Affiliates Terms and Conditions

Your use of this website constitutes your agreement to these

Affiliates Terms and Conditions

as detailed below


Please read these Contract carefully before using and its services.
You should check this page each time you revisit this Website.
Azzurytt reserves the right to modify this Contract and this website at any time without notice.
The Contract at the time of your sign up shall always apply. Azzurytt recommends you to save and print this contract.
Your continued use of this website after any change in this Contract will constitute your acceptance of such change.

Date of the last update: July 1, 2023

1. Preamble

This online contract concluded at distance also includes:
– company’s offers / website pages available on,
– affiliate contract form,
– annexes,
– additional acts.

2. Signatory Parties

Azzurytt Turism Grup LT.D., headquartered in Romania, Bucharest 6, 5 Baiut Alley, M32-60, telephone +40 735 009 466, e-mail luxevenATazzuryttDOTcom, website, Trade Register ID J40/17964/2005, tax ID RO18073854, social capital 200 RON, legally represented by Cristina PARASCHIV, as Administrator,
Company (hereinafter referred to as “Affiliate”) identified according to data specified within Affiliate Contract Form submitted on and annexed to this Contract.

3. Consent

Both signatory parties duly guarantee the authority:
– to sign this contract and
– to assume and fulfill the obligations arising from it.
By signing this contract and cooperating with Azzurytt, you confirm that you:
a) consent to us: collecting, storing, using and (if applicable) transferring / disclosing your personal information in accordance with this Contract,
b) indemnify and not hold Azzurytt liable in any way or for any result of your use of Azzuryt’s website / services / recommendations and / or of the links present on this website.
c) agree that this Contract concluded online:
– is valid without signature (stamp),
– has the legal nature of a private signature contract and
– is legally binding and enforceable like any written negotiated contract signed by you.
If you disagree with any part of this Contract you may not access this Website or any service provided on this Website.

4. Contract Date, Purpose and Validity

4.1. Contract’s conclusion date is the date of affiliate contract form submission. The contract comes into force at the time of the first payment. (Azzurytt shall forward it to Affiliate within 2 working days of receiving it).
4.2. The object of this contract is the promotion of Azzurytt services by the Affiliate, at Affiliate’s choice, in the name, by means and at its own expense. The promotional content of Azzurytt and / or the link (s) will be presented on one or more or all of the Affiliate’s websites and / or its social media page (s).
4.3. This contract has a 1 year duration.

5. Confidentiality and Liability

~ Privacy Policy ~

5.1. The disclosure of any information regarding this contract or documents obtained during the contract unfolding, will be confidentially made by the contracting parties, and will be extended only to those necessary information, respectively persons involved in the performance of the contract.
5.2. Both parties are independent and have no right to act or create an obligation or liability on behalf of each other (for example, without limitation to: signing contracts, changing in any form the content or tariffs of services).
Both parties agree:
– to devote their best efforts for successful completion of this contract’s purpose (including without limitation to mutual information regarding any detail and occurred changes) and
– to hold each other harmless from and against any actions or activities that might be unfavorable to the good renown or reputation of the other party, as well as from and against any claims, suits, loss or damage that might arise in connection with this contract.
Neither party is liable for any damages, losses (of profits, revenue, data) and non-use of business opportunities or any other losses incurred by them, resulting from improper use of services and / or the actions of third parties.

5.3. WHAT

In accordance with GDPR law, we process only truly needed personal data such as:
– name, address, localization,
– online identifier, financial and corporate data,
– health information, cultural profile and more.
We understand and respect the importance of your personal data and appreciate the trust you give us.
You are directly responsible for data correctness, otherwise Azzurytt will not be able to provide adequate services.
If you provide us personal data of third parties, you are responsible for informing these about Azzurytt data processing policy.
Azzurytt website uses Cookies, Google Analytics, Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) and other plugins which collects personal data.

5.4. WHY

We are processing yours and your traveling partners’ data based on the general principles of:
– legality,
– fairness,
– transparency,
– purpose limitation,
– data minimization,
– accuracy,
– storage limitation,
– integrity,
– confidentiality and
– liability
– fulfilling our company obligations,
– initiating or executing a contractual relationship,
– fulfilling our legitimate interests or activities for which we have been given an agreement.


We keep your data for various periods of time (depending on purpose), according to:
– legal provisions in force
– or as much as necessary for providing our services.
After this period expiration or before, when information is no longer required, we safely erase your data.


Information regarding Azzurytt or any of its staff/customers/suppliers/etc. whose information is collected/stored/processed is Azzurytt’s property.
Disclosing any information regarding this contract or documents obtained during contract’s period will be confidentially made by parties.
These will extend only to that necessary information, respectively individuals or companies involved in contract’s fulfilling.
Except these cases, we do not share your private data with third parties unless the law requires it.


You have the right of access/portability/erasure of data and opting out of direct marketing that uses your data.
You can exercise your rights by sending us a signed e-mail at luxevenATazzuryttDOTcom.


We protect as much as possible the privacy of any personal information in our custody or control.
For this we follow generally accepted industry standards both during transmission and once we receive it.
However, no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage is 100% secure.
Therefore, while we strive to use commercially acceptable means to protect your private data, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.
All Stripe transactions are subject to the Stripe Privacy Policy.

6. Promotion & Advertising (Promotional Content & Links)

6.1. Azzurytt makes available to the Affiliate, free of charge and as far as possible, promotional content (images, texts, links from the website pages it owns).

