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Your tea is Moroccan. Your custom-made shoes are Italian. And that red wine you’re sipping on ? From Bordeaux, bien sur.
But some of the greatest memories come from Romania !
Seek inspiration. Discuss the details with a local travel expert. Then book your tailor made tour.



Can’t wait to discover Romania for yourself ?

We introduce you to essentials of each place you wish to visit.
And give you suggestions of what to do on your own.

City quests (self guided tours)

Kitted up with your very comfortable shoes and tablet, you will be sent into buzzing beautiful cities or remote villages to discover their sightseeing with the greatest chances to touch your heart.

City Quest - Self guided tour | Romania

These self-guided tours offer an exciting way for individuals and families to learn about Romania’s rich history, culture and beauty.
It’s the perfect opportunity to allow children and adults tapping into their inner adventure in a safe friendly environment.
During their adventures, they will find out amazing stories and enjoy unique authentic experiences.
Discover the spots of your interest based on routes with all sightseeing and activities customized especially for you.
Remote assistance via text message and / or WhatsApp is on us.
This promise to be a lot of fun !

What to expect

– Detailed street map of Bucharest / Constanta
– Customized itinerary
– Highlights not to be missed while visiting Bucharest / Constanta
– Tourist sight information and photos
– Secrets and stories even beyond what history says
– Culture events unfolding during your visit
– Dining recommendations
– Shopping centers and a lot more…
Only € 18 per tour day !

Map view

– Zoom
– Search
– Satellite view
– Point of interest (POI) contact information

Best walks samples

Discover the magic of Bucharest

Explore the best of Constanta 



Our professional English speaking driver (-guides) will be at your disposal for the entire tour.
Plus your personal tour manager will take care of any spontaneous need you might have.



Popular locations sell out quickly, so we’ve added even more experiences in hot locations.
We’ve also added in a few new stops; see if the city you’re interested in made the cut.
If not let us know.
Chances are that it is already on the upcoming list !

Get in touch for VIP options !

You might wish to put these on your calendar

If you like music, you can’t miss this year’s concerts

Azzurytt is proud to offer the following music hospitality packages for 2019 season:

Experiences not listed here are available all year round.
Black out dates may apply to both listed and not listed ones.

Create your own escape to the childhood’s joy
Private access and hedonist experiences are on us !



What does a surprising tour around Romania look like ? Browse some tours ideas !

Romania grand tours

8 days self drive classic Romania tour  – BEST SOLD


Oltenia & Muntenia Regions

Carpathian Mountains private tour - Buzau County | WallachiaCarpathian Mountains & Countryside

Wallachian memories

Prahova Valley private car tour – BEST SOLD

Bucharest luxury private car tour – BEST SOLD

Dobrogea Region

Black Sea coast

Constanta luxury private tour and Black Sea yacht cruise – BEST SOLD

Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation

Danube Delta private boat tour


Moldavia & Bucovina Regions

Carpathian Mountains & Countryside

Iasi Culture Palace aerial view - Bucovina and Moldavia holiday | Romania private tour

Moldavia and Bucovina private car tour


Maramures & Crisana Regions

Carpathian Mountains & Countryside

Traditional Transylvania: Maramures

Banat Region

Carpathian Mountains

Contemporary Transylvania: Adventure, love and wineOrchard - Maramures and Northern Transylvania private tour | Romania

Transylvania Region 

Carpathian Mountains

Transylvania’s heart tour – BEST SOLD

Medieval Transilvania - Old Cities and Saxon Fortresses !

Let’s travel back to medieval times !
Discover the charm of Romania’s northwestern province, Transylvania.
The perfect mixture of resplendent landscapes, ancient history and cultural jewels make it a perfect destination for your long week-ends.
These tours reveal you medieval Romania, history’s dust and legends’ mysticism in the ravishing flavor of traditional meals and inebriating wine.

Alba County tour – BEST SOLD

Idyllic medieval Transylvania – BEST SOLD

Mures tour – BEST SOLD

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