Romania combines some of the most impressive natural landscapes in Europe with quaint medieval villages and dramatic castles.



Palace of Culture ~ Iasi custom travel ~ Romania by car

  • Rent an electric bike and discover Iasi (for 1 h)
    • Eminescu’s Linden Tree

It is over 150 years old.

    • Palace of Culture

The legend says this city’s effigy has 365 rooms. Built between 1906-1925 on some ruins, the edifice blends Neo-Gothic, Romantic and Neo-Baroque architectural styles. With remarkable sizes, the palace is one of the largest buildings of Romania. It is also the most outstanding work of Romanian architect I.D. Berindei, trained at the Fine Arts School in Paris. The Palace benefits of ignifugated attic wooden structure, electric lighting, (pneumatic) heating, ventilation system, thermostat and vacuum cleaners. Until 1955, the edifice served as Palace of Justice. During World War II, German, and then, Soviet troops used it. Later assigned to 4 museums – History, Art, Ethnography and Science & Technology – nowadays here is Moldavia National Museum Complex of Iasi.

Back in those days, the palace was the tallest building in town due to its 55 m height tower. Astrological signs of stained glass decorate the clock of this tower. Hourly, the bells of the tower’s Carillon and a drum sing the Union Round Dance song. The floor mosaic of the Neo-Gothic style Hall of Honor replicates the medieval church rosette of an abbey in Normandy. Eagles with shields decorate the Hall’s monumental Carrara marble stairs. The most beautiful room of the palace – Voivodes’ Room – features a gallery of portraits of Moldavia’s rulers and Romania’s kings. The architect of the palace wanted a cheaper material that imitates the texture and sound of oak wood. This special material invented by Henri Coanda and named by this bois-ciment (wood-cement) decorates several rooms within the Palace. One of them is Henri Coanda Room.

    • Metropolitan Ensemble

    • Vasile Alecsandri National Theater

This is the second most beautiful theater in the world, inspired by the ones in Vienna, Hamburg and Berlin.

  • Stop at Toujours Restaurant for lunch or dinner
  • Spend the night at White Dream Suites (6 nights)
  • From 255 Euro / guest

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  • On top European cities with the lowest transport costs
  • 10th best European city for gourmands
  • Full of attractions like water parks, amusement parks, museums and kid-friendly attractions

Arch of Triumph - Bucharest private car tour | Romania custom tours

Romantic Joy City

  • 1 day at Europe’s largest entertainment and wellness center, including rituals in 6 thematic saunas and a la carte gastronomy
  • 3 hours Best Private Tour of Bucharest
  • Gold & Oils Luxury Treatment for Two
  • Premium Romanian sparkling wine bottle
  • Taittinger champagne bottle and Bouquet of roses on arrival
  • Dinner for Two within a 19th-century villa with walls woodwork and paintings, chandeliers, parquet floors and a grand piano. Bresse chicken and Breton lobster pair with Mangalitsa pork or Transylvanian truffles accompanied by the best French and Romanian wines.
  • Breakfast for Two
  • 5* hotel Junior Suite for 6 nights
  • Round trip private airport transfer
  • From 957 Euro / guest

Guided city photography tour

  • Wonderful 5* hotel located right in the heart of the old city center
  • Travel sustainable property that takes health and safety measures
  • Free cancellation
  • From 202 Euro / 1 night / 1 guest



  • Private car collection

Check the luxury motorbikes, vintage and modern cars of the most famous Romanian tennis man. Billionaire Ion Tiriac gathered an impressive private car collection.

  • Victory Avenue

Private car transfer to your hotel via Victory Avenue, the oldest one in the city, bordered by capital’s landmarks

  • Romanian Athenaeum

See Romanian Athenaeum’s spectacular fresco hidden by communists for 20 years. Or even better, listen George Enescu’s Philharmonic Orchestra playing here along worlds’ greatest orchestras and soloists. It happens every odd year in September, during George Enescu Music Festival. French architect Albert Galleron created this architectonic jewel in 1888. He built it on the foundation of a riding school, where from the round shape form. The edifice harmoniously blends Greek, Baroque and Neoclassical styles. The magnificent concert hall has an equally impressive Carrara stucco marble interior.

  • the ARTIST Restaurant

An elegant destination, seasonal international dishes, artistic touches. And a Lab in the cuisine for experimentation – smoke, fire, liquid nitrogen, caviar, foams and home-made ingredients.

  • 23:00 Unlock My Heart…

with a bottle of royal sparkling rosé from Azuga. And the best way to do this is during a night tour of Little Paris by a stretch limousine. Hurry up and enjoy a night out !

