Wallachia private tour



* Reach the Red Tower Pass on Olt Valley
* Celebrate all Oltenian traditions at Maldaresti Boyars’ Fortified Mansion
* See the traditional blue printed pottery center & UNESCO Orthodox monastery from Horezu
* Explore and admire Vienna’s Burgtheater replica
* See the second landscape in Romania unique in the world


Olt ValleyOlt Valley - Wallachia private tour | Romania

Watch for the storks nests on the beautiful Olt Valley while riding on E81 (European Road 81).
Crossing the Pasul Turnu Rosu (Red Tower Pass – 352 m), this is one of the most beautiful roads in Romania.
It is also one of the most important communication ways between Bucharest and the cities from North and West of Romania.

Celebrate all Oltenian traditions at Maldaresti Boyars’ Fortified Mansion

Starting with the 16th century, the boyars from Western Wallachia and Oltenia built tall fortified mansions to defend themselves against the Turks attacks.

Their names – culas – come from the word kula which means tower in Turkish. Made of solid stone and painted in dazzling white, these have veranda and doors with huge wooden pillars.  In the walls, there are holes for rifles to banished uninvited visitors if needed. Inside they features solid cellar, interior stairs and simple rooms with clean floors and wooden beams.

Let’s start your incursion into the beautiful history of this region

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Maldar Lordly Mansion

This old Oltenian cula intactly preserves all architectural details of these.

It has lordly white thick walls, tall tower, vaulted veranda along the entire facade of the superior floor, interior stairs and secret exits. Starched lingerie, dowry chests, traditional covers and carpets as well as authentic historical furniture decorate the mansion’s rooms. Its name reminds of the legend of Captain Tudor Maldar from Michael the Brave’s army. Come celebrate here all Oltenian traditions, from food served within their restaurant to events !

La Conac 

“La Conac is a quiet little house away from the town area. Here, we were treated to lovely sunsets and sunrises. There’s no restaurant here, or nearby. We drove back to town to pick up some pizza takeaways and cold beer, to be enjoyed from the verandah.”


Vienna’s Burgtheater replica

Vienna’s first theater hall was the celebrated Burgtheater, built in 1720 and dismantled in 1890.

If you would liked to visit it you should come in Romania, as its precise copy is at Oravita.
Some say this is the oldest theater building in Romania.
Long time ago, on this land there was a mining exploitation called… Thalia, after the goddess of dramatic art.
In time the city became a multicultural one, reuniting Polish, Jews, Serbians, Germans and Romanians.
In 1790, dramatic art lovers set up the Union of Dilettantes.
Of course the next step was the building of a theater in the city.
This architectural jewel, imprint of the old imperial capital, survived both the two world wars and the communist period.


Closani Cave

You really don't know what to admire first when you visit this cave.

Not for nothing it occupies the second place on the list of landscapes from Romania unique in the world !
In 1956 it was considered the most important cave discovery of the time, being declared a nature monument ever since.
As Romanian geo-speleologists demonstrated along time, this cave hides concretionary forms unique even for world speleology.


Popeci Mansion Padea

One of the greatest and most prolific Romanian architects, Ion D. Berindey designed this beautiful typically Romanian mansion in 1907.

Romanescu Park Craiova - Wallachia private escorted tour | Romania

The architect studied in Paris, being famous for paying utmost attention to details.
Bucharest’s Cantacuzino Palace – built around 1900 – is a famous architectural demonstration of Berindey’s work.
And the Wallachian countryside mansion raised on a 4 ha estate is an impressive example of architect’s skill and vision.
He designed it in the purest French eclectic style, for banker N.N. Pop’s family.
The banker was also an agriculturalist, awarded with gold medal at Paris World’s Fair in 1900.
Communist times affected the mansion but fortunately Popeci family restored it keeping the original style.
While providing secluded peace and tranquility, the property is close to Craiova city.
Craiova-born Petrache Poenaru (1799-1875) invented the first fountain pen.
Families and friends will love to enjoy countryside’s peace and quiet not too far away from the city.


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Dambovita – Olt – Valcea – Dolj

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* Customized itinerary planning and travel arrangements
* Private sedan / minivan with professional English speaking driver (-guide) at disposal
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* Personal tour manager at disposal (available on request)
* Complimentary rooms and restaurants reservations

* Rooms, meals, entrance fees

* Recommended all inclusive budget: 1,280 -1,400 Euro per guest (based on 1-2 guests)
* Varies depending on season, tour length, number of guests, included special activities and other custom preferences

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