Spodnja Idrija

Bled Lake custom travel ~ Slovenia luxury car tour ~ Azzurytt Travel Concierge

  • DAY 1
    • Leisure time (optional) for: meeting a lace-maker, fly fishing marble trouts in nearby rivers or hiking and cycling experiences. You can also discover the mysterious Idrija’s underground world with a guide. This takes you to the world’s second-largest mine of mercury (500 years old, UNESCO World Heritage Site).
    • Traditional cuisine dinner (expression of the terroir) at Kendov Dvorec Restaurant
  • DAY 2
    • Full day tour of Skocjan Caves, Lipica & Piran: Karst & Coast (small-group from Ljubljana)
  • DAY 3 (optional)
    • Full day tour to Bled Lake ~ At the foothills of Julian Alps, the glacial lake fed by hot springs has the only natural island in the country, with a church on top. The 11-th century fairytale castle lying on a cliff overlooking this lake houses a printing press museum. The lake offers spectacular views especially in the autumn if you choose a 1.5 hours walk around it. Alternatively you can go to: Mala Osojnica (steep hike to famed Lake Bled views) or Ojstrica (mountain with a pyramid-shaped top). If the weather is too cold for swimming, it is perfect for boat rowing around the island and photo shootings.
  • 2 nights of accommodation at Kendov Dvorec Hotel ~ If you prefer the village atmosphere of a 14-century mansion set amid alpine peaks, this is for you. A hotel and restaurant with elegant furniture in traditional local style, wood carved antique interiors and handmade decorative lace. Its beautifully landscaped gardens have picturesque views.
  • Optional trips to:
    • the breathtaking Soca Valley
    • Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital and one of the top 10 best holiday destinations in August for summer sun
    • Skocjan karst caves
    • Bohinj alpine lake
    • Vipava Valley vineyards



Otocec custom travel ~ Slovenia luxury car tour ~ Azzurytt Travel Concierge

Slovenian magical nature invites you in a splendid peaceful blend between historical and modern life. Here, in the middle of a river island, a castle hosts a hotel and restaurant. Think of morning walks with birdsongs, candle-lit dinners for gourmets, wine, crackling wood fire… Did we mention they have one of the best golf courses in Europe ?

  • DAY 1
    • Leisure time (optional) for: fishing, relaxing in the garden, tasting wine… Or even better, dunking your beauty into the ever so healing waters of Klevevz !
    • Classical cooking dinner at Otocec Castle Restaurant 
  • 1 night of accommodation at Grad Otocec Hotel


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