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Victory Avenue – Old city center – Union Square

The story of Shepherd JoyRomanian pan-pipe | Bucharest luxury private tour

According to old saying, before your grandparents’ grandparents were born, there was a shepherd named Bucur (Joy).

He lived in the fair on the banks of Dambovita river.
With his strong wine and pan-pipe playing, Bucur used to ravish the local merchants.
So they called the city after him: Bucuresti (Bucharest or the City of Joy).
You can bet he never imagined they will give his name to Romania’s capital.
But this city really is the one where everybody always finds joy !
(Just to satisfy your curiosity: In 1459 Prince Vlad Tepes – the Impaler – issued the city’s first documentary attestation.)

Michelin Green Guide awarded Bucharest with 2 stars (worth a detour)

This former garden-city with avenues reserves wonderful surprises to those who know to discover it.

University Square - Bucharest luxury private car tour | Romania

It was the first city with oil public lighting (since 1857).
Bucharest-born inventor Henri Coanda created the jet engine used by modern airplanes.
Due to the old Romanian aristocracy educated in Paris, the French style tremendously influenced the city’s architecture.
At the beginning of the 19th century, its glorious belle epoque buildings and high life brought it the name of “Little Paris”.
The interesting heritage of mixed cultures also presents influences of German King Carol I of Romania and of communist regime.

Political and social center for a very long time, Bucharest has a profound cultural heritage.
Nowadays many of the capital’s unique palaces host interesting museums.
Other 18th and 19th century palaces and mansions are elegant casinos with sumptuous buffets and live music for gamblers.
Bucharest features unique restaurants with great interiors, excellent food and sometimes, with live traditional music.
Fashionable parks blend with numerous art galleries and exquisite Orthodox churches to create the modern Romanian Capital.
This is the largest thermal city in Europe (after Rome).
And the second coolest city to go study in (after Lisbon).
It is also one of the most exciting and the least expensive European capitals.

Discover the magic of Bucharest

Joy City is full of iconic attractions, unexpected hidden gems and art as well as unmissable dinning and opera.
And its buzzing cultural scene will certainly keep you busy !
Come and celebrate everything the capital has to offer and see for yourself just how special Bucharest is.

Best walks

– Kiseleff &Victory Avenues –  While in the northern part of the city, families will be able to explore the open air Village Museum.
And learn more about the way Romanians’ ancestors used to live.
Here they gathered together more than 50 dwellings and farmhouses from all over the country.
The Natural History Museum has a wonderful variety of exhibits on display to enjoy throughout the year.

Old Town – Its historical center stretches out on both sides of Lipscani Street, named after the merchants from Leipzig.

Jewish Heritage – Documentary attested on Romania’s territory since the 5th century BC, Jewish communities left their tracks through Bucharest  starting from 1550.

– Bucharest’s palaces Explore the capital like an architect.
Few cities in the world can match the character and culture of Little Paris.
Explore map of the city with the most beautiful landmark palaces.

– Botanical Garden specializes in endemic and native plants and trees.
So children and their parents will be able to familiarize with Romania’s flora and fauna while touring the garden.



Welcome and greetings at Bucharest airport.
Private car transfer to your hotel in Bucharest.
Discover the hidden gems of the Kiseleff and Aviators Avenues.
Then take a stroll on the exquisite Victory Avenue like Bucharest inhabitants used at the beginning of the 20th century.

Eden’s Orchid

Retreat from the hustle and bustle of Bucharest.

And relax with a wide menu of anti-stress, relaxation, detoxification and energizing therapies. Blending the modern technology with an original treatment concept these guarantee an unique experience. We suggest you to start with the surface cave with salty ionized air. Then go to the cutting edge fitness center or to the Aqua-gym and Whirlpool. The Tepidarium could be the next stop before enjoying a Finnish and infrared sauna. Later you can refresh with Turkish and Kneipp baths or Scottish, Vichy and tropical showers. They also offer a delicious fresh juice bar and unforgettable spa rituals. We think such day will make you return home rejuvenated, with memories of a lifetime. Isn’t it ?



Explore the second largest administrative building in the world

Parliament Palace – one of the world’s most impressive buildings, inscribed in Guinness World Records Book – houses Romania’s Senate and Chamber of Deputies.
It is so large, so busy, so important that you will never know exactly which halls will be shown to you.
One thing is for sure: if you want to get on top of this stunning palace, don’t stay in line. We know the other entrance.



Botanical Garden – BEST WALK

Botanical Garden specializes in endemic and native plants and trees.
So children and their parents will be able to familiarize with Romania’s flora and fauna while touring the garden.

Cotroceni Palace National Museum

This is one of the hidden gems of Bucharest.
Their history is impressive, as well as the professionalism and promptitude of their staff.

Bucharest National Opera House

“The guided tour of the Opera House was fascinating and the choir performances were stupendous !”

North Railway Station

Walk on the platform of the railway station that witnessed the arrival of a tsar, an emperor and a king. Did you know that the famous Orient Express train stops here once a year in the summer time ? And that Bucharest North Railway Station dared to survive both the Second World War bombings and Nicolae Ceausescu’s demolition initiative ?

Bucharest Railway Station that should not have existed

Grivita Hotel

Nearby North Train Station there are 2 shabby hotels with tradition.

Heavily affected by the earthquakes of 1940 and 1977, Dunarea looks like after a bombing.
The other one, Grivita, was one of Bucharest hotels with great architecture and rich history.
Although it has never been a luxury hotel, in those days, it hosted under its roof several names famous today.
The great musician, George Enescu, has long rented an apartment that had a piano in a room.
And the famous soprano Hariclea Darclee spent here her last years of life.

Rub some salt on it

Bucharest might be known for its food and a certain edginess.

But it is also home to the first concept of Health Spa. The virtues of salt and water are mingled with new technologies to create a holistic atmosphere. The spa area includes a Finnish and Bio Sauna as well as a Thalassic Cabin with pink salt from Himalaya. You can take a bath with Bazna salts then relax in the Onyx room. They also have tropical rain showers, Frigidarium, Techirghiol mud and Gerovital anti-aging treatments. The newly added Thunder experience blends the aromatherapy and chromo-therapy elements. It sooths, revives and energizes the body while improving the lymphatic drainage. Learn to increase your body’s immunity the right way.



Walking tour of the Old city center, Union Square and University Square
Find out about the Jewish heritage in Romania while visiting the Old Bucharest Jewish neighbourhood

Love the one you’re with !

This exclusive urban destination spa lies just steps away from the heart of vibrantly chic capital.

Premier Palace Spa - Bucharest luxury tour | Romania

It features an impressive unique array of therapies. All of them are inspired by age-old rituals from the Extreme Orient. They elusively blend tradition and modern, Zen elements and elegance, floral flavours and music for the soul… A lavish Anti-Aging Myoxy Caviar Treatment awaits dads coming here. The Hot Stone Massage will quite literally solve all their problems. The final massage combines the yoga stretching with the art of ancient and refined Thai massage techniques. All these are specially designed for man’s skin and muscles. Moms and moms-to-be are also invited to blissful pampering. For couples there are two options reserved. You can have a sensorial experience with chocolate and wine. Or you can receive a Swedish massage accompanied by champagne and chocolate serving.

Dine at Dianei 4 Restaurant

This beautiful spot serves really good goulash. And their lemonade is very refreshing on a hot summer afternoon.

Drive to Bucharest airport.



Dambovita River - Bucharest luxury private tour | Romania

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