Brasov private tour




* Visit the most expensive estate in Europe and the second most expensive one in the world
* Dine at one of the Artist Queen’s dream castles
* Meet some European Brown Bears
* Wonder through Brasov medieval city
* Visit the Wood Money Fortress, one of the largest and best preserved in Romania


Welcome and greetings at Bucharest airport.
Transfer to Bran village via Dambovicioara Canyon.

Bran Village tour

Listen stories you only heard about in movies…
Relax with good traditional food on the lake shore, where “Queen Mary” Tea House (1920) is.
Explore the House of Princess Ileana (Museum of Bran Medieval Custom).

Luxury surprise in Bran village ~ Conacul Bratescu (Bratescu Mansion)

From the moment we discovered the website of this mansion we decided to change our hotel booking if possible.

One day tour at Bran castle Romania

The owner answered our call and despite the short notice he was extremely open and friendly. Since we couldn’t decide which room to choose he offered to book one for us but only choose on the spot the room we like most. We arrived late (22:00) and because the restaurant we previously chose for dinner was a total disappointment at 22:30 we were asking his help again. The grilled chicken with fresh vegetables and lemonade were incredible. And so was the spacious suite with a very comfortable bed and a fascinating old style bathroom. 

Everything shows good taste there: the architecture, the cozy restaurant, the carpet on the stairs, the common spaces and rooms. At the lavish healthy breakfast we received the cake from the house. Another small gesture – like the one of the owner that offered to bring us the coffee – but exactly these make the difference and leave a long lasting impression. Definitely this is a place to stop every time we pass through Bran and warmly recommend to everyone looking for really exquisite services.


Drive to Zarnesti village

Close encounters of the European Brown Bears

Imagine 60 acres of lush forest, rivulets and ponds located at the Carpathians' feet.

Can you believe they have been transformed into probably the largest in Europe and the world’s best sanctuary for bears ? It has lairs, naturally feed pool and special clinic.  For curious visitors, it features alleys between reservations as well as observation points in trees. You can safely move between these on high bridges. In-dwellers are European brown bears (protected specie) and an Asiatic black bear. All were dislodged from their natural environment and their return in the wilderness could harm them.

Drive to Brasov medieval city

Brasov old city center tour

Whet your appetite with an impressive experience at one of the most picturesque backdrops in Eastern Europe.

The gateway to Transylvania, Brasov was first documentary certified in the year 1234 A.D. under the name of Corona. Fortunately it still shows to its guests well preserved edifices with Old Saxon architecture. You can take a walk along the old city walls. And either walk up or drive around to the old towers guarding the medieval citadel.

Our hotel picksAurelius Imparatul Romanilor Hotel - Poiana Brasov escorted tour | Romania

Aurelius Imparatul Romanilor Hotel 

From the moment you arrive at the front desk you feel like stepping back in time.

There are beautiful paintings on all walls. Rooms are surprisingly spacious, with old white furniture with golden details. Almost everything reminds you of the princely atmosphere from the begining of last century. The staff is friendly, prompt and very helpful.

Chambers’n Charm Hotel

Having as backdrop the stunning Tampa mountain and breathtaking panorama views over Brasov city, this remote villa has only 9 different themed spacious rooms.

Our favorite for winter, it has bed and floor covered with spotted white animal skins for surprisingly cozy night sleep. Hilton Diamond Club partner, it  serves delicious drinks and menus. And entertain the guests with steam Turkish bath and VIP service. Did we mention there are plenty of activities nearby for you and your group ? Riding on snow mobiles, ice skating, sledging, skiing…


Rupea Fortress

Transylvanian ensemble of military architecture, Rupea fortress has been documentary attested in 1342 as place of refuge for the Saxons revolted against King Charles Robert of Anjou of Hungary.

Rupea Fortress - Brasov private tailor made tour | Romania

Located atop of the Cohalm Hill, this is one of the most beautiful citadels in Transylvania.
With 7 towers, guarded by thick strong walls, it offers to the traveler’s eye breathtaking views of green surroundings. Historians believe that the fortress was built on the old ruins of a very important Dacian settlement.
And that it is here where Decebal – the last King of Dacians – after long exhausting battles, cut his throat to not fall prisoner to the Romans led by Emperor Trajan.
In the 15th century the Turks conquered and robbed the fortress.
Two centuries later it was burned down.

Rupea Fortress - Brasov private car tour | RomaniaFinally in the 18th century, following a strong storm that flew away the roofs, it was forever abandoned.
But now, despite its troubled past you feel so peaceful here.
And the mountain air is so refreshing.
You can easily spend more than half day taking strolls along the stoned paths.
And trying to imagine how over 400 people lived within these walls.
Visit the cottages where the inhabitants of the villages around took refuge in during hard times.
Pass through the Middle Fortress Gate and look for the Military Storeroom…
The Servants, Pentagonal and Gate Towers or the Chapel and the Fountain are equally appealing !

Fagaras Fortress

One of the largest and best preserved fortresses in Romania and even in Europe is Fagaras Fortress.

Fagaras Fortress - Brasov private custom made tour | Romania

Its name seems to mean “wood money”. Local legends say that the peasants who built it have been paid with money made of wood. Innitially – by the end of 12th century – this was a wooden fortification surrounded by a ditch and remblai. But the conflagration from the middle of the 13th century destroyed it. Reinforced in the next century, it became a stone fortification. And another hundred years later it transformed into a defence military fortress. By the 16th century it already was an unattackable medieval fortified castle.

Being the most imposing monument of the great land of Fagaras, this was also its political and administrative center. But the apogee period of the fortress came only in the 17th century. Then the imposing medieval ensemble became a fastuos Transylvanian princely residence. The Italian architects brought by Prince Gabriel Bethlen imprinted the Renaissance aestethics to the construction. Thus stucco, blazons, floral motives and loggias open in arches appeared. The 4 bastions added at the fortress corners complemented the Italian style casemate look.

Prince Gheorghe Rackoczi I doubled the northern and southern exterior walls on the inside. Filling the created spaces with soil they obtained an 8 m thick resistance. They also enlarged, deepened and filled the defence ditch around the fortress with water from Olt river. Thus they made it a real lake. During the 1950s the fortress served as prison for communism opponents and dissidents. Restored after the 1989 revolution, Fagaras fortress awaits you today with a museum and a library. Let’s step inside and explore its Turnul Pestrit (Variegated Tower), Turnul Negru (Black Tower) and Salii Dietei (Diet Hall).

Drive to Sibiu airport.



* What to expect: highly customized itinerary planning & travel arrangements,  upscale / luxury rooms and suites recommendations, traditional / fine dining top restaurants recommendations, all in city private transfers by chauffeured car, entrance fees.

* Recommended all inclusive budget: EUR 960 – 1,050 per guest (based on 1-2 guests).


* Departures: all year round.

* Interests: family, romantic, cars, gourmet, movie buffs, history, ruins / archaeology, castles, monasteries, nature, wildlife, photography, relaxing

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