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Brasov County

Brasov custom travel ~ Romania luxury tour ~ Azzurytt Travel Concierge

Bratescu Mansion

Luxury surprise in Bran village

From the moment we discovered the website of this mansion we decided to change our hotel booking if possible. The owner answered our call and despite the short notice he was extremely open and friendly. Since we couldn’t decide which room to choose he offered to book one for us but only choose on the spot the room we like most. We arrived late (22:00) and because the restaurant we previously chose for dinner was a total disappointment at 22:30 we were asking his help again. The grilled chicken with fresh vegetables and lemonade were incredible. And so was the spacious suite with a very comfortable bed and a fascinating old style bathroom. 

Everything shows good taste there:

the architecture, the cozy restaurant, the carpet on the stairs, the common spaces and rooms. At the lavish healthy breakfast we received the cake from the house. Another small gesture – like the one of the owner that offered to bring us the coffee – but exactly these make the difference and leave a long lasting impression. Definitely this is a place to stop every time we pass through Bran and warmly recommend to everyone looking for really exquisite services.

Hotel Aurelius Poiana Brasov

From the moment you arrive at the front desk you feel like stepping back in time. There are beautiful paintings on all walls. Rooms are surprisingly spacious, with old white furniture with golden details. Almost everything reminds you of the princely atmosphere from the beginning of last century. The staff is friendly, prompt and very helpful.

Bran Castle Restaurant

“Great experience ! Extremely friendly, flexible and welcoming staff, even with difficult, demanding, on a hurry guests like us. They accommodated all our requests, always with sincere smiles. The entire menu was absolutely delicious, fresh and served exactly as it should be. Food quality fully justifies the price. I especially loved the Crispy Turkey Schnitzel. Also very prompt service. The restaurant is decorated with very good taste, stylish but not opulent. It preserves the atmosphere from the times when Queen Mary used to have tea here. This is definitely a place that worth to come back.”


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Buzau County

Transhumance ~ Custom Romania tour ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning One of the most famous and oldest wine-growing districts in Romania, Dealu Mare is called “Romania’s Tuscany”. Discover Romanian wine culture with more than 2.000 years of history and excellent wines from sunny southward hills. Experience one of Romania’s top vineyards and best vintages in the enchanting setting of Dealu Mare Wine Land villages. Try fine selections of high quality wine. These highlight why for many Dealu Mare is the most exciting local wine region. Reserve your mix of bottles and then start spread the word among your best friends. It is positively jaw dropping !

  • Lacerta first impression wine tasting

    • It includes: 3 wines (out of 20), a brief description of wines, and production process. Optional tours of: the vine estate, wine cellar (where they make the wine), and winery (to see the wine barrels).
    • “This is one of the best wineries in Romania. Highly recommended for its fine wines, great service and very friendly, welcoming and professional stuff. The place is superb. We had a great guide that showed us the cellar and gave a lot of details about wine making in Romania. And the tasting convinces you to buy at least several of their wines.” Finland private group
  • Optional:
    • Trip to Eagles Lake

      • Beautiful legends surround the periglacial lake, located in Carpathian mountains, at an altitude of 1420 m, nearby Siriu town. Some say that, in the spring, the vultures come to the lake to teach their chicks to fly. Other say that the lake is bottomless. And the locals who threw their treasures into it to save them from Tatar invaders never recovered them. They also say that, during the Second World War, the locals built a road under the lake. And the tanks of the fooled German army that entered the water did not come out anymore.
Eagles Lake ~ Romania luxury travel ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning
Eagles Lake
    • Accommodation at Hadar Chalet. Chic rustic chalet set among the charming woodland in Southern Carpathians, this is a wonderful retreat. Especially if you love the mountain holidays in relaxed soul southing green or white, snowy, surroundings. Here, you can enjoy the only NO you ever wanted to hear: NO traffic, NO neighbors, NO GPS coverage. The impressive remote estate is very child friendly and is endowed with a steady phone and Internet connection. Former head of state’s hunting cabin, still tantalize guests’ senses with Romanian flavors coming from the kitchen.


