General Terms and Conditions

Your use of Azzurytt services and this website constitutes your agreement to these

General Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy (Contract)

as detailed below


Please read these Contract carefully before using and its services/recommendations.
You should check this page each time you revisit this Website.
Azzurytt reserves the right to modify this Contract and this website at any time without notice.
Your continued use of this website after any change in this Contract will constitute your acceptance of such change.

Date of the last update: April 1, 2024

1. Signatory Parties


The travel concierge (acting as a Personal Assistant) for your travel is Azzurytt Turism Grup Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as Azzurytt) registered in Romania:
– Trade Register Number: J40/17964/2005
– Tax ID: RO18073854
– Headquarter address: 5 Baiut Alley, M32-60, Bucharest 6, 061953
– Email: luxevenATazzuryttDOTcom
– Website:
– Social capital: RON 200
– Bank details appear on issued invoices
– Legal representative: Cristina PARASCHIV as Administrator.


Individuals and/or companies (hereinafter referred to as you):
– acting on behalf of themselves and others availing the services bought by them,
– identified according to data specified within individual or company contract form submitted on

2. Annexes

The present contract concluded at distance (online) also includes:
– company’s offers / FAQ page / other website pages available on,
– website pages to which booking/information links have been provided within offers,
– customized offer and tour itinerary including offer/tariff validity period,
– individual/company contract forms,
– any other annexes,
– additional acts.

3. Consent

By accessing/using this Website and/or Azzurytt’s services and/or contacting us, you confirm that you:
– have the legal age (18 years old) to be eligible to enter into this contract,
– consent to us for: collecting, storing, using, and (if applicable) transferring/disclosing your personal information in accordance with this Contract,
– are financially responsible for using this website,
– have understood and agreed to respect all applicable laws (Romanian law governs this contract),
– indemnify and not hold Azzurytt liable in any way or for any result of your use of Azzuryt’s website/services/recommendations and/or of the links present on this website.
– agree that this Contract:

  • is valid without signature (stamp),
  • has the legal nature of a private signature contract and
  • is legally binding and enforceable like any written, negotiated contract signed by you.

If you disagree with any part of this Contract you are not allowed to access this Website or any service provided on this Website.

4. Website Use


Azzurytt does not guarantee the accuracy, validity or completeness of information provided on this website.


Material on this site is subject to Azzurytt’s or its suppliers’ copyright protection, unless otherwise indicated. If any photography on this website, without credit, taken from public domain, belongs to you, kindly contact us to:
– mention you as source or
– remove it from this site.
It is strictly prohibited to:
– copy,
– use,
– duplicate,
– reproduce,
– resale and/or
– exploit
in full or partial, of this website or its content without prior express written permission of Azzurytt.
You can use excerpts (of no more than 500 characters) and links, provided that you:
– give full and clear credit to Azzurytt with an active link to the original content
– accurately reproduce the material without using it in a derogatory manner or misleading context.
In order to reproduce any material on this site – whose copyright belongs to a third party – you must obtain authorization from the copyright holders concerned. You agree to grant Azzurytt, free of charge, permission to use any material you provide on its website and in responses to us. This includes modifying and adapting it for operational and editorial reasons.

5. Contract Date, Object & Validity

5.1. Contract’s conclusion date is the date when you confirm the acceptance of contractual conditions mentioned by Azzurytt, namely the date of individual/company contract form submission. (Azzurytt shall forward it to you within 2 working days of receiving it).

5.2. Azzurytt provides virtual assistance:

  • travel itinerary planning services, travel recommendations (being just a travel concierge, not a travel agency nor a tour operator),
  • secretarial services and/or personal assistance,

according to your orders confirmed by Azzurytt in written and included within customized offer accepted by you, together with services essential characteristics and offer/price validity period.

5.3. Present contract comes into force upon subscription by both parties and ends by completion of its purpose or by parties agreement.


6. Signatory Parties Responsibilities

6.1. Both parties agree:
– to devote their best efforts for successful completion of present contract’s purpose, including without limitation to:

  • immediate mutual information regarding any details and changes of agreed services/scenario (any possible claim made after the tour ends shall not be taken into consideration);
  • appropriate, responsible and courteous behavior;
  • compliance with all applicable laws, culture, customs, instructions, advice, rules and regulations;

– and hold each other harmless from and against any claims or suits that may arise related to this contract.

6.2. Both parties, under penalties of perjury, duly warrant:
– their authority to enter into the present contract and
– that all submitted information is true, complete and correct.

7. Disclaimer & Liability

7.1. Azzurytt website and offers contains complimentary links to third party websites and photos that it does not control nor endorse. Azzurytt do not own, operate nor control any airline, shipping / car rental company, hotel, restaurant nor any other service or facility mentioned on this website or recommended by Azzurytt. Consequently, you cannot hold Azzurytt responsible in any way for any third party websites / services / offers / classifications / changes / terms.

7.2. Azzurytt partners with Stripe for card payment processing. Making a payment, you also accepts Stripe’s terms of service.

7.3. We recommend a variety of travel related services from different suppliers. All recommendations made by Azzurytt are based on information published on websites such as or other specialty websites for which you will receive links. In order to check the latest reviews and their Terms & Conditions you should visit these. Also, you are solely responsible for having your own appropriate visas and insurances: travel / medical, storno (for trip cancellation), for luggage, etc.

7.4. Special offers and promotions may involve additional terms and conditions. You might have to adhere to these conditions in order to qualify for their benefits.