  • Cocktail and casino night at Grand Casino

~ JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel ~ Are you feeling lucky ? Then ladies, get on your glad dress and gentlemen, dust off your tuxedoes. This is a sophisticated evening in a high class casino. Grab a cocktail, test your poker face or take your chances on roulette. Have a great evening !

  • Nightlife Club

~ BOA ~ The night time hotspot du jour, BOA club found the best recipe for parties. Music, show and dance for the perfect price… Every Friday, you receive an awesome offer when you book a table.

Top summer gardens & terraces in Bucharest

Gourmet Bucharest - Tailor made tours in Romania | Spring Europe car transfer

RePlace, Throwback Coffee & Stories, Unico Vero, Suento by Gram Bistro, Sera Eden, White Horse, Energiea, Gradina Monteoru, La petite bouffe, Alt Shift, J’ai Bistrot, Gradina Floreasca

Top hotels in Bucharest


Opened in 1914, Athenee Palace became in the ’40s, Europe’s most cosmopolitan scene. Everyone from kings and presidents, Hollywood celebrities, courtesans and World War figures (spies included) passed its doors. King Carol II love affairs, Nazis’ secrets during World War Two… Wide open ears of “Blue Eyed Boys” (Security agents) in the 1980s…
Designed by French architect Theophile Bradeau, the hotel got its name from Romanian Athenaeum across the street. The hotel was among strategic and civilian objectives attacked during the Second World War. Romanian architect Duiliu Marcu coordinated its first renovation in 1937. Between 2010 – 2011, the lobby regained its interwar look, so now you can see it as Mitza the Biker did.

The most beautiful and famous courtesan of Little Bucharest, she used to dine exclusively at Athenee Palace Hotel. Continuing the legacy of luxury service and tradition, its rooms have everything you expect in a 5* hotel. To get into this landmark’s historical atmosphere, choose an Alcove Room, today known as Junior Suites and Presidential Suites. These overlook Romanian Athenaeum and Revolution Square. If you really wish to spoil yourself go for Athenee Palace Suite Duplex. Fourth most expensive presidential apartment in Bucharest, this has a semi-circular living. Dining area overlooks the Winter Royal Palace and Revolution Square. Upper level hosts a windows ceiling bedroom and a bathroom with Jacuzzi and plasma.

On Victory Avenue, close to the old city center, historical building.

  • Diana’s Flat

With a great location, this top spot to stay boasts beautiful views over Dambovita River.

Lovers of traditional French style will be excited about this stylish old hotel and its building history. Grand Hotel Continental offers a sense of heritage and sophistication. And it is without doubt one of the most prestigious hotels of Bucharest. Romanian luxury and hospitality create an unique atmosphere, service being warm and engaging. It has smaller rooms that preserved some of the original white furniture. Within these, you will feel exactly like one of the ambassadors or other VIPs previously accommodated here. The story of this hotel begins in La Belle Epoque. Then, across the road from National Theater, a small stylish hotel after the chic fashion of Parisian hotels appeared. Bucharest’s elite and aristocracy particularly appreciated the French elegant allure of Grand Hotel Broft.

Prince Napoleon – cousin of Napoleon III – stayed here during a diplomatic visit to Carol I of Hohenzollern. Also the renowned French merchant Jobin who marked incredibly powerfully those times’ fashion world. Even today, Romanians call the top hat brought by him from France, joben. Russo-Turkish war ended after the defeat of Ottoman troops at Plevna in 1877. Before his deportation to Russia, Osman Pasha, hostage within apartment 104, has watched the victory march. When Prince Carol I’s troops were passing along Mogosoaia Bridge, Osman Pasha saluted Carol I from his apartment’s window. That march changed the name of Bucharest’s oldest and most important boulevard into Victory Avenue.

Opposite to Parliament Palace, 10 minutes by car from the old city center, spacious rooms

Presidential apartments of Bucharest hotels are unique by design and offered services. On first place there is the largest 5* hotel in Romania. It has almost 500 lavish style rooms or over 700 if you include the long stay apartments. The impressive Royal Suite King Ferdinand & Queen Marie is Bucharest’s most exclusive address rented for about 5,000 Euro / night. Featuring 270 sqm it includes:
– 3 bedrooms, living room, dressing room,
– separate kitchenette, dining area for up to 12 persons,
– open bar with premium drinks,
– bathroom endowed with shower, Jacuzzi, sauna and luxury bath products from French brand Anne Semonin and
– personal butler.
In each room you can remotely control the curtains, light, TV set or music.

