Wallachia private tour ~ Chic rustic chalet exclusively for you !

Carpathian Mountains private tour - Buzau County | Wallachia

Set among charming woodland in Southern Carpathians, this is the most suitable retreat for families and friends.
Especially if you want to enjoy the mountain holidays in relaxed soul southing green or white surroundings.
Gardens, virgin forest and only ecologic ingredients, from own vegetable and trout farm or carefully checked farms, cooked after old local recipes with filtered mountain source water…
Plus a fascinating collection of movies and books available exclusively for you.
Built in 1985 for dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, the place was restored in 2000 as luxury cabin.
Very child friendly, this impressive remote estate offers complimentary access to a variety of indoor and outdoor entertainment facilities.

Here you can also enjoy the only NO you ever wanted to hear: NO traffic, NO neighbors, NO GPS coverage.
You can still keep in touch with your home world through their steady phone and Internet connection.
Spend more time in this magic forest and explore nearby attractions too:
* Eagles Lake,
* Ciolanu monastery,
* Siriu dam,
* horse riding classes at the stud farm.

By the way, we’ve seen your future. And there’s snow. A lot of it.
Crunching under your feet.
Crispy fresh air. A white forest landscape unfolding to your eyes.
And this head of state’s hunting cabin…
Inside the cozy rooms the fireplace is lit.
Romanian flavours coming from the generous helpings cooked in the kitchen tantalize your senses.
It smells of boiled wine with cinnamon.
Beautiful decorations remind you of childhood and season music completes the atmosphere.
Christmas will be celebrated here with camp fire and carols to guide Santa Claus easier among fir trees.

For which season should you booking be done ?

Have a sneak preview to your custom made Wallachia private tour

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