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Romanian pan-pipe | Bucharest luxury private tour
Legend says that before your grandparents’ grandparents were born, in the fair on Dambovita River banks there was a shepherd.

Named Bucur (Joy), this used to ravish local merchants with his strong wine from nearby vineyards and panpipe playing.
After he became famous a lot of locals started to pretend they are him.
So people wishing to be sure were asking: Bucur esti ? (Are you Bucur ?)
And thus the name of the city remained Bucuresti (Bucharest or the City of Joy).
You can bet he never imagined they will give his name to Romania’s capital.
But this city really is one where everybody always finds joy !
(Just to satisfy your curiosity: in 1459 Prince Vlad Tepes – the Impaler – issued the city’s first documentary attestation.)


Michelin Green Guide awarded Bucharest with 2 stars (worth a detour)

University Square - Romania capital luxury private car tour | Travel in Europe
Set amid a series of lakes in the Danube Plane, Bucharest is a former garden-city with avenues.

Still charming visitors with wonderful surprises, it remembers of more gracious days.
This is the first city with oil public lighting (since 1857).
It is also the natal city of Henri Coanda who invented the jet engine used by modern airplanes.
Old Romanian aristocracy used to go study in Paris, so French style tremendously influenced city’s architecture.
In the 1900s, its Belle Epoque buildings and high life brought it the nickname of “Little Paris”.
Walking on its streets you will remark a blend of cultures:
– turn of the century elegance,
– influences of German King Carol I of Romania and
– communist excess.
Long time political and social center, Bucharest is one of the most exciting and least expensive European capitals.
Plus the largest thermal city in Europe (after Rome) is the second coolest city to go study in (after Lisbon).



Joy City is full of iconic attractions, unexpected hidden gems and art as well as unmissable dining and opera.

Few days in Bucharest will convince you this is one of your favourite places in Europe.
Due to its old center, trendy cafés, Latin spirit and Balkan passion, it is a great option for city breaks.
Parks mix with art galleries and exquisite Orthodox churches…
Restaurants have both excellent world-class food and great interiors and sometimes even live traditional music…
Making strides in tourism infrastructure, Bucharest catches up to European capitals.
Trendy cafes and fascinating museums hide among unreconstructed communist exterior.
And its buzzing cultural scene will certainly keep you busy !
Come and celebrate everything the capital has to offer and see for yourself just how special Bucharest is.


Best walks

Dambovita River and Izvor Park next to Parliament Palace - Romania capital grand tour | Escorted tours of Romania

Bucharest is the perfect city to experience Romanian culture at its finest, housing some of the country's greatest museums.

There are so many interesting historic buildings to see in Bucharest.
These intensive experiences provide you with an in-depth knowledge of city’s artistic heritage.
Even if you only have a day or weekend at disposal to unearth its intriguing history.
Your premium tailor-made experience includes not only airport – hotel – airport private transfers but also a tour of your choice of Romania’s capital highlights.
After landing, your personal professional driver welcomes you right inside the airport’s arrivals terminal.
A private car comfortably takes you to the hotel and then to the city’s most appealing sightseeing chosen upon your hobbies, curiosities and interests.


Palace Casino - Vernescu House | Bucharest city tour

While in the northern part of the city, families will be able to explore the open air Village Museum.
And learn more about the way Romanians’ ancestors used to live.
Here they gathered together more than 50 dwellings and farmhouses from all over the country.
The Natural History Museum has a wonderful variety of exhibits on display to enjoy throughout the year.


Its historical center stretches out on both sides of Lipscani Street, named after the merchants from Leipzig.


Jewish heritage - Bucharest private car tour | Romania highlights

Documentary attested on Romania’s territory since the 5th century BC, Jewish communities left their tracks through Bucharest  starting from 1550.


  • Bucharest’s palaces

Parliament Palace - Romania private car tour | Europe highlights

Explore the capital like an architect.
Few cities in the world can match the character and culture of Little Paris.
Explore map of the city with the most beautiful landmark palaces.


This specializes in endemic and native plants and trees.
So children and their parents will be able to familiarize with Romania’s flora and fauna while touring the garden.


Bucharest tailor made tour sample


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