Traditional homemade delicacies from Rucar-Bran Couloir

Despite the rain outside, under the large umbrella, the flavours of smoked sausages and forest fruits syrups tantalize your senses.
Bear, deer, and boar dry sausages, wild strawberry, raspberry, underbrush, fir buds and fir cones thick syrups, cheese in fir tree bark, smoked cheese, forest fruits sherbet, honey, blueberry brandy…
The driver is quite passionate about homemade drinks.
He prepares his own elder juice, so he asks about the quantities in the recipe of this amazing blueberry brandy.
The answer surprise and make us all laughing: as many ripe blueberries and some palinca (traditional local brandy), no sugar, no any other add-ons.
Honey is another local delicacy you don’t wish to miss.
Especially the one made of acacia.
Some says in Romania you find the most flavored and tasty one.
Maybe because of the unknown natural mix of fertile soil, clean air and weather conditions.

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