Bucharest walking tour – Aviators & Victory Avenues

Baneasa Shopping City

Baneasa Shopping City - Bucharest luxury escorted tour | Romania

You will find here the latest collections of famous brands.
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Aurel Vlaicu Baneasa Airport

Founded in 1912, this is the 4th oldest airport in the world after those in: Maryland (USA), Hamburg (Germany) and Shoreham (UK).
Henri Coanda, the Romanian who invented the jet air engine, was so proud of being Romanian that he insisted his first flight to be in Romania, on this airport.

Free Press House

It was built in only 5 years, by a Russian architect from the order of Nicolae Ceausescu in the honor of Russians.
Sparkle House (its original name) is identical with Moscow University, but with 7 m lower to not upset the Russian leaders.
It was designed for the publication of all communist state press (newspapers).
After 1989 events it sheltered Romania’s first free newspapers.
Renamed the Free Press House, this held the record of the highest buiding in Bucharest between 1956-2007.

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Lunch at Joseph Restaurant

Lobster risotto with truffle and vermouth by Chef Hadad, accompanied by a bottle of French white wine of Henri Bourgeois Sancerre. Mmmm…

Romanian Heroes of the Air Monument Romanian Heroes of the Air Monument - Bucharest airport transfer | Car rental in Romania

Riding or walking on the beautiful tree lined Aviators Avenue, you inevitably reach Aviators Square.
It is impossible not to notice the monument dominating it.
It symbolizes Romanian pilots’ sacrifices during the First World War.
And the Role of Romanian aviation pioneers in the world, pursuing various goals: skill development, performance, adventure and fighting in World War I.

Take a stroll on the exquisite Victory Avenue – BEST WALK

Exquisite Victory Avenue - Bucharest luxury tour | Romania

Enjoy the architectural treasure chest that Romanian capital is.

You will discover spectacular buildings and fascinating stories from the last 400 years.
This cultural expedition has stops in front of the most important buildings.
And it offers essential information about the city’s history and about the most impressive monuments and their aristocratic family owners.
Victory Avenue’s history goes back to Prince Constantin Brancoveanu’s time.
It connected Mogosoaia Palace and Prince’s Palace from Bucharest’s Old Court.
At that time it was paved with logs, hence the name of Mogosoaia’s Bridge.

Little Paris

At the beginning of last century Bucharest was a garden-city with avenues.

And this is one of its oldest and most famous of them.
Then, the city was known as the Paris of the East.
Why ? Because of its affection for everything French, from architecture to food to fashion.
Even today you can still notice it, walking on this city’s main artery bordered by French-inspired Belle Époque buildings.
Here, the rich locals used to take strolls on weekends, especially on summer evenings.
It was the main promenade place for them.
In the early 1940s, Marshal Antonescu was the first to succeed imposing one way sense on Victory Avenue.
In the evening people went towards Kiseleff Road and in the morning towards Dambovita River.
Nowadays this is a leading retail avenue concentrating 70% of the major luxury brand stores in Bucharest.
So the exquisite Victory Avenue is absolutely THE place to be for serious luxury shopping.
Here you can enjoy your passion in a carefree way.
And even open some closed doors not just for a sneak preview of a world famous designers’ studio.
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And don’t forget. This key destination of luxury brands is visited also for museums exploration !

Fine food & wine

Since its opening, about once a week the finest wines (sometimes Romanian, sometimes international) are paired with special menus for the exclusive pleasure of a very limited number of guests.

Located in one of the hottest area of Bucharest, this lounge for wine lovers knows how to treat a customer.  You’ll enjoy everything from cosy friendly atmosphere to best selection of wines and champagnes, perfectly accompanied by appetizing collations.

Secure your place or ask for further details !

Cleopatra Trubetskoy House

The house of Princess Cleopatra Trubetskoy was built in 1886 in French Neoclassical style.

The princess was one of the most refined and elegant women of the 19th century’s Bucharest social elite.
Her father, Brigadier General Costache Ghica, served in the Russian army.
She became a princess marrying the rich Russian Prince Serghei Trubetskoy.
You can still see the monogram (N) of the last owner, the rich merchant Zaharia Nenciu.
This is also the place where Franz Liszt held a concert once.

Gradisteanu-Ghika Palace

This is one of the most beautiful palaces of Bucharest and Victory Avenue.

Monteoru Terrace & Mansion

Monteoru Catargi House Terrace - Bucharest private tour | Romania

One of the most elegant houses in capital lies hidden behind a garden with majestic fig trees.

Three feminine stone silhouettes from Greece elegantly guard the garden. How many they could say if they could only speak.
Built in the 19th century, it looks like any minute a carriage with guests will halt under its colonnades balcony.
Third house owner was the great agrarian Grigore Monteoru.
This enriched overnight discovering oil on a poky agricultural land and founded Sarata Monteoru resort on his estate in Buzau.

