Find ADVENTURE in a ROMANIAN theme park

Can you keep a secret ?

Orastie city - Hunedoara County private car tour | Romanian adventure theme parkWe actually look for daring men and women to secretly train them for undercover missions.
We are offering an adrenaline-fueled new experience.
Do you have what it takes ?
This action-packed adventure will give mere mortals a flavour of life in Romanian Armed Forces.
And it will test to the limit your physical endurance, mental ability, team-working skills and leadership capability.
Don’t start telling everybody but here, the entertainment for you and your “hit squad” is guaranteed.
So if you are looking for the ultimate military training without joining any army, head to Romania.
You will drink in all of Wallachia’s natural splendor – and other libations.


Have you ever step inside an ammunition factory ?

Arsenal Park - Transylvania private tour | Romanian adventure theme park

You won’t do it now either.
Europe’s only military entertainment park appeared in 2003 after greening the site of a former weapons and ammunition factory.
Rumors say that here, where the factory was, there was also a secret military training base of Romanian Army.
A truck, van, helicopter or other mean of transportation takes you to this secret destination blindfolded or hooded.
There you have to pass through a careful security checking.
First they retain any of your personal items incompatible with the security rules: phones, photo and video cameras, etc.
Then, the unit commander greets you and gives complete security instructions.


On the footsteps of the 2nd World War

Europe only military entertainment park - Azzurytt tailor made tour | Romanian adventure theme parkDo you like history and admire veterans ?
Well, during WWII this was the target of USA’s attacks for destruction together with the local train station.
Enjoy a full tour of the largest military technical museum in Romania (88 ha).
See with your own eyes Red Army’s main battle tank during WWII.
Admire the tanks hunter designed and used by USSR during the same war…
Histories of military artifacts gathered here are really captivating.
Walk further among airplanes, helicopters and rail vehicles.
And feel free to touch self-propelled and machine-guns, cannons and artillery.
For sure all these will take you back in time to the ‘30s.


Join the army

Military entertainment park - Romania tourist attractions | Azzurytt private tailor made tourA professional training follows the uniforms rental.
Unlock the secret world of manoeuvre exercises under experienced officers’ guidance.
Get a proper weapons’ using and combat body trainings plus 1 hour of shooting.
See how difficult is for combat soldiers to board an armored troop carrier and drive a truck for 1 hour.

Europe theme park - Romania private custom made holiday | Azzurytt“Attention Soldier !”
The time has come for you to get into a real tank.
You´ll make to the ranks of a real man !
Now, chin in and chest out !
So, do you really want to see why those who’ve never ridden a tank are just “softies” ?
Now you’ve got the chance !
Have an 1 hour high–octane driving experience and learn how to make a mammoth crawler descend a near-vertical slope.
Without seat-belt !
You’ll start to realize what the meaning of edge-of-seat excitement really is.
In the end you will be well prepared to be deployed any minute on a real mission.
And become a hero !

History and adrenaline - Romania custom made holiday | AzzuryttAt mess-room, like every soldier, you will eat your standard dinner from the tin.
Tuica – or its stronger version palinca – will flavor it.
No waiter service !
But you’ll comfortably sleep in your own General Villa, Colonel Apartment, War Cannon or Amphibious Armoured Vehicle (TAB).
Without “silk and laces” unless brought from home and successfully passed through the checkpoint, which we seriously doubt !
We’re talking real man-like spirit and, yes, barrack atmosphere.
But most importantly: adrenaline and entertainment.
Finally, all of you soldiers, will bring home memorial certificate, military hats and military flasks with tuica as souvenirs.


Start planning your next mission and become a Romanian Holiday Soldier, Colonel or General !

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