Carpathian Mountains private tour


Zabola Estate - Tailor made holiday at Count Mike Castle | Romania escorted transfersWith a nature lover’s dream package available at the moment, now is the ideal time to hop on a plane and retreat in the wilderness of the Carpathian Mountains.
Let Azzurytt take you off the beaten path to picturesque and hidden places that few travelers ever reach.
Layer upon layer of intense beauty awaits, and we’ll unveil it all.
Few journeys offer such an inspiring blend of adventure, beauty and elegance.

Explore the Carpathian Mountains in a comfortable chauffeured car !


DAY 1 

Welcome and greetings at Bucharest, Sibiu or Bacau airport.
Drive to Covasna County.
Dinner and overnight at Count Kalnoky’s Boardinghouse.

DAY 2 ~ Stay where the heir of the royal crown of Great Britain is hostedCarpathian Mountains private tour - Romania online hotel booking | Azzurytt limousine services

Sometimes when His Royal Highness comes to Romania, he spends the nights at Count Tibor Kalnocky’s restored family estate.
It is true that this retreat is in top most unusual hotels in Europe, next to cave style accommodation units, glass igloos and former prisons. But not because Charles, Prince of Wales is an occasional guest and his son – Prince Harry – also stayed here.

Dinner and overnight at Count Mike’s Castle.

DAY 3 ~ Secluded Transylvanian hideaway

Count Mike's Castle Estate - Transylvania holiday | Romania custom tourFeel like being part of a counts family on a magnificent estate.
Nestled at the foot of the Carpathians Mountains, this is right next to thousands of hectares of untouched Transylvanian wilderness.
Dating back to the 16th  century, the castle was built on the remaining of an early fortified building.
This is suspected to be burned down in the liberation war of Transylvania.

All ceilings on the first floor were covered (currently painted over) with frescoes from 1867 when the castle was extended and redecorated.

Find out about the 50 m long tunnel connected to the castle and many other captivating stories, taste dishes cooked after 100 years old recipes and enjoy the beauty of the 18th century park with old trees and ponds.
Enjoy leisurely breakfasts and all sorts of less usual activities on the estate of this counts family and the surroundings: bear watching, coach / slade tour in the village, guided hiking tour, drawing with a bow hand made after the ancient ones of the Magyar tribes, picnics with wine, formal dining “al Fresco” under century old pine trees, classic or romantic movies watching in the park while sipping a glass of Veuve Cliquot bubbles, rowing on the lake, massage, lake skating (during winter)…

Dinner and overnight at Daniel Castle.

DAY 4 ~ Talisoara CastleDaniel Castle - Talisoara private tour | Romania holiday

From the first moment you step inside Talisoara Castle the fairy tale atmosphere mantles you.
Built in 1680 by a Hungarian nobleman, the castle preserved the charm of the old times.
This despite the fact that the communists transformed it into cooperative headquarter (CAP).
After the 1989 Revolution, it lost its bygone days brilliance.
Fortunately several years ago Racz family – a couple of only 25 years old – discovered it.
At the equivalent of an apartment in Bucharest, they bought the castle in Transylvania.
They restored it, discovered its tales and turned it into an oasis of tranquility for tourists.
Because now, the 17th-century nobiliary castle, found in A category of historical monuments, attracts more and more travelers.
Each of the 8 guest rooms has a history books worthy story.
And the walls still let you admire their hundreds of years old paintings.

Drive to Bistrita County.
Dinner and overnight at Metropolis Hotel.

DAY 5 ~ 5* pampering in wellness country-side retreatMetropolis Spa - Bistrita Hotel | Transylvania tour

Trained in the traditional art of massage, Metropolis Spa practitioners help soothe you while balancing your body’s energy.
Enjoy an extensive therapeutic massage with bamboo sticks.
Or a honey relaxing massage to calm both your body and mind.
Mixing precious ingredients – caviar, gold, pearls – with Anubis and Rejuvi products they perfect your skin beauty.
In the end extend relaxation throughout evening at their in-house cinema with 12 leather Reclyner type armchairs !

Dinner and overnight at Metropolis Hotel.


Drive to Baia Mare, Cluj Napoca, Sibiu or Bucharest airport.


VALUEBistrita - Bistrita County private luxury tour | Hotels and resorts in Ro

* What to expect: highly customized itinerary planning,  hotel and restaurant recommendations, all in country private transfers

* Base price (itinerary planning & car rental): from 280 Euro


* Departures: all year round.

* Interests: family, romantic, gourmet, history, castles, nature, wildlife, photography, relaxing, wellness.

* Some of accommodation units recommended for this tour are selling out incredibly fast. So booking with at least 6 months in advance is strongly recommended.

* Further details and notes

Speak to your local expert and start creating your private bespoke tour !