Bucharest’s most luxurious place to stay – with its sumptuous rooms and suites – assure guests unforgettable stays. It meets the most demanding and various requests, inclusively for indoor and outdoor pool and Jacuzzi. Not to mention it has one of the best locations in the city: right in the heart of Bucharest. In the past, this was “Bucharest Hotel” where heads of Communist Party from the country used to stay. Rearranged by world-renowned architect Uri Blumenthal and interior designer Buki Zuker it became Romania’s hotel of the year 2012. Now it is one of the most successful Central European hotels of Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. And this international hotel chain is one of the world’s largest and most dynamic !

Private airport transfers in Bucharest - Professional chauffeur | Car rental with driver in Romania

VIP guests

In 2009, during her Sticky & Sweet Europe Tour Madonna stayed here, in the royal suite. They rearranged the gym especially for her American soldier style training with elastic chords. The hotel is also proud to had as guests:
– Royal Family of Spain – Prince Felipe de Asturias and Princess Letizia de Asturias – accommodated within royal suite;
– other distinguished guests such as: Princess Maxima of Holland and Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York;
– famous names of showbiz industry: Snoop Doggy Dog, Patricia Kaas, James Blunt, Morcheeba, Vonda Shepard.


“They have one of the best locations in the city: right on Victory Avenue (the oldest of the city) and close to the old city center (Lipscani area).
Services are great and staff attitude is even greater.
They make everything possible to obtain the happiness of their guests.
My sincere congratulations !”

“Great outdoor swimming pool
If you are looking for a luxury hotel in the heart of Bucharest with a really beautiful outdoor swimming pool for the hot summer days this is definitely the place to come.
The services are impeccable, the ambiance very relaxing, with real lemon trees, restaurant and bar by the pool.
The Jacuzzi is open also during cold months when you can enjoy the indoor pool.
Another attraction is the Ice Bar in the lobby.
Rooms are very nice too.
Room Tip: Within same building there is a wing where you can rent rooms for long term with important discounts.”

10 minutes walk to Victory Avenue, not close to the old city center

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  • 30-minute Massage
  • Optional day trips to Romania’s top best tourism villages: Rasinari (1st place) and Biertan (2nd place)
  • 4* boarding house
  • Breakfast included
  • Travel sustainable property that takes health and safety measures
  • Free cancellation
  • From 524 Euro / 4 night / 2 guests

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Caras Severin County


Herculane Spa Resort

  • Afrodita Resort & Spa
  • Hotel Versay

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Valcea County

Degustare de vin - Casa Timis - Romania

Top sights in Valcea

See the blue pottery workshops – UNESCO heritage

Maldar Lordly Mansion

One of the most famous of Maldaresti Boyars’ Fortified Mansions, this old Oltenian cula intactly preserves all architectural details. Its name reminds of legendary Captain Tudor Maldar from Michael the Brave’s army.
It has lordly white thick walls, tall tower, interior stairs and secret exits.
Its vaulted veranda goes along the entire facade of the superior floor.
Starched lingerie, dowry chests, traditional covers and carpets as well as authentic historical furniture decorate mansion’s rooms.
Oltenian traditions celebration starts with food served within their restaurant…

La Conac

“La Conac is a quiet little house away from the town area. Here, we were treated to lovely sunsets and sunrises. There’s no restaurant here, or nearby. We drove back to town to pick up some pizza takeaways and cold beer, to be enjoyed from the verandah.”

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King’s Road: TransAlpina Highway

Drive along Romania’s highest winding picturesque road

Romania’s highest road – TransAlpina (2,145 m) or DN 67C – dates from Dacians time. 2000 years ago, on their way to Sarmizegetusa, Romans armies built this superb road over the initial sheherds path. Due to its cobble stonning in 1930, under the reign of Carol II, locals call it the King’s Road. German troops rebuilt it during World War II. In 2007 the spectacular road became a modern highway, allowing fast transfer (148 km) between Novaci and Sebes. If no rainy weather, this is a great alternative to the heavy traffic on Olt Valley. Not an extremely safe road, TransAlpina closes between July 1 and October 31. The turns and upward slopes, fir forests and Oasa Lake and Dam give emotions to visitors… but also to cars !

  • Have lunch in Ranca, one of the most popular mountain resorts in South Romania.
    Quite newly developed, this is located towards the south end of TransAlpina road.
  • See Oasa Lake and Dam.
  • Dinner and overnight at Golden Lion Hotel in Sebes.

Kindly note this is a SUMMER ONLY destination !

