Europe private tours ~ Your style


Exceptional moments you cherish for life invariably remember of carefree childhood, beauty and relaxation.
And we at Azzurytt simply love making people happy by giving them such exceptional moments.


Change your world from time-poor to moment-rich !

Your tea is Moroccan. Your custom-made shoes are Italian. And that red wine you’re sipping on ? From Bordeaux, bien sur.
Some of the greatest memories come from Europe !
Seek inspiration. Discuss the details with a local travel expert. Then book your tailor made private tour.


Europe tour, travel & leisure services

  • Vacation consultant service
  • Lodging recommendations (hotel / villa / mansion)
  • Airport transfers
  • Car rentals
  • Yacht & Boat charter
  • Air charter
  • Restaurants / Shows / Museum reservations
  • Travel and tour tips

Full itinerary planning

We’ll tell you the best spots to:
– sleep,
– eat,
– taste the local wine,
– take the perfect photo shots and
– lots of other travel tips.
Just let us know what you need.
Let’s talk online or over a coffee about your personal interests and curiosities – heritage, nature, culture… – as well as about your needs: hotels, restaurants, cars…
All your questions will be answered and your tour map will be drawn.

Talk to your travel expert



If true luxury for you means opulence or expensive, you will be disappointed.
For us luxury means enjoying the very best.
Like the feel of sugar-soft sand between your toes on an empty beach.
Or the way sun sparkles as it dances on the surface of an infinity pool.
Irreproachable quality is our most precious asset and the main reason for the excellent image of Azzurytt brand.

Luxury means personal touches meeting particular characteristics of guests.

And extra steps towards perfection that only few take.
It is welcoming and nurturing, understanding our guests, addressing their unstated needs and anticipating their future wishes.
Sometimes it also means special experiences, VIP treatment or by invitation-only access.
Value is the new luxury.
Fortunately we deliver both.
While some may travel the world seeking luxury, you can find it in Romania.
A wilderness with fluffy white clouds on the clear blue sky and some sparkling luxury thrown in.


Experience the pleasures of traveling

Receive impeccable services and enjoy personal assistance throughout your visit.
Discover service that is as warm as the golden sunshine and amenities that indulge as well as delight you.
Ride in the comfort of private transfers to your carefully hand picked destinations.
Take advantage of Azzurytt‘s outstanding lodging and dining recommendations.
Enjoy the effortless ease of a stay at one of our favorite lavish or intimate boutique hotels.
Or feed your appetite with a gourmet meal.
Pamper yourself at a serene spa – and get them all with surprise gifts !


Speak to your local expert and tailor made your private bespoke tour (free quote) !

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