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Custom Iasi tour ~ Romania luxury travel ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning

  • DAY 1

    • Optional sightseeing:
      • Eminescu’s Linden Tree. National landmark, this historic linden tree is over 150 years old.
      • Palace of Culture

The legend says this city’s effigy has 365 rooms. Built at the beginning of the 20th century, the palace blends Neo-Gothic, Romantic, and Neo-Baroque architectural styles. This is the most outstanding work of Romanian architect I.D. Berindei, trained at the Fine Arts School in Paris. The Palace benefits of an ignifugated attic wooden structure, electric lighting, (pneumatic) heating, ventilation system, thermostat, and vacuum cleaners.

The former tallest building in town has astrological signs of stained glass on the tower’s clock. Hourly, the bells of the tower’s Carillon and a drum sing the Union Round Dance song. The floor mosaic of the Neo-Gothic style Hall of Honor replicates the medieval church rosette of an abbey in Normandy. Eagles with shields decorate the Hall’s monumental Carrara marble stairs.  The architect of the palace wanted a cheaper material that imitates the texture and sound of oak wood. This special material invented by Henri Coanda and named by this bois-ciment (wood-cement) decorates several rooms within the Palace.

      • Metropolitan Cathedral, Orthodox church with a striking mosaic
      • Vasile Alecsandri National Theater. This is the second most beautiful theater in the world, inspired by the ones in Vienna, Hamburg and Berlin.
      • Palas Public Garden, landscaped gardens with palace views
    • Optional dinner at Toujours Restaurant
  • DAY 2

    • Half day Strunga vineyards and Miclauseni Castle private car trip
  • 2 nights of accommodation at Pleiada Boutique Hotel & Spa
  • From 452 Euro / guest
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    GOLF & ROMANCE in Alba Iulia

Theodora Golf Club ~ Alba Iulia custom tour ~ Romania by car

  • 1, 2 or 3 nights of accommodation at Theodora Golf Club, the largest golf resort in Romania with the longest course in Europe (735 m)
  • Deluxe room with romantic set-up, fruits plate and a Prosecco bottle
  • 1 romantic dinner for two at The View Restaurant
  • Introductory golf and etiquette course and golf class with professional instructor
  • Optional Medieval Alba Carolina Vauban Citadel Experience: tour, lunch, dinner and overnight within the citadel
  • Optional See the Sun Rising Twice Package

Medieval Alba Iulia Citadel Experience

Step into the incredibly well preserved medieval world of Alba Carolina Citadel ! Marechal Vauban, engineer to King Louis XIV of France, invented its 7 pointed star shaped design. Raised in the 18th century for defense against Turkish invasions, it was a forbidden city until 2005 because it was a military unit. They also say there is a Mathew bible from year 800 in the library.

Gates Tour & Principia Site Museum

    • Its Gates Tour is a must as it includes all 3 military fortifications and the entire route of Alba Carolina Fortress Ditches. Several mobile bridges allow access connecting some of the gates, as it was 3 centuries ago.
    • Apulum Roman castrum was the largest fortress in Roman Dacia. Today, the unique Principia Site Museum has guides dressed in Roman uniforms. And kids have the occasion to wear the Roman uniform.

Midday ceremonies

    • The spectacular Changing of the Guard happens promptly at 12 pm every day so make sure you have an unobstructed view of the Royal Guards. In the stunning medieval surrounding an unique show starts. On the fortress main alley, Royal Guards march in procession. They complete an elaborate changeover in the sound of drums, horses and cannons.
    • Lunch at The Beautiful View Hall Restaurant within the fortress. In a historical stylish milieu, staff dressed in period costumes will serve you with medieval specialties.

Reunification Cathedral & Unification Museum

    • The imposing Reunification Cathedral ~ In 1922, King Ferdinand and Queen Marie’s coronation took place within this imposing Romanian Orthodox Cathedral.
    • Alba Iulia Unification Museum ~ Stolen, scattered and moved twice, museum’s collections still include:
      • belongings of famous outlaw Avram Iancu,
      • Union Documents,
      • photo camera used to take the only 5 photos of the Union and…
      • the photos !