7.5. Azzurytt does not involve in and shall not be liable to you or third parties for any:
– events, damages, losses or
– disputes between you and any third party
related to your use of Azzurytt website/services/equipment and/or from third parties’ actions.

7.6.  You are solely responsible for:
– accessing any Azzurytt webpages and links present on Azzurytt website or offers,
– using Azzurytt services and following its recommendations,
– reading, understanding, accepting and respecting any Terms & Conditions of the recommended third parties. These may include without limitation: information, conditions, cancellations and refunds or other terms, contracts.
– any resulting loss or damage for any party.

7.7. Azzurytt cannot be held responsible under any circumstances in case of delays related to responses, contracts signage, payments etc. from your part leading to the impossibility of tour unfolding as intended (due to lack of availability for car rental, hotel rooms, restaurants, etc.).

8. Value & Payment

8.1. Contract value results from the amount of fiscal invoices issued.
8.2. Travel itinerary planning fee is 15% of the total value of recommended services, due after the third tour proposal. It cannot be less than 25 Euro / guest / tour day. Virtual Personal Assistant fee is 25 Euro per hour. Any additional services/hours/expenses incurred by Azzurytt for you will be paid extra, based on final invoice issued by Azzurytt.

8.3. Azzurytt issues invoices in RON (and EUR / USD – if your residence is outside Romania). You will make the corresponding payments either in RON (or EUR / USD) by bank transfer or by card (via Stripe secured payment link – no account needed). After invoice deadline (72 hours) Azzurytt will charge penalties for each calendar day of delay. These amount to 0.9% of invoiced value remained unpaid. Delay penalties can exceed the amount’s quantum on which they apply. Payment of bank fees is on you.


9. Requests/Changes & Refunds

9.1. In order to be valid, any requests/changes shall be made exclusively in written (using website’s contact form or via e-mail/WhatsApp) by one party and confirmed by the other party.

9.2. Travel planning fee and Secretarial services fee are non-refundable.

9.3. After bookings, all tours scenarios remain subject to changes at any time due to unforeseen or beyond circumstances control of Azzurytt and the recommended third parties. For example in case of: unannounced change of opening hours, heavy traffic, moody unfriendly weather etc. If possible, Azzurytt will make all efforts to assist you in such cases.

10. Confidentiality

~ Privacy Policy ~


In accordance with GDPR law, we process only truly needed personal data such as:
– name, address, localization,
– online identifier, financial and corporate data,
– health information, cultural profile and more.
We understand and respect the importance of your personal data and appreciate the trust you give us. You are directly responsible for data correctness, otherwise Azzurytt will not be able to provide adequate services. If you provide us personal data of third parties, you are responsible for informing these about Azzurytt data processing policy. Azzurytt website uses WordPress, Cookies, Google Analytics, Akismet Anti-spam, Creative Themes and other plugins which collects personal data. All Stripe payment transactions are subject to the Stripe Privacy Policy.


We are processing yours and your traveling partners’ data based on the general principles of:
– legality,
– fairness,
– transparency,
– purpose limitation,
– data minimization,
– accuracy,
– storage limitation,
– integrity,
– confidentiality and
– liability
– fulfilling our company obligations,
– initiating or executing a contractual relationship,
– fulfilling our legitimate interests or activities for which we have been given an agreement.


We keep your data for various periods of time (depending on purpose), according to:
– legal provisions in force
– or as much as necessary for providing our services.
After this period expiration or before, when information is no longer required, we safely erase your data.


Information regarding Azzurytt or any of its staff/customers/suppliers/etc. whose information is collected/stored/processed is Azzurytt’s property. Disclosing any information regarding this contract or documents obtained during contract’s period will be confidentially made by parties. These will extend only to that necessary information, respectively individuals or companies involved in contract’s fulfilling. Except these cases, we do not share your private data with third parties unless the law requires it.


You have the right of access/portability/erasure of data and opting out of direct marketing that uses your data. You can exercise your rights by sending us a signed e-mail at luxeven AT azzurytt DOT com.


We protect as much as possible the privacy of any personal information in our custody or control. For this we follow generally accepted industry standards both during transmission and once we receive it. However, no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage is 100% secure. Therefore, while we strive to use commercially acceptable means to protect your private data, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

11. Major Force & Litigations

11.1. In case of major force, common provisions in this matter apply.

11.2. You agree to exonerate Azzurytt from any and all claims/damages (including attorney fees/costs) regarding any and all injuries/damages suffered by you (and/or your guest/s) using Azzurytt’s services. Any misunderstanding regarding the present contract will be solved amiably by parties or by law court of Bucharest, Romania.

12. Changes, Termination & Unilaterally Contract Withdrawal Right

Any change of present contract will be made by additional act, with written approval of both parties. This contract shall cease by right without any further formality and without the involvement of other bodies (arbitration tribunal / law courts) to be necessary in case of:
– agreed period expiration (see Annex with tour scenario);
– tour postponement / cancellation notified in written by you;
– failure or deficient fulfillment of any of contractual clauses which:
— obliges the party in guilt to pay damages and
— offers to prejudiced party the right of not fulfilling the correlative obligations;
– any party sends a written notice (by mail / e-mail) to the other party at least 30 days before requested termination date. The counter value of services corresponding to contract’s part fulfilled until requested termination date still has to be paid in accordance with this contract’s terms.

~ & ~

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