Pleasurable. Safe. Hassle-free.

Exceptional moments you cherish for life invariably remember of carefree childhood, beauty and relaxation.
And we at Azzurytt simply love making people happy by giving them such exceptional moments.

Full itinerary planning

Over 15 years of experience in hospitality field BA in Tourism Economy, MA in International Tourism, Tourism Manager License Love making guests happy by giving them exceptional moments to cherish for life

Plan your itinerary in Romania and rent a (chauffeured) car with us.
We’ll tell you the best spots to:
– sleep,
– eat,
– taste the local wine,
– take the perfect photo shots and
– lots of other travel tips.
Just let us know what you need:

I have half day (up to 4 hours) free in Bucharest and don’t know what to do / I wish up to 2 hours advice on a set itinerary

Via WhatsApp

I wish to plan a self-drive tour but I am:
- overwhelmed by the amount of online travel information /
- traveling in less than a month /
- not sure where to begin from
and need tailored suggestions and sightseeing information

Pay what you wish for travel planning services

I prefer to let a local expert taking care of my tour planning


I wish an escorted tour and love being treated like a VIP and be completely relaxed during my tour


Talk to your local expert


Let’s talk online or over a coffee about your personal interests and curiosities (heritage, nature, culture…) as well as about your needs (hotels, restaurants, cars…). All your questions will be answered and your tour map will be drawn.

Be our guest and expect the wonderful unexpected !

Tours, your style

It’s time to talk about your style experiences in Romania.
You know, those activities you and your select buddies enjoy the most and which make you feel special.
This country is full of such precious life experiences…
And Azzurytt has a network of connections scattered in all worth seeing places of this incredible country.
Plus excellent expertise in providing authentic tours highly customized upon your wishes, interests, curiosities and even hobbies.

Featured tours

More tailor made tours in Romania

Luxury, Romanian style

If true luxury for you means opulence or expensive, you will be disappointed.
For us luxury means enjoying the very best.
Like the feel of sugar-soft sand between your toes on an empty beach.
Or the way sun sparkles as it dances on the surface of an infinity pool.
Irreproachable quality is our most precious asset and the main reason for the excellent image of Azzurytt brand.

Luxury means personal touches meeting particular characteristics of guests.
And extra steps towards perfection that only few take.
It is welcoming and nurturing, understanding our guests, addressing their unstated needs and anticipating their future wishes.
Sometimes it also means special experiences, VIP treatment or by invitation-only access.
Value is the new luxury.
Fortunately we deliver both.
While some may travel the world seeking luxury, you can find it in Romania.
A wilderness with fluffy white clouds on the clear blue sky and some sparkling luxury thrown in.

Inspire me

Experience the pleasures of traveling, Azzurytt style

Receive impeccable services and enjoy personal assistance throughout your visit.
Discover service that is as warm as the golden sunshine and amenities that indulge as well as delight you.
Ride in the comfort of private transfers to your carefully hand picked destinations.
Take advantage of Azzurytt’s outstanding lodging and dining recommendations.
Enjoy the effortless ease of a stay at one of our favorite lavish or intimate boutique hotels.
Or feed your appetite with a gourmet meal.
Pamper yourself at a serene spa – and get them all with surprise gifts !

What sets us apart

Azzurytt tailor made tours are for you if you wish pleasurable, safe, hassle-free tours and love being taken care of.
We are also a wise choice if you prefer a flexible itinerary in your own pace.
And open age family friendly atmosphere.
Plus expert knowledge from a local who traveled extensively in Romania.
This will handle your tour from start to finish making the most both of your time away and your budget.
After all it is your holiday and you are spending quite a lot on it, so why take any chance ?

Why choose us

Discover Romania’s country-side, urban, mountain and beach rhythms with Azzurytt !

Azzurytt News Blog - Private tailor made tours | Romania

Azzurytt designs tours just about everywhere in Romania inspiration can take you.
With getaway spots around all 3 provinces of the country:
– Wallachia,
– Transylvania and
– Moldavia
you have the chance to get knowing no less than 34 out of 40 counties.
Plus the well known capital – Bucharest, once called Little Paris.
Itineraries cover both famous regions like:
– Carpathian Mountains,
– Black Sea coast,
– Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation,
– Bucovina,
– Maramures or
– Transylvania
and less explored ones such as Iron Gates, Olt Valley or Crisana.
Take a short break. It’s time for pleasure.

Make Romania your next destination

Open age, open curiosity…

Designed with the discerning travelers’ preferences in mind, Azzurytt tours suit all ages.
Curious well traveled guests especially appreciate our tours tailored upon each one’s level of activity.
Those who love being pampered will definitely prefer Luxury tours.
These include mostly 5 star overnights, fine restaurants, chauffeured minivan and VIP treatment:
– jet transfers,
– helicopter flight tours
– yacht cruises and / or
– special access to sights not open for tourists.
More independent guests will feel absolutely great choosing Premium tours, including mostly 4 star overnights, upscale restaurants and comfortable sedans.

How we take care

Dear discerning traveler,
You’re about to be traveling… in Romania.
Which guarantees one thing: you’re going to need a tailor made itinerary planned.
And some classy private transfers, at least by land.
Complimentary hotel recommendations and restaurant reservations would be welcome too.
As well as a personal travel concierge and tour manager.

Romania travel services

What guests say

Leah & James (Great Britain): You really know the best places to eat ! Thank you for a great weekend. We really enjoyed it and we already want to return.

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Complimentary tour tips & tricks

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