Day dream at a refreshing drink in balmy evening breeze…

Immediately needing a husband for his daughter with a shorter leg, Monteoru offered as dowry this sumptuous mansion.
The stratagem boosted his daughter in capital’s high society.
Who would hesitate to such enticing offer on Bucharest’s fanciest artery, very close to Stirbey Palace ?
Lascar Catargiu for sure didn’t !
Two architects – Ion Mincu and Nicolae Cutarida – radically restored the house.
To mark La Belle Epoque, they sculpted the year 1889 on the ornate imposing massive wood doors.

A real jewel, the French eclectic style interior had walls covered in multicolored marble.
Grandiose fine crystal mirrors from Vienna reflected the lightning objects custom-made in Paris.
The mansion had French Baroque style chandelier, French silk upholstered walls, Venetian mirrors and Meissen tiles stoves.
Monumental stairs, rare wood paneling, stucco ceilings and massive walnut furniture from Vienna and Paris rounded the old aristocratic atmosphere.
After war, Polish diplomatic mission used the residence for protocol meetings only to preserve its luxurious interiors.
Later, seized in the loft and gun threatened by Soviets, Elena donated the mansion.
Nationalized, the valuable patrimony building became Writers Union headquarter.
And hosted personalities like pianist Cella Delavrancea and writer Mihail Sadoveanu.

It’s a hidden terrace. Your date won’t hate it. Eden Garden.

Due to the balls organized here, this was a blueprint for the social life in mid-19th century Bucharest.

The palace was built between 1833-1835 by order of Prince Barbu Dimitrie Stirbei.
For this purpose he resorted to the services of the French architect Michel Sanjouand who used the Neo-classical style.
It resulted a slim and elegant building with Greek elements.
At its peak, Stirbei Palace was the place where they held the most spectacular dances.
“Romanian Herald” and an engraving by Dossault (from 1848) describe the “glittering ball” held in June 1843.
This was in honour of Prince Albert of Prussia, brother of King Friedrich-Wilhelm.
Have your tea at the palace !

Carol I Central University Library

Statue of King Charles of Romania - Bucharest private luxury tour | Azzurytt car rentalOne of the world’s 100 most beautiful libraries, this is the oldest university library in Bucharest and the most important one in Romania.

The Yeshua Tova Synagogue

Also called Mogosoaia Bridge Synagogue, as a reference to Victory Avenue next by, and built in 1827 / ? 1840 in Moorish (Arabesque) style, this is the city’s oldest synagogue.

The facade along the street, added later, follows the monumental triptych concept, its relief depicting the 10 Commandments.
The 295 sqm synagogue can host 300 people inside and hasthrones placed to the sides of the Chivot, meant for important guests  and it is only open when there is service.
Totally renovated in 2007 when on the occasion the inauguration, the Rabbi Shlomo Amar uncovered a large plaque engraved with the names of those who led the synagogue since its founding.
Still serves the local Jewish community.

Tache Ionescu 9 (between Piata Amzei si Piata Romanahttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yeshua_Tova_Synagogue

Take an inside tour of a culture symbol – Romanian Athenaeum

Romanian Athenaeum is an iconic Bucharest landmark and city’s main concert hall.

Romanian Athenaeum concert hall - Bucharest escorted tour | Romania

This is also the headquarter of George Enescu Philarmonic Orchestra.
It really worth to pay a visit inside and let your hand carress the Carrara marble.
Not to mention the fascinating story of the remarkable 70 m long fresco hidden for 20 years.
While attending a concert here you’ll be amazed by its exceptional accoustic and perfect visibility from any seat.
If an odd year come in September to enjoy the worlds’ greatest orchestras and soloists.

Ramada Majestic Hotel 

In 1990s, the first hotel in Romania affiliated with the American brand Ramada was Ramada-Majestic Hotel in Bucharest.

Built before the World War I, this was consolidated and revamped between 1993-1996.
Its first VIP guest arrived in the summer of 1996.
This was nobody else but Hillary Clinton, then first lady of the United States.
Between 2000-2003, they extended the 4-star hotel following the acquisition of a neighboring building.
The Turkish group Ener Holding – which controls Gloria Jean`s coffee shops chain too – is the owner of the hotel.
The children of the Turkish shareholders – now aged – do not want to work within hotel business.
So Ener Holding have already sold a hotel owned in Antalya and now Ramada-Majestic is also on sale.

National Military Circle

This historical and architectural monument hosts Romanian Army’s central institution of culture.
Built on the former site of Sarindar Monastery, for the officers in Bucharest who financed the building, this was the central cultural institution of Romanian Army.
Each room has a different style, the Marble Hall being one of the most successfully creation of the local architecture.

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