Medieval Transylvania ~ Mures County private tour




* Taste and shop for traditional local delicacies in a Saxon village with a 15th century fortress listed in UNESCO patrimony
* Walk through the rainbow of colors of Sighisoara, one of the few medieval fortresses in Europe which are still inhabited
* Dine right in the house where Prince Vlad Tepes (the Impaler) was born
* Spend the night in one of the oldest houses of this outstanding example of typical medieval German architecture (you can also stay overnight and enjoy good food at Sighisoara Hotel)
* See the Bear Lake that holds no less than 3 world records !
* Then pass through Mures Canyon up to the Thermal Waterfall
* And linger gazing to the panoramas over Bat’s wine world.


Welcome and greetings on Bucharest or Sibiu airport.
Drive to Saschiz Saxon village.

Just for You: Rhubarb Jam. That’s Right.

Two words: rhubarb jam. Okay, a few more: it’s the perfect blend of refreshing and slightly sour taste in a Saxon delicacy.

It’s delicious. And it’s made just for you by the crazy food geniuses at the Foodstuff Barn, inaugurated in 2009 by Prince Charles of Wales. It’s only available for the royal family, few other British, and now, for you. Right this way to rhubarb glory…

Tasting and shopping of traditional local delicacies

This Saxon village – with a XIV century fortress listed in UNESCO patrimony – keeps little secrets for unsuspected pleasures. Here an old barn have been transformed in a processing center for the local farmers which use traditional recipes and who were instructed through a course of the Royal Society of Public Health.
Under the logo Saxon Village Preserves the members of the Foodstuff Barn – inaugurated in 2009 by Prince Charles of Wales – are selling (especially to clients from Great Britain, inclusively to the royal family): jams, pickles, salamis, sausages, fine cheeses with noble mold, products made of plants, cakes, bread, drinks and oils.

The highlights seem to be the:
* Saschiz elder syrup,
* Transylvania spring honey
* and Rhubarb jam

(Rheum rhabarbarum – a refreshing and slightly sour Saxon delicacy which is safer to buy directly from a Saxon housewife than to cook it yourself at home. The parts of the plant must be carefully chosen as the leaves contain toxic oxalates. It probably reached in Transylvania due to the Saxon merchants to whom it has been brought around the middle of the 16 century most probably from Asia).

Thrilling Middle Ages: Sighisoara inhabited fortress

Europe has only few still inhabited Middle Age citadels and one of the most beautiful and best-preserved is in the old historical center of Sighisoara.

Sighisoara fortress - Transylvania private tour | Romania

You will be driven to this UNESCO World Heritage Site (since ’99) where an exciting day and evening full of entertainment awaits you.  Once there, stroll on the alleyways to feel like walking through the rainbow. Of course all your history related curiosities will be satisfied.

The medieval jewel of Romania, Sighisoara fortress was built in the 12th century, on the banks of Tarnava Mare River, by Saxon merchants and craftsmen. Its Latin name was Castrum Sex and for several centuries it played a significant strategic and commercial role at Central Europe’s border. While tasting the nectarious local fruits brandies you will find out that the small fortified town was visited by Nicole Kidman, Jude Law and Renee Zellweger during the production of Cold Mountain (released in 2003, with 7 Oscar nominations).


Bear Lake

Bear Lake - Mures private car tour | RomaniaIt holds 3 world records:
* the largest helio-thermal in the world (and unique in Europe),
* the only one with salt water surrounded by a lush vegetation, due to the volcanic soil deposited in time,
* and the only natural lake in the world whose date of birth is known with a precision of a minute: May 27, 1875, 11:00 o’clock.

Historians say here there was a meadow with 2 streamlets disappearing into a hole dug in the salt mountain. On that day, two salt guardians were gathering the hay when a shower came and took the hay covering the mountain’s hole where the streamlets flowed.
The salt mountain – having 3 km depth and covered by vegetation – is called the Timbering from the Saltings (Arboretele de pe Saraturi).
If people would not bathe into the lake, its temperature would reach 80 Celsius degrees during September – Octobeperfr due to the helio-thermal effect (the temperature was measured by an academician at the beginning of the 1900).
The reservation Ursu Lake and the Timbering from the saltings (~ 80 ha) includes 6 lakes: Ursu (Bear) and Alunis (Nut-grove) – arranged – and Mierlei (Blackbird’s), Rosu (Red), Verde (Green), and Paraschiva (unarranged).

Mures Canyon & Thermal Waterfall

Join Mures River as it makes the longest breakthrough the volcanic mountain chain of Romania and in the end see with your own eyes the waterfall that never freeze.


Linger gazing to the panoramas over Bat wine world

Perfectly tailored to your taste, this culinary journey through the select wines made at the feet of the Carpathians starts with a guided tour of the vineyard.

Then, in the cellar, you will discover few of the winemaking art secrets. But the climax is yet to come: on a plateau at the top border of the vineyard hill, a charming lodge invites you to linger gazing to the fantastic panorama view across the rolling hills… Enjoy unforgettable moments in this small but elegant hideaway while tasting 6 of the top Liliac wines accompanied by a plate with cheeses, smoked ham and fruits. This is what we call relaxing !

Drive to Bucharest or Sibiu airport.



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* Base price (itinerary planning and all inclusive chauffeured car rental services): 900 Euro for up to 6 guests


* Departures: all year round.

* Interests: family, romantic, gourmet / wine tasting, history, castles / fortresses, nature, photography, relaxing.

* Personal tour manager available on request.

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