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Alba Iulia Citadel

Step into the incredibly well preserved medieval world of Alba Carolina ! Habsburgs built the citadel to defend from Turkish invasions. Italian architect Giovano Morando Visconti made the plan of fortress erected in the 18th century. Marechal Vauban, engineer to King Louis XIV of France, invented its 7 pointed star shaped design. They say it was a forbidden city until 2005 because it was a military unit. They also say there is a Mathew bible from year 800 in the library.

Its Gates Tour is a must…

…as it includes all 3 military fortifications from historical area of Alba Iulia:
– Roman Castrum of XIII Gemina Legion,
– Medieval White Fortress of Balgrad and
– Vauban Fortress.

It also includes the entire route of Alba Carolina Fortress Ditches. Several mobile bridges allow access connecting some of the gates, as it was 3 centuries ago.

Apulum Roman castrum ~ the largest fortress in Roman Dacia

Under Emperor Hadrianus, they constructed Apulum for over 100 years without interruption. The unique Principia Site Museum has guides dressed in Roman uniforms. And kids have the occasion to wear the Roman uniform.

Midday ceremonies

Enjoy a journey through history from the Middle Ages to the present. For this you only have to pass the citadel’s bridged gates before the spectacular Changing of the Guard. This happens promptly at 12 pm every day so make sure you have an unobstructed view of the Royal Guards. In the stunning medieval surrounding an unique show starts. On the fortress main alley, Royal Guards march in procession. They complete an elaborate changeover in the sound of drums, horses and cannons.

  • Have lunch at The Beautiful View Hall Restaurant within the fortress.
    In a historical stylish milieu, staff dressed in period costumes will serve you with medieval specialties.
  • Visit the imposing Reunification Cathedral ~ In 1922, King Ferdinand and Queen Marie’s coronation took place within this imposing Romanian Orthodox Cathedral.

Alba Iulia Unification Museum

Stolen, scattered and moved twice, museum’s collections still include:

    • belongings of famous outlaw Avram Iancu,
    • Union Documents,
    • photo camera used to take the only 5 photos of the Union and…
    • the photos !

On December 1st, 1918, within Union Hall the delegates voted for the union of Transylvania, Banat and Maramures with Romania. City’s official photographer was missing under suspicious circumstances. So the only one of the 100,000 attendees who had a photo camera, a war veteran, became the unofficial photographer.

Medieval dinner

In the evening, have an original medieval feast held in the former Gun Powder Hall of the fortress. Set right in the heart of the citadel, Pub 13 Restaurant has authentic medieval atmosphere. The original basic architecture of the hall – still preserved and unique in South-Est of Europe – is of remarkable technical ingenuity. A column shaped like the foot of a mushroom supports the vault of the almost circular hall. The vault itself has the interior shape of the mushroom hat going down flared to the contour of the floor. Lots of officials and celebrities have passed its threshold looking for the special ambiance here, both Romanian and foreign. Lonely Planet says this is one of 10 best restaurants in Romania and probably the best restaurant in Alba Iulia.

Medieval Hotel

For overnights within the citadel, kindly book with 4 months in advance !

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Rimetea Village

Catch a peak at village life

Rimetea Village - Romania custom tours | Luxury travel in Europe

  • Stop at the Cheese Bar.
  • Go to Piatra Secuiului (Hungarian’s Stone, also called the Giant Lying on the Back, because of its look at night).
  • Dinner and overnight in Rimetea Village, one of the most beautiful villages in the country.

This is on the 4th place on the list of Romanian landscapes unique in the world. This tiny magical village is the only place in the world where the sun rises twice a day. The steep slopes bordering this spectacular place create this impression. Hidden in an immense granite bucket, the settlement with white houses has a privileged natural position. Its picturesque steeps are more forested in the western part than where Piatra Secuiului (1128 m) dominates. It is famous for its troubled history, extraordinary architectural heritage and wonderful landscape opening as far as you can see. This village now awaits the inclusion in UNESCO World Heritage List.

See the sun rising twice

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Scarisoara Glacier

This spectacular glacier is Europe’s second biggest underground glacier.



Nomad in Romania - Romania guide for Remote worker & Digital nomad

West City Hotel Cluj Napoca

Indeed understated 4* hotel, decorated in a beautiful contemporary style.
Friendly staff, great services, very good report quality – price.

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Brasov County

Bratescu Mansion

Luxury surprise in Bran village

From the moment we discovered the website of this mansion we decided to change our hotel booking if possible. The owner answered our call and despite the short notice he was extremely open and friendly. Since we couldn’t decide which room to choose he offered to book one for us but only choose on the spot the room we like most. We arrived late (22:00) and because the restaurant we previously chose for dinner was a total disappointment at 22:30 we were asking his help again. The grilled chicken with fresh vegetables and lemonade were incredible. And so was the spacious suite with a very comfortable bed and a fascinating old style bathroom. 

