Wine ~ symbol of happiness. Until Burebista !

Wine ~ symbol of happiness. Until Burebista ! Moldavia private escorted tour | Romania journeyAncient Greeks mention viticulture as traditional activity for people living north of Danube River, now Romania.
They also mentioned their wines as the most famous ones.
For Romanians’ ancestors, Getae-Dacians, wine was the symbol of happiness.
They sprinkled it on their clothes to attract good things to them.
Both men and women enjoyed it unmixed with water, from bull horns or clay pots.
In fact their passion for wine had became so great that King Burebista ordered the rooting out of the vineyards.
Thousands of years later, Romanians still have wine in their blood and wineries swarm the country.
Ranked 6th in Europe as wine production, Romania is immediately under countries like France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Portugal.
And the local wines are receiving medals after medals at international competitions.

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Bacchus’ favorites, from Romania

Among the most sought-after varieties of this home of Bacchus, there are:
* some old traditional ones nearly extincted during the Iron Curtain (like Cramposia) and the red Feteasca Neagra or
* the easily selling Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines.
Cultivated on the Moldavian hills since ancient times, red Feteasca Neagra is very rare outside this country.
A bit rustic, it has some richness in it, being an unmistakable jewel on the shield of Romanian wine making.
Francis Ford Coppola became acquainted with Romanian wines after almost a year spent here with his wife Eleanor.
(She accompanies him on nearly every movie location, making documentaries about his films.)
Coppola called Feteasca Neagra a star red grape of Romania, comparing it with NegroAmaro, the grape from southern Italy.

Still wondering what makes Romania a dream destination for wine lovers ?
First, the internationally awarded wines with still more than affordable prices.
Then the centuries-old castles and mansions brought back to life by vineyards and of course the natural landscapes.

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