6.2. Affiliate obligations

a) to integrate/display on its website(s) and/or social media page(s) Links to Azzurytt website, using them exclusively in a lawful manner and in accordance with this Contract.
b) not to corrupt/modify/disable/sell/redistribute/sub-license/transfer the Promotional Content or Links.
c) to adhere to, observe and comply with Spamming Regulations (and all reasonable requests made by Azzurytt in this respect) in order to avoid any breach by the Azzurytt’s website or Affiliate website(s) and/or social media page(s) of such policies due to or in respect of the Affiliate website(s) and/or social media page(s).
d) not to advertise on other sites besides those mentioned at registration without Azzurytt’s prior approval
e) not to incentivize the use of Links and Promotional Content without Azzurytt’s prior written consent. In particular and without limitation, Affiliate will not offer its users cash incentives, rewards programs, prize drawings or gifts to incite them to click on the Links or use the Promotional Content.
f) not to contain on its website(s) and/or social media page(s) anything that harms the goodwill or reputation of Azzurytt or its Affiliates, or the Travel Suppliers, or that disparages or brings Azzurytt, its corporate Affiliates, or the Travel Suppliers into disrepute, including but not limited to websites that contain indecent/illegal/misleading/harmful/abusive/harassing/ libelous/defamatory, or other offensive materials, or that infringe on Azzurytt’s, its affiliates’, Travel Suppliers’ or third parties intellectual property rights.
g) not to subcontract the performance of any services. Affiliate:
– shall have the sole and absolute discretion and control of Affiliate’s services and the manner in which they are performed;
– is not bound to any directions or instructions of Azzurytt but only to the terms and conditions in this Contract;
– will decide how to use Affiliate’s funds and facilities and when to perform which services within the terms and the time limits agreed.

7. Value and Payments

7.1. The value of the contract results from the amount of fiscal invoices issued and paid.
7.2. The gross commission given to the Affiliate by Azzurytt for each contract concluded due to the Affiliate is of 10% of the value of the gross commission obtained by Azzurytt and can increase up to a maximum of 30%. Azzurytt’s commission is calculated as the difference between the total value (including VAT) of the invoices collected from the customer and the total value (including VAT) of the invoices paid to the suppliers involved in providing services to the respective customer.
7.3. The expense account of the non-personalized requests is available online in the Affiliate account opened on the Azzurytt website. The expense account of personalized requests is made the latest monthly, for the previous period, based on the corresponding documents (contracts, invoices, receipts, etc.).
7.4. If both parties contact the same customer, the commission related to the contract concluded later with this goes to the party that contacted this first.
7.5. The commission is also due in the case of canceled actions for which the related penalty fees were retained, the commission being modified proportionally.
7.6. The fiscal invoices issued at the latest monthly, based on the expense account, by the Affiliate, in RON, at the NBR exchange rate on the day of invoicing, are paid by bank transfer within 7 days from the date of issue.

8. Intellectual Property and License

8.1. Affiliate agrees that the Links and the Promotional Content will remain the property of Azzurytt at all times.
8.2. Azzurytt warrants that the services and deliverables provided under this Contract will not infringe upon the rights of third parties, including property, contractual, publicity, privacy, employment, and/or any other intellectual property rights.
8.3. Azzurytt gives Affiliate permission and the right to:
– use, reproduce, distribute and publicly display (electronically) all content provided from Azzurytt to Affiliate and
– use Azzurytt’s name, image, likeness, or other personal attributes for the purposes described in this Contract.
8.4. Azzurytt or its licensors shall have all intellectual property rights in the:

  • Links,
  • Promotional Content and
  • Azzurytt’s logo, trade name, service name, trademark or any other mark utilized under this Contract.

Also, Azzurytt hereby grants Affiliate a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicenseable, worldwide license during the Term for the use, in compliance with the provisions of this Contract, of the Links and the Promotional Content for the purpose of providing its users with access to the Links and the Promotional Content in accordance with this Contract. Azzurytt does not allow the use of its name and logo for Affiliate publicity. Any mention of the project or its output in Affiliate credentials requires prior written approval by Azzurytt.

9. Legal compliance and Litigations

9.1. Affiliate represents and warrants that the Affiliate Site(s) and/or social page(s) as a whole complies with all applicable laws, including without limitation privacy laws (GDPR) and consumer protection laws.
9.2. No possible claim will be considered unless this is addressed in written to Azzurytt, during the provision of the service and this despite all its submitted efforts failed to remedy the reasons for dissatisfaction. Any misunderstanding regarding this contract will be resolved amicably between the parties or by the law court of Bucharest, Romania.

10. Major Force

Force majeure invoked and proven under the law exonerates both parties from liability.

11. Changes & Termination

11.1. Any modification of this contract will be made by additional act with the written agreement of both parties.
11.2. This contract may be terminated:
– with 15 days written (e-mail) notice to the other party
– without written notification, in case of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the assumed obligations, the injured party having the right to claim the payment of damages.
The termination of this contract will have no effect on the obligations already due between the contracting parties.
Consequences of Termination:
– Upon the expiration or termination of this Contract for any reason, Affiliate shall cease to use and remove:

  • the Links and Promotional Content,
  • as well as any reference to Azzurytt or its affiliates, including Azzurytt or affiliates logos, from the Affiliate Site.

– The terms of any sections that, by their nature, are intended to extend beyond termination shall survive termination of this Contract for any reason.

12. Other clauses

12.1. To be valid, any verbal notification must be confirmed in written (email).
12.2. Nothing in this Contract shall create an employer/employee, principal/agent, or joint venture relationship. Neither party may assign, delegate, or transfer its rights and obligations under this Contract.

~ & ~

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