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Danube Delta – one of the most popular destinations in RomaniaRomania private tour - Lipovean | Danube Delta inhabitant

Romania is one of the most inciting travel destinations in the world, offering pleasant surprising adventures.
This tour introduces you in the atmosphere of the South Eastern part of Romania.
Named Dobrogea, this region includes 2 counties: Constanta and Tulcea.
The latter is one of this country’s most sensational counties as regards nature and historical heritage.
Wondering why ?
Because it is the gate to the magnificent UNESCO site called Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation.
And since Michelin Green Guide awarded it with 3*, it definitely worth a visit.


Welcome and greetings to Bucharest or Constanta airport.

See the largest wind farm in Europe

Fantanele-Cogealac Wind Farm | Danube Delta private boat tour

See (by helicopter or car) the largest onshore wind farm in Romania and in Europe (600 MW capacity).

It surpasses its rival in Scotland (UK) – Whitelee Wind Farm (322 MW).
Lying at only 17 km west from Black Sea shore, it has excellent wind conditions.
It occupies 1,100 hectares of open field, 600 hectares in Fantanele and 500 hectares in Cogealac communes.
The 240 wind turbines have 100 m height, an average 99 m rotor diameter and 2.5 MW rated capacity each.
These represents about 10% of the green energy production of Romania (including large hydroelectric plants).
Fantanele-Cogealac Wind Farm is also the biggest direct foreign investment in Romania (EUR 1.1 bln).
American company Continental Wind Partners (CWP) that first envisioned the project sold it to CEZ Group, the actual owner.
This holds more than 40% of the green certificates market in Romania.
Transelectrica, the national electric power transmission company of Romania, uses the impressive wind farm.

Dolosman Promontory and Argamum / Orgame fortress

On good weather conditions, prepare for a remarkable panorama over Razim Lake.

And strong wind.
And an apart charm of the fortress’ walls if sun shines favors you.

Argamum fortress - Dolosman Promontory | Danube Delta private escorted tour

Not to mention the flora and fauna you can find there.
Otherways, come back on a warmer day !

Archaeological sites: Histria

By the middle of the 7th century BC, colonists from Miletus founded a Greek colony on Dobrogea coast of Pontus Euxinus (Black Sea).

This had to exist for 14 centuries, until the 7th century AD.
One of the first Greek colonies founded in this sea’s basin, it was the oldest on its west coast.
The oldest town attested on the territory of nowadays Romania was also here.


This is a less known destination, of a wild beauty.

Situated in the middle of a fairy tale landscape it neighbors the Black Sea and the Danube Delta.
The last one’s  is an unique wetland on UNESCO World Heritage List for its biodiversity and stunning sceneries.


Stop for an hour or two at Danube Delta Museum.
Have lunch on the only steam war ship in the world.
Enjoy a leisure afternoon in Tulcea city.


Letea forest

Prepare yourself for a 6 hours boat round-trip across Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation.

Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation - UNESCO heritage site | Romania private car escorted tour

This includes a 2.5 hours 4×4 cars guided ride through forest.
With 700 years old trees, this forest is the only one in Europe with lianas.
Lunch box from resort.
Leisure afternoon in a resort.


Pirate’s Capital

Now it's the perfect time for a 6 hours boat round-trip across Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation.

This time it includes 4 hours visit of the Pirates’ Capital.
And lunch in Sulina.
Leisure afternoon in a resort.
Danube Delta culinary safari.


Salute the pelicans

Did you ever imagine you could have your coffee with the pelicans ?

Well, we did.
So here you are watching the pelicans colony from only 30-40 m away.
Sunrise breakfast, coffee & drinks with the pelicans – guide from the resort.
Lunch in the resort.
Wild peonies and beach.


Northern Dobrogea ancient fortresses bike toursBoat sail and fish - Danube Delta channels tour | Romania

Eat. Sleep. Bike.
Visit the Byzantine fortress.
Boat sail and fish on Danube Delta’s channels and Razim Lake.

Open fire lunch atop mountains

Day trip to some of the oldest mountains in Europe formed in the second part of the Paleozoic; picnic, guide and car assistance from resort.

Drive to Bucharest or Constanta airport.



Danube Delta private boat trip - Azzurytt tailor made tours | Romania

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* Base price (itinerary planning & all inclusive car rental): from 1,150 Euro for up to 6 guests.


* Departures: all year round. Some activities are subject to weather conditions.

Tulcea - Danube Delta private tour | Romania

* Interests: family, romantic, gourmet, history, ruins / archaeology, monasteries, nature, wildlife, bird watching, photography, relaxing

* Available on request:
** Helicopter / jet transfer from Bucharest to Tulcea
** Helicopter tour over Danube Delta Biosphere reservation available on request

* Don’t forget your mosquitoes repellent !

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