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Enjoy your best custom travel to Europe !

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Azzurytt takes care of every aspect of your journey. We design your own custom tour itinerary according to your travel style and rent the car. Then we find the most attractive restaurants and suitable entertainment. And we put you in touch with hotels, travel agencies or tour operators that best fit your wishes. You pay them directly and only send us the planning fee.

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Luxury travel

Yes, most fun things are hidden. Or off-limits. At least until you know somebody… who knows some places and activities… Because sometimes it is not what you know, it is who you know !

Luxury travel – Azzurytt style – means enjoying the very best. Like the personal touches that meet particular characteristics of guests. And extra steps towards perfection that only few take. It means hedonism and happiness. Luxury travel includes unique, rare and unusual experiences that bring back childhood memories and will remain sentimentally precious for you. It is understanding our guests, addressing their unstated needs and anticipating their future wishes. Luxury travel also means adapting to last minute changes. Sometimes it means VIP treatment, as focusing on your wellbeing, friendly efficient staff keep pampering and spoiling. And that’s making you feel like royalty. You can even travel incognito (no badges, no white-gloves chauffeur, no black suites or flashy cars) !

Receive impeccable services throughout your Europe tours from trustworthy suppliers. Discover amenities that indulge and delight you. Ride in the comfort of classy private transfers to your carefully hand picked destinations. Take advantage of Azzurytt’s outstanding lodging and dining recommendations. Enjoy the effortless ease of a stay at one of our favorite lavish or intimate boutique hotels. Or feed your appetite with a gourmet meal. Experience the pleasures of traveling !


included with every Azzurytt tour

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As a tour company, Azzurytt is providing the following services:

  • Trip planning
    • Recommendations on the best spots to sleep, eat, enjoy sights and activities upon your preferences 
    • Your personal travel expert is on hand throughout your journey offering online support via WhatsApp or email. Think to one of your funny friends you always love to have along ! This local travel expert designs your vacation with you from scratch seeking out the best of Europe countries.
    • Optional VIP treatment to spice your custom Europe tour
      • Luxury nests
      • Champagne on arrival
      • Other perks upon your preferences
  • Private transfers intermediation:


Expect the wonderful unexpected when traveling with Azzurytt !