortunately this suddenly ended in 1933, after an audience to the king, at Peles Castle. Then, on Sinaia train station platform, the legionaires assasinated him.

The cula's pleasant exterior has harmonious proportions while the interior impresses with sober but intimate rooms.

The old furniture of an extraordinary good taste has an inestimable value. Politician’s desk looks like he just left it several minutes ago and will soon return to use the papers, ink pot and nib. There are Oltenian carpets on the floors and bedspreads cover the chambers’ beds. I. Gh. Duca’s portrait and family photo hanging on the wall, a straws hat and the window looking towards the green garden give you the feeling of tranquil pleasant afternoons in the countryside.

Duca Cula (1812)Duca Cula - Wallachia private escorted tour | Romania

This was built by Gheorghita Maldarescu.

In 1827 – the year mentioned on the inscription at the superior floor – they added the stucco. This was a mixture of whitewash, chalk and marble powders. I. Gh. Duca bought the cula in 1907 and his widow donated it to the state in 1962. Passionated by traditions and authentic beauty of local crafts, the politician embellished the cula. Fortunately, its present atmosphere and aspect do not very much differ from those in 1912. So it still reflects the daily life from the begining of the century. The fence is the original one and it is among cula’s oldest elements. Inside, you will remark at once both the oriental accessories and the variety of tile stoves. The last ones have the loading mouth in one room and stove in another.

Greceanu Cula (1516)

The oldest construction of this kind in Romania, built by Nan the Cupbearer, was initially only a defence tower against robbers.

But in 1650 when the culas construction began in Romania, the nephew of Nan the Cupbearer – Tudor Maldar – raised a fortified mansion around the tower. You can still view it as a protuberance on the western side of the cula. The legend say tatars caught Tudor who was captain in the army of Michael the Brave. The khan’s daughter fell in love with him and together they run away hiding at nowadays Greceanu Cula from Maldaresti. After marriage, Tudor gave the imposing beautiful mansion to his spouse, as gift. The last descendant of Maldar family – Eve – found her end one night in 1830. Humiliated and robbed by thieves, she was trying to escape from them with the family’s jewels. Later when her daughter, Mary, married with Gheorghe Greceanu, she received the cula as dowry.

The old architectural elements specific to Brancoveanu style demonstrate one's more the cula's age.

For example, the cellar has windows carved in perforated stone and 4 rooms. Verandas have arcades and penetration vaults. One of the rooms has vaults painted in 1934 by Olga Greceanu. Their frescoes represent old times images and portraits of Maldarescu family.

Did you know that the key of the cula’s oak door is over 200 years old ?

Don't miss the occasion of keeping it in your hand even if only for a minute !

The cellar does not communicate in any way with the floor. This particularity also confirms the cula’s age and was an advantage in case of danger. First, the enemies – thinking the entrance was the cellar’s mouth – ended under the bullets rain.  And second, because the rest of the house was perfectly insulated from the most vulnerable place of it. Now let’s check the mobile stair that is a real rudimentary elevator ! Tied with string, it used to be lifted by boyars after getting in the hiding place. The disadvantage was that the first floor’s windows and veranda could be easily conquered by villains.

Greceanu Cula Oltenia Wallachia private tour | Romania

In 1590, Maldarescu family estate spread from mountains to Danube, being the attacks' target of pashas from the river.

Countless battles must have been given under the now immaculate walls of the two culas. This is the reason why it has loopholes for muskets and a castellated turret, after the Serbian style. Each room have tile stoves with such different models. One of the most beautiful and important pieces of furniture and unique in our country is a little table. Velvety brown, it has the 12 zodiac signs encarved.
Due to its very well preserved autenticity Greceanu cula served as setting for the famous Romanian movies “Bones Road”, “Yellow Rose” and “Iancu Jianu”.

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