On December 1st, 1918, the Day of the Union, city’s official photographer was missing under suspicious circumstances. So the only one of the 100,000 attendees who had a photo camera, a war veteran, became the unofficial photographer.

Medieval dinner

    • In the evening, have an original medieval feast held in the former Gun Powder Hall of the fortress. Set right in the heart of the citadel, Pub 13 Restaurant has authentic medieval atmosphere. The original basic architecture of the hall – still preserved and unique in South-Est of Europe – is of remarkable technical ingenuity. A column shaped like the foot of a mushroom supports the vault of the almost circular hall. The vault itself has the interior shape of the mushroom hat going down flared to the contour of the floor. Lots of officials and celebrities have passed its threshold looking for the special ambiance here, both Romanian and foreign. Lonely Planet says this is one of 10 best restaurants in Romania and probably the best restaurant in Alba Iulia.

Medieval Hotel

    • For overnights within the citadel, kindly book with at least 4 months in advance !

See the Sun Rising Twice Package

Rimetea Village - Romania custom tours | Luxury travel in Europe

    • Cheese Bar stop for tasting.
    • Trip to Piatra Secuiului (Hungarian’s Stone, also called the Giant Lying on the Back, because of its look at night).
    • Dinner and overnight in Rimetea Village, one of the most beautiful villages in the country. This is on the 4th place on the list of Romanian landscapes unique in the world. The tiny magical village is the only place in the world where the sun rises twice a day. The steep slopes bordering this spectacular place create this impression. Hidden in an immense granite bucket, the settlement with white houses has a privileged natural position.
    • See the sun rising twice
    • Overnight at Raven’s Nest.


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Fairy Tale Christmas in Transylvania & New Year’s Eve

Count Kalnoky's Estate ~ Covasna custom travel ~ Romania by car

  • 7 nights at Count Kalnoky’s Estate
  • All inclusive
  • Welcome drink at the pub
  • House wine with the meals
  • Salty water hot-tubs sauna
  • Bear watching
  • Optional add-ons:
    • 3 nights all inclusive New Year’s Eve at the former Prince of Wales, now King Charles’ Retreat
    • Airport transfers
    • Extra beverages
  • From 1605 Euro / guest

Spa Packages

Banish the stress effect on the body in the land of mansions, mineral waters and skunks with one of our spa packages.

Turia the land of healing

    • Round trip private transfer from Bucharest Airport to Balvanyos
    • Land of healing package at Grand Santerra Spa, a state-of-the-art spa that offer an experience hard to beat. It combines ancient detoxification traditions, such as the famous “Rasul”, and local natural healing resources recognized for centuries. Blue clay from Transylvanian Plain is unique due to its wealth of minerals, together with fresh spring water from Balvanyos. In this place, you only have to cover ourselves with ready-made clay paste. Then relax in the atmosphere enveloped by purifying vapors, in a dark room, lit by a starry sky.
    • Optional trip to Saint Ann Volcanic Lake, the only crater lake in Romania, and its chapel
    • 5 nights of accommodation at Balvanyos Resort
    • From 787 Euro per guest

Spa at the castle in Talisoara

    • Round trip private transfer from Bucharest Airport to Talisoara
    • Spa at the castle package at Cellarium Slow Down SPA. This space full of history, located in the vaulted cellar of Daniel Castle Hotel, invites to reverie. You can benefit of the classic spa elements: the steam bath and sauna, jacuzzi or swimming pool. Or you can try the real specialties inspired by traditional healing remedies: Szekler Kneipp, the Scrub bar and Virillium.
    • Free bikes to explore in your pace the simple rural life of the surroundings. Visit the local craftsmen, the breathtaking Vargis Gorge or the historical castles nearby. Taste the natural mineral water springs. End the day watching the cows returning from village pastures.
    • Half- board with buffet-breakfast of fresh local products and à la carte menu reinterpreted traditional recipes
    • 5 nights of accommodation at the charming Daniel Castle Hotel
    • From 646 Euro per guest


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Sighisoara Fortress ~ Custom Romania tour ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning The only inhabited medieval fortress-city in Europe, found on UNESCO Sites List


