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Best Western Bucovina Hotel - Gura Humorului Suceava | Moldavia and Bucovina private tour by Azzurytt Romania

* Taste the sparkling wine of Prince Stephen the Great’s Royal Vineyard
* See the first Orthodox underground church in Europe
* Visit the country mansion of the greatest Romanian composer
* Taste the wines of Husi Vineyard
* Bicaz Dam & Canyon and the Red Lake also look forward to astonish you
* Listen the 8 bells of the tower Carillon of Iasi Culture Palace singing the Union Round Dance song
* Step inside the famous Sucevita Byzantine painted monastery (UNESCO heritage)
* Go shopping for black pottery
* Touch a 800 years old oak


Welcome and greetings at Bucharest or Bacau Airport.
Private car transfer to Vrancea wineries.

Taste the sparkling wine of Prince Stephen the Great’s Royal Vineyard

Placed at Carpathian Mountains’ curvature, Panciu Vineyard is one of the largest lands under grapevine crop in Romania.

Romanian grape variety - Moldavia private escorted tour | Romania journey

It stretches over about 10,000 hectares and both quantity and quality of grapes and wines produced here is famous.
Local wine cellars’ history began in the 15th century, during the reign of Prince Stephen the Great of Moldavia.
With 24 m depth and 2000 m long galleries their royal cellar is really impressive.
No less than 36 galleries cross the longest one of 560 m.

Their present capacity reaches 3 million bottles. Wine making takes place in a modern manufacture founded in 1949 in the vineyard core.
This company keeps on the same quality level since almost 50 years.
Visit the Royal Vineyard and cellar with their guide before tasting the wines.
Three wines, two classic sparkling wines and one sweet sparkling wine await you.
Plus a complimentary gift box with two of their great wines.
And if you wish more you’ll get them with discount !


See the first Orthodox underground church in Europe

And the lake and waterfall within Targu Ocna Salt Mine.

Traditional Romanian food - Local delicacies | Bucovina and Moldavia private tailor made tour

This is one of the most famous deposits where they exploited and still exploit the salt. The administrator is Salrom (the Salt National Company of Romania).

Visit the country mansion of the greatest Romanian composer

In 1880 the great boyar family Rosetti Tescanu built a mansion in Bacau County.

At the beginning of the 20th century this became residence of George Enescu’s family. In its park, you can still find Enescu’s elm tree, now over 250 years old. For a totally shocking experience you should attend a concert in the garden. All birds in the surrounding trees will sing along with musicians after George Enescu scores.

Where to stay overnight

Dumbrava Hotel


Taste the wines of Husi Vineyard

About Husi wines excellent quality there are old records belonging to foreign travelers who have crossed through medieval Moldavia.

Bucovina & Moldavia private tour - Husi Vineyards wine tasting | Romania car tours

“Husi, ancient settlement of Moldavia’s vineyards, produces a tasty, aromatic and very much sought after wine.”

This is what Marco Bandinus was writing around 1646.
Between 1600-1662, locals planted extensive vines on these lands, setting up the princely vineyards at Husi.
Including about 3,000 ha vine, nowadays Husi’s vineyard has an average production of 10,000 kg/ha.
With 3 wine factories and 200 specialists, this company produces 20 wine sorts, of which 8 red and 12 white.
Products quality has been steadily increasing as well as their competitiveness regarding the superiority, originality and price.Busuioaca de Bohotin wine tasting - Husi vineyard private guided tour | Romania tailor made holiday
No wonder their wines have won numerous medals and awards at specialized competitions in the country and abroad.

Husi great brand wine derives from the glorious Busuioaca de Bohotin – Husi.
In metaphorical expression, this has gained the blazon of muscat-nectarious wine, rosy colored and organoleptically fully optimized.
But enough with the stories, it’s time to see with your own eyes the wine cellar and collection winery.
Then you will taste 4 wines Husi Zghihara, Royal & Black Feteasca and Bohotin Busuioaca.
An assorted plate with Romanian traditional products will accompany them.
And in the end you will receive a gift box with a bottle of “Husi Zghihara 2005” wine. Tempting, isn’t it ?!


Private tours of 2-3 sightseeing of your choice arranged upon request: Slatioara Monastery, Bicaz Canyon & Dam, Piatra Neamt city tour, Mirrors Resort or Wisents Reservation.


Palace of Culture

During Iasi walking tour you will find out what is so special about the city’s effigy: Palace of Culture.
Just to give you some hints: the legend says it has 365 rooms.

Palace of Culture - Iasi private car tour | Moldavia journey

It is one of the last expressions of Romanticism in the official architecture.
It is also the most outstanding work of Romanian architect I.D. Berindei, trained at the Fine Arts School in Paris.
During its construction, Henri Coanda invented a special material, named by him bois-ciment, used for decorating several rooms.


Sucevita Byzantine painted monastery

Probably the most beautiful and impressive Byzantine painted monastery in Bucovina is Sucevita Monastery ensemble.

Moldavia and Bukovina tailor made private tour - Sucevita Byzantine painted monastery | Romania holiday

The harmonious combination of defensive, civil and religious architecture, stone and wood sculptures, paintings and religious decorative art is jaw-dropping.
Its Resurrection Church – built at the end of 16th century by Movila brothers – is on the UNESCO Patrimony List.
The brother artists Sofronie and Ion decorated both the inside and outside of the elegant church.
The richness of paintings makes it stand out.


Private car transfer to Bacau or Bucharest airport.



Polizu Mansion - Iasi private tour | How to create a traditional winter holiday in Romania

* What to expect: highly customized itinerary planning & travel arrangements,  upscale / luxury rooms and suites recommendations, traditional / fine dining top restaurants recommendations, all in city private transfers by chauffeured car, entrance fees.

* Recommended all inclusive budget: EUR 2,240 – 2,450 per guest (based on 1-2 guests).


* Departures: all year round.

* Interests: family, wine tasting, culture, monasteries, nature, wildlife, photography, relaxing.

* Further details and notes

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