Everything shows good taste there:

the architecture, the cozy restaurant, the carpet on the stairs, the common spaces and rooms. At the lavish healthy breakfast we received the cake from the house. Another small gesture – like the one of the owner that offered to bring us the coffee – but exactly these make the difference and leave a long lasting impression. Definitely this is a place to stop every time we pass through Bran and warmly recommend to everyone looking for really exquisite services.

Hotel Aurelius Poiana Brasov

From the moment you arrive at the front desk you feel like stepping back in time.
There are beautiful paintings on all walls. Rooms are surprisingly spacious, with old white furniture with golden details. Almost everything reminds you of the princely atmosphere from the beginning of last century. The staff is friendly, prompt and very helpful.

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Prahova County

Lux Garden Hotel Azuga

A place slightly forgotten by world although blessed by God, Azuga is a ski resort on Prahova Valley. Years ago, someone who deeply believed in what he was doing, decided to invest some money here.
It is true, with that amount he could serenely live until extreme old age, without having to worry too much.
He called his investment Lux Garden Hotel, luxury primarily referring to light and then to the luxury of the place.
It is a pleasure to stay in such a beautiful environment.
Obviously, they created it with fondness of guests and a sublime attention to details.

Experiences lived within this hotel have already made many to become loyal customers.
The exterior glass elevators offer fantastic views over Southern Carpathian Mountains.
A relaxing spa slowly introduces you in the holiday spoiling atmosphere.
The elegant restaurant has warm-hearted waiters and the master chef prepares culinary delights followed by phenomenal desserts.
Plus their impressive grand crus wine cellar is an unique jewel in the country.
The collection includes over 500 of the most famous labels from France (such as Chateau Mouton Rotschild), Italy and Romania.
Enjoy everything and: Noapte buna (good night) !

Ferma Dacilor (Dacians’ Farm)

This place gives you the impression that you turned back in time and still can enjoy modern comfort. Here you can delight with amazing natural local fruit brandy, wine, black sour cherry comfiture and the tastiest pork ribs.
The service is great, in a traditional atmosphere.

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Vrancea County


ZagaZaga Resort

Unconventional accommodation in Siret Delta, within floating cabins with private pontoon or bungalows.

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Buzau County



Hadar Chalet

Chic rustic chalet exclusively for you !
Set among charming woodland in Southern Carpathians, this is the most suitable retreat for families and friends.
Especially if you want to enjoy the mountain holidays in relaxed soul southing green or white surroundings.
Very child friendly, this impressive remote estate offers complimentary access to a variety of indoor and outdoor entertainment facilities.

Here you can also enjoy the only NO you ever wanted to hear: NO traffic, NO neighbors, NO GPS coverage.
You can still keep in touch with your home world through their steady phone and Internet connection.
Spend more time in this magic forest and explore nearby attractions too:
– Eagles Lake,
– Ciolanu monastery,
– Siriu dam,
– horse riding classes at the stud farm.

By the way, we’ve seen your future. And there’s snow. A lot of it.
Crunching under your feet.
Crispy fresh air. A white forest landscape unfolding to your eyes.
And this head of state’s hunting cabin…
Romanian flavours coming from the generous helpings cooked in the kitchen tantalize your senses.
It smells of boiled wine with cinnamon.
Beautiful decorations remind you of childhood and season music completes the atmosphere.

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Hawaii Hotel Mamaia

Great location to fall asleep listening the waves and wake up to see the sunshine from your bed.
Very cozy and clean hotel, right on the beach, with warm welcoming stuff.

A day of love and romance

A couple’s spa massage, a romantic weekend getaway at a 5* hotel, or perhaps a yacht ride under the stars.

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Danube Delta

The pristine river delta of Danube is a paradise for birdwatchers and one of the best preserved on the continent.

Option 1 ~ New Lebada Resort

Option 2 ~ Enisala Safari Village

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Ciocanesti Village

This is the 3rd best tourism village in Romania

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Western Carpathian Mountains

4th most beautiful European holiday destination according to CNN

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Useful tips

  • Travel Advice page of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania
  • Due to its incredible variety of relief forms concentrated on a relatively small area it has a moody weather. In April, visiting Bucharest, Constanta and Brasov, there are great chances to experience 4 seasons in less than 1 week. And in July and August if going on top of Carpathian Mountains you can still find some snow. Check the weather in Romania.
  • Our picks of Romania best restaurants e-guide


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