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Sibiu Christmas Market ~ Romania luxury travel ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning
Sibiu Christmas Market
  • 30-minute Massage
  • Optional day trips to Romania’s top best tourism villages: Rasinari (1st place) and Biertan (2nd place)
  • 4* boarding house
  • Breakfast included
  • Travel sustainable property that takes health and safety measures
  • Free cancellation
  • Optional trip on Transfagarasan
  • From 524 Euro / 4 night / 2 guests


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Valcea County

Degustare de vin - Casa Timis - Romania

Top sights in Valcea

See the blue pottery workshops – UNESCO heritage

Maldar Lordly Mansion

One of the most famous of Maldaresti Boyars’ Fortified Mansions, this old Oltenian cula intactly preserves all architectural details. Its name reminds of legendary Captain Tudor Maldar from Michael the Brave’s army. It has lordly white thick walls, tall tower, interior stairs and secret exits. Its vaulted veranda goes along the entire facade of the superior floor. Starched lingerie, dowry chests, traditional covers and carpets as well as authentic historical furniture decorate mansion’s rooms. Oltenian traditions celebration starts with food served within their restaurant…

La Conac

“La Conac is a quiet little house away from the town area. Here, we were treated to lovely sunsets and sunrises. There’s no restaurant here, or nearby. We drove back to town to pick up some pizza takeaways and cold beer, to be enjoyed from the verandah.”


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King’s Road: TransAlpina Highway

TransAlpina Highway ~ Romania luxury travel ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning
TransAlpina Highway

Drive along Romania’s highest winding picturesque road

Romania’s highest road – TransAlpina (2,145 m) or DN 67C – dates from Dacians time. 2000 years ago, on their way to Sarmizegetusa, Romans armies built this superb road over the initial sheherds path. Due to its cobble stonning in 1930, under the reign of Carol II, locals call it the King’s Road. German troops rebuilt it during World War II. In 2007 the spectacular road became a modern highway, allowing fast transfer (148 km) between Novaci and Sebes. If no rainy weather, this is a great alternative to the heavy traffic on Olt Valley. Not an extremely safe road, TransAlpina closes between July 1 and October 31. The turns and upward slopes, fir forests and Oasa Lake and Dam give emotions to visitors… but also to cars !

  • Have lunch in Ranca, one of the most popular mountain resorts in South Romania. Quite newly developed, this is located towards the south end of TransAlpina road.
  • See Oasa Lake and Dam.
  • Kindly note this is a SUMMER ONLY destination !


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Nomad in Romania - Romania guide for Remote worker & Digital nomad

West City Hotel Cluj Napoca

Indeed understated 4* hotel, decorated in a beautiful contemporary style. Friendly staff, great services, very good report quality – price.

Livada Restaurant Cluj Napoca

This is probably the best restaurant in Cluj. They have a beautiful garden with trees and a small parking but you can also park your car nearby, on the street. The staff is friendly. The food is surprisingly delicious and exquisitely presented even if at affordable prices. Bookings are recommended.


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Prahova County

Prahova Valley ~ Custom Romania tour ~ Azzurytt Trip Planning

Lux Garden Hotel Azuga

Azuga is a ski resort on Prahova Valley. Years ago, someone decided to invest some money here. It is true, with that amount he could serenly live until extreme old age, without having to worry too much. He called his investment Lux Garden Hotel, luxury primarily referring to light and then to the luxury of the place. The elegant restaurant has warm-hearted (saritor) waiters and the master chef prepares culinary delights followed by phenomenal desserts. Plus their impressive grand crus wine cellar collection includes over 500 of the most famous labels from France (such as Chateau Mouton Rotschild), Italy and Romania !


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Albania, Bulgaria, Romania: Europe’s best beaches that you’ve probably never heard of


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Useful tips

  • Travel Advice page of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania
  • Due to its incredible variety of relief forms concentrated on a relatively small area it has a moody weather. In April, visiting Bucharest, Constanta and Brasov, there are great chances to experience 4 seasons in less than 1 week. And in July and August if going on top of Carpathian Mountains you can still find some snow. Check the weather in Romania.


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