Western Transylvania car tour


Adventure, love and wine
Timisoara ~ Caras-Severin ~ Hunedoara ~ Cluj

Even if it is hard to believe, in Romania you can breath better than in Switzerland !
It is true, only in some parts of the country.
So, make a healthy “cure” of fresh air.
Add the peacefulness and the marvelous landscapes.
And you will have the perfect destination to relax.
Let’s turn the cleanest air places in Romania into unique destinations for your holidays !


– Breath the purest air on planet right here, in Romania, in 2 of the 7 places with therapeutic effect !
– Visit Timisoara, the first city in Europe that had electric street-lightning
– Taste the iconic wines from Recas vineyards
– Fall in love in the Love Tunnel
– Explore and admire Vienna’s Burgtheater replica
– Uncover your adventure spirit in a military training camp
– Spend some time within the most beautiful underground sightseeing in the world


Welcome  and greetings on Bucharest, Cluj or Timisoara airport.
Car transfer to Timisoara.


Timisoara city tour

Welcome to Timisoara, the first city in Europe that had electric street-lightning !

Symbol of Timisoara, Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral (1936-41) is its largest religious building.
Looking like taken from fairy tales, this is also the tallest church in Romania (90.5 m).

Great palaces of Romania offers locals numerous reasons of pride.
These are important sightseeing even if shelter headquarters of public institutions.
Timisoara’s emblem, Baroque Palace dates from the 18th century.
Among top most beautiful palaces of Romania, this luxury building has a story locals are always proud of.
Nobody knows which architect designed it, but they know it hosted:
– Mining Office,
– Military Pay-Desk,
– Prefecture,
– Administration of the Serbian Voivodina and Timisoara’s Banat,
– Timis County Administration,
– Commandment of Soviet troops stationed in the city and
– Agronomic Institute.
Deserted during communist period, they restored it at the end of the ‘80s.
Presently this is one of the most valuable historical monuments of Timisoara and a landmark of contemporary cultural life.
Hosting Timisoara Art Museum, it shelters local, national and universal artistic values.

Nearby Theresia Bastion, the oldest building of Timisoara fortress, really has the charm of an authentic castle.

Iconic Wines Tastings, Recas vineyards

We are extremely fond of showcasing you lesser known wine regions and estates.

Western Transylvania private tour - Timisoara | Romania

So let’s introduce you to some wine world’s rock stars.
Have a sneak peak into the rarest, most delectable wines from Petro Vaselo and Recas.
Join us at this magnificent tastings and see just why these wines have such a cult following around the country.
Tip: Do you wish to taste the same wine as the former President of Romania?  Order Sole Chardonnay Barrique from Recas vineyard.


Love Tunnel

On 1.6 kms around the railroad connecting Otelul Rosu (Red Steel) to Caransebes, nature gave birth to one of the most romantic places in the country.

This was on the list of Europe’s hidden treasures until a photographer passionate about nature accidentally discovered it.
The superb tourist attraction made entirely of vegetation worth visiting in the spring, summer and early autumn.
By late autumn, the tunnel becomes very colorful due to the season: green, orange, yellow…
And a leaf carpet forms on the bottom.
But most of the trees loose their leaves and the “ceiling” is not so thick anymore.
Go there in the morning or evening of a sunny day.
We guarantee you will take some great photographs !
Although, since you are passionate about photography, you already knew that 😉

Vienna’s Burgtheater replica

The celebrated Burgtheater - built in 1720 and dismantled in 1890 - was Vienna’s first theater hall.

If you would liked to visit it you should come in Romania, as its precise copy is at Oravita.
Some say this is the oldest theater building in Romania.
Long time ago, on this land there was a mining exploitation called… Thalia, after the goddess of dramatic art.
In time the city became a multicultural one, reuniting Polish, Jews, Serbians, Germans and Romanians.
In 1790, dramatic art lovers set up the Union of Dilettantes.
Of course the next step was the building of a theater in the city.
This architectural jewel, imprint of the old imperial capital, survived both the two world wars and the communist period.

Spend the night in Apple Glade

One of the places with the cleanest air in Romania is also one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Banat region.

Tarcu and Little Mountains guard this area located at 700 meters altitude.
Ozone, negative ionization, natural aerosols and purity are  the essential components that provide the air quality here.
Plus, the French scientists say the air in Apple Glade is cleaner than the one in Niagara Falls’ area.
That is the ionization is 10 times higher being beneficial for health and preventing certain diseases.


Ultimate military training in Romania

The great outdoors. You’ve been. But never quite like this.
Because we’re sending you to the only military entertainment park in Europe.

Dine and spend the night at Conacul Archia

They’ve themed each room, and it’s stunningly beautiful. The staff is very kind and forward thinking.


Turda Salt Mine - Transylvania private car tour | RomaniaToday you will discover all highlights of Cluj County.
First, go down inside the most beautiful underground sightseeing in the world: Turda Salt Mine.
Later breath one of the purest air on Earth !
Another one of the 7 magic places in Romania is Cluj-Napoca green city, full of interesting wonders.
Once in the city, look for Cluj Fortress’ strongest defense point.
In the afternoon spend some time relaxing within one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Europe.
Then see Cluj-Napoca glass balls that conquered the world !
If you want to taste traditional regional dishes prepared in a unique exquisite way then  Livada Restaurant